ZQuiet Review

Have you heard about the ZQuiet anti snore mouthpiece?

After trying tons of different anti snoring devices it has been the only thing that has worked for me!

So I thought I would write this ZQuiet review to tell you everything about it.

Update! There are 9 new ZQuiet reviews below by other buyers that you will want to read!

(I got mine from the official website at www.ZQuiet.com where they are currently offering a 30-day free trial where you just pay for shipping.)

For years I’ve been a snorer and it drives my wife crazy.

Many nights she ends up sleeping in the guest room and tells me that she can still hear me from across the hall.

I bought her earplugs but she says they hurt her ears.

And my snoring wasn’t just affecting my wife’s sleep, it was also affecting mine.

I would wake up every morning feeling like I hadn’t slept at all.

Something had to be done.

After months of trying different pillows, head bands, straps and supplements nothing was working.

Then one evening while I was watching Youtube this video popped up in my recommendations list.

So, I checked out the ZQuiet website and it looked good.

I hadn’t tried a mouthpiece yet but the product looked good and gave me some hope.

I spent an hour reading some reviews and most of them were positive.

I also liked that they have a 30-day free trial where you just pay for the shipping.

After 30 days if you’re satisfied then they will charge your card the $79.95.

If it sucked and didn’t work then I could just cancel the card payment so there was nothing to lose apart from $9.95 which is no biggie.

So, I ordered and my ZQuiet mouthpiece it arrived 2 days later.

When you order you actually get 2 mouthpieces.

The ZQuiet positions your lower jaw forward slightly to allow more airflow in the throat.

There are 2 options.

Comfort 1 and Comfort 2.

Comfort 1 only moves your lower jaw forward a little bit and Comfort 2 moves it forward a little bit more in case you need it.


Wearing the ZQuiet mouthpiece.

At first it does feel a little uncomfortable and weird but it’s not painful and I was able to easily fall asleep with it on.

I could also drink a glass of water while wearing it when I got thirsty during the night.

So, does the ZQuiet actually work?

The first night I wore it I woke up in the morning to find that my wife was actually in bed with me and wasn’t in the guest bedroom.

When she woke up she turned to me and said..

“You didn’t snore at all last night! That’s the best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages.”

One thing I did notice was that my jaw did ache a little bit when I woke up but after taking the ZQuiet out and giving my jaw a stretch the aching went away immediately.

I’ve now been wearing it for a month and I rarely get any aching from in anymore so it just takes a little getting used to.

30 Days Of The ZQuiet And I’m Feeling GREAT!

Since I’ve been using this mouthpiece I haven’t snored once. Believe me, my wife would have told me if I had.

I think it’s nice that I’m not bothering her anymore.

But I’ve also noticed that I wake up feeling a lot more refreshed and it feels like I’ve gotten a much more quality sleep ever since I’ve been using the ZQuiet.

I never realized how much my snoring drained my energy because these days during the daytime I feel much more energetic, focused and productive.

I always used to feel tired in the afternoons and feel like I needed a nap or something but since using the ZQuiet I feel fine in the afternoons and more alive.

It’s amazing how good you feel after getting a good night’s sleep and whether you realize it or not snoring really does disturb your sleep as well as your partners.

So I’m thankful that I found the ZQuiet as it has worked wonders for me and stopped my snoring overnight.

You can get the ZQuiet from www.ZQuiet.com I recommend the free trial so you can see whether or not it works for you.

I hope the ZQuiet gets rid of your snoring like it has for me!

If you have any questions then feel free to ask in the comments section below.

ZQuiet Reviews

I’m getting some good rest

I'm a big guy so the mouthpiece "a" was too small for me but the "b" version worked a treat. I used to snore like a walrus and wake myself up but as well as my wife and kids and even the dog but not anymore!

I feel like I'm finally getting some good rest and so are the family so we are all happy.


Zquiet works for me!

I have been sleeping with the ZQuiet device for over a year. Each mouthpiece usually lasts for around 4 months before I need a new one so at $79.99 it works out to around $20 per month which is nothing in exchange for a good nights kip!

Oh yeah and I've noticed that when you go to order on the order page you can buy a second one for half price now which brings it down to about $10 per month.

I think it's quite comfortable to wear. It takes some getting used to at first because it feels odd going to sleep with a big chunk of plastic in your mouth but after a few nights you get used to it.

The ZQuiet is well worth trying if you're a snorer!

Me and my Husband both use the ZQuiet now!

I'm a female, aged 46 and me and my husband both snore and wake each other up constantly.

Sometimes we wake up in the morning looking awful from hardly getting any sleep which makes us get nothing done the next day because we're so tired!

I ordered the trial pack and didn't realize that it came with 2 mouthpieces. I gave my husband the larger one and he was able to use it just fine.

He said it was a little uncomfortable because the lower part protrudes more but mine felt fine.

Anyway, when we wear this neither of us snore or wake each other up.

My husband didn't wear his last night and woke me up so I've ordered him one of the smaller ones because he says the "A" mouthpiece feels good.

So YES this mouthpiece really does work and is an instant cure for snoring.

Apart from last night because my husband didn't wear his mouthpiece we have been getting some really good sleeps and both wake up feeling well rested so we're going to continue using the ZQuiet for a long time to come.


Sarah W

Great product

I must admit that I didn't like the feeling of wearing it at first. It just felt odd having my lower jaw pushed forward and it took me a while to get to sleep but now I've been wearing it for over a week I can wear it fine and I think my jaw has gotten used to it!

And my boyfriend tells me that since I have been wearing it that I haven't woken him up at all so I conclude that it works!


Zquiet is better than other I’ve tried

The ZQuiet is the best anti snore solution that I have purchased. I have tried a couple of other mouthpieces that just didn't feel right and I bought special pillows and head bands that didn't do anything.

To cut a long story short the ZQuiet works and stopped me from snoring and the price is actually a lot cheaper than the other mouthpieces I bought so it's a win win.

I snore no more!!

Here's my ZQuiet review. I bought it. I wore it and I snore no more. The end. 🙂


Not for me

The ZQuiet isn't for me. Does it stop snoring? I don't know. I just don't like the feeling of having it in my mouth while I'm trying to sleep.

The trial was only $9.95 so I'm not too bothered.

Maybe I'll give it another try in the future.

The ZQuiet keeps me quiet

It's refreshing to finally find a product that does exactly what it says on the tin. I am a heavy snorer and decided to take them up on their 30-day trial.

I'm 6 foot 4 and decided to wear mouthpiece b because my head is a bit bigger than most people's lol and it fit in my mouth perfectly.

No discomfort, no pain and I could still easily open and close my mouth.

But the best part is that it really does do the job and somehow stops me from snoring and waking everyone up.

It's well worth the money and I am happy to have found something that I know works and can wear from now on to stop me from snoring.


It seems to do the trick!

I was skeptical about their claims that moving the jaw slightly forward would stop me snoring but there are so many good reviews for it that I wanted to give it a try.

Well I am now longer a skeptic and the ZQuiet has made me a believer!

My snoring problem has gone and oh my god I feel so much better when I wake up in the morning now.

If you're skeptical like I was then just give the ZQuiet a try and I think you will be impressed.

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What Is The ZQuiet Device

Well here’s a video from their website on how it works.

It’s very simple. When you place the mouthpiece in your mouth it forces your lower jaw forward slightly.

This helps to open up the throat so that air can pass through more easily and cause less vibrations which lead to snoring.

I’m no scientist or doctor but the theory works because I haven’t snored at all since using it.

ZQuiet was designed by a dentist, Dr Avery Lieberman.

It is FDA regulated and I would say that it’s extremely safe to use.

The device costs $79.95 + $9.95 shipping and if you order 2 they well give you the second for half price.

  • They also have a 30 day free trialLINK which I recommend.

You just pay the $9.95 and they will send you the ZQuiet for free.

If you’re not happy with it then just cancel the payment.

If you are happy with it then do nothing and enjoy your snoreless nights.

Questions About The ZQuiet Device

How long does the device last? The official website states that the mouthpiece will last for many months of nightly use. I’ve heard some people say theirs lasted for around 4 months and I’ve heard some say theirs lasted almost a year.

If you look after it, keep it clean and make sure it stays in its case when not being used then it should last a long time.

On the order page you can also purchase a second ZQuiet for half price.

What percentage of people does it work for? On the ZQuiet FAQ page here they say that mouthpieces like these work for around 94% of people.

Of all the reviews I’ve read I would say that 9 out of 10 are positive and the only people it doesn’t seem to work for are those that don’t feel comfortable wearing it while their sleeping.

So if you decide to buy the ZQuiet then there’s a very high chance it will stop you from snoring.

Do I have to get my teeth molded? Some special dentistry mouthpieces cost a lot of money and require that you get your teeth molded to get the mouthpiece to fit but that isn’t needed with the ZQuiet.

You should find that the mouthpiece fits in your mouth just fine.

Is it safe to use? I would say it’s very safe. There’s no chance of swallowing it and you can still breath through your nose and mouth with it in.

If you have any questions that I can answer then please ask in the comments section below!

5 Reasons Why I Recommend The ZQuiet Device

No More Snoring – This device worked for me the first night I used it. It should work for 94% of users and will literally make your snoring disappear.

Better Sleep – Whether you realize it or not snoring disrupts your sleep. When you start wearing this and stop snoring you wake up in the morning feeling well rested. You can just tell that you had a better sleep.

You’ll also find that you need to sleep less because the sleep that you’re getting is deeper and of better quality.

More Energy – After getting a good night’s sleep thanks to no more snoring you will find that the next day you have more energy, you feel happier and will become more productive.

Anyone Can Use It – I really like the simplicity of the ZQuiet device. You just take it out of the box and pop it into your mouth.

Man or woman, young or old, this will get rid of your snoring.

It may take some getting used to sleeping with a mouthpiece in and when you wake up you may find that your jaw aches a little at first but that aching goes away after you give your jaw a stretch.

Better Sleep For Your Partner – I would say that snoring is worse for the person sleeping next to the snorer than for the actual snorer.

It feels good to know that you can wear the ZQuiet device to help you stop snoring so that your partner can finally get a good night’s sleep without constantly being woken up by your snoring.

When everyone gets a good sleep it just makes for a happier home!

Free Trial: The best thing of all is that you can try the ZQuiet device free for 30 days (just pay the $9.95 shipping) so you can see for yourself that it gets rid of your snoring.

Get your free trial from www.ZQuiet.com

I hope you found my review helpful, the ZQuiet is a great product and I recommend it to anyone who wants to stop snoring.

If you have any questions or if you’ve used the ZQuiet device yourself and have something to say about it then please post below in the comments section below!

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