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Why Voting For Mitt Romney Should Be a No-Brainer For Conservatives

This is something I have mulled over a long time. I touched on it in a comment on Country Thinker’s post yesterday, but I would like to elaborate just a bit.

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I know Mitt Romney has many detractors. Many conservatives and libertarians question his conservative credentials, myself included. I questioned them in 2007 and I questioned them during the GOP primary. I still have reservations about how conservative he would be as President of the United States. I contend there are other things to consider, besides his fiscal conservatism.

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There are many people who are going to refuse to vote for Mitt Romney, based on his record in Massachusetts. That is their privilege and I would not dare to denigrate their choice. There are also those who will refuse to vote for him on the basis of the theory that he would be worse for our country than Barack Obama. One of the co-authors on Political Realities holds that opinion, but I have seen many other commentators put the same sentiment in writing. This post is not an attack on their position, and certainly not an attack on Ted, but I want to explain why I disagree so strongly with that belief.

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Mitt Romney - Barack ObamaSince Barack Obama took office, it has been one disaster after another. He made a promise to bring the nation together while he was campaigning, but he has done just the opposite. Remember how he interjected himself into the issue of racism over the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.? He couldn’t help himself and said the police acted stupidly. Instead of allowing local authorities to handle the situation, he just had to get involved. Did this help our country or did it just stoke Obama’s ego? Would Mitt Romney have responded in such a brash manner?

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Remember the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? One of the things Barack Obama did in response to the BP oil spill was to declare a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf. Safety concerns were slighted. When the moratorium was challenged in court, it was thrown out. Obama was ordered to lift the ban, yet he ignored the court order. The challenge was brought forth because the ban was hurting a lot of people. Jobs and incomes were lost. The court ruled Obama had insufficient cause to issue the moratorium and struck it down. The President didn’t agree with the order, so he refused to comply. It was done in accordance with our judicial system, but the President simply wouldn’t go along. Ask yourself how Mitt Romney would have reacted.

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Moving on to health care, Barack Obama has issued new requirements that call for birth control to be available to all women as part of their health insurance. Disregarding that birth control is available for very little cost, the President did his part for the women of America. Using authority that was buried deep inside Obamacare, he is now forcing religious organizations that believe birth control is a sin to provide it as part of the health insurance they provide for their employees. In doing so, religious freedom was severely damaged. Is it not safe to say Mitt Romney would have not issued such a policy directive?

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Let’s look at the President’s liberal use of executive orders to change existing law, or to create new law. Immigration anyone? Barack Obama has completely changed the way illegal immigration is handled on the federal level. Because of the policy changes he has affected by executive order, many illegal immigrants no longer have to worry about being deported.

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The President did the same thing with welfare reform. Our current law on welfare reform was crafted and passed during the Clinton years and it has worked since then to lower the number of people on welfare. It was widely declared to be a success, due in large part because of the work requirement built into the law. That requirement was strict because Congress made it thus. They wrote the law in such a way that it prevented waivers from granted for the work requirement. Barack Obama must have disagreed with that part of the law, because he magically found a way he could change the law. He issued a new policy directive that allows states to apply for waivers to the very requirement that made the law such a success.

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Both of these examples show one of the main reasons why I believe Barack Obama is so dangerous for America. In using the principles of conduct he has applied to both issues, he has shown a complete and total disregard for the American system of government. Instead of working with Congress to affect any changes he may want, he simply took it upon himself to make those changes. In other words, he bypassed Congress and did what he wanted to do, and never mind the Constitution.

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Ask yourself a simple question. Would Mitt Romney have done the same thing, or would he have worked within our system of government to change the laws he wanted to change?

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As you can see, there are many things to consider, other than Mitt Romney and his lack of fiscal conservatism. I believe there is a large gap between how Romney would conduct himself as President, when compared to how Barack Obama has used his office. That difference is more than enough to convince me to vote for Mitt Romney.

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I am convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that a second term for Barack Obama would be a complete and total disaster for America. Much worse than his first four years. He has shown himself to be willing to bypass the Constitution and do things his own way. That being the case, how will he conduct himself in his second term, knowing he has no worries about reelection?

For all the reasons I have stated, and then some, the theory that somehow Mitt Romney would be worse than Barack Obama simply does not work for me.

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LD Jackson has written 2053 posts in this blog.

Founder and author of the political and news commentary blog Political Realities. I have always loved to write, but never have I felt my writing was more important than in this present day. If I have changed one mind or impressed one American about the direction our country is headed, then I will consider my endeavors a success. I take the tag line on this blog very seriously. Above all else, in search of the truth.

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  • The winning presidential candidate has coat tails that pull other like-minded candidates into office. NOT voting for Romney only makes it more likely that Obama will be re-elected and his coat tails will pull a few liberal dems with him into the national legislature, undermining the voice that conservatives won in 2010. The implications for our deficit, the solvency of our country, the private sector and the future of our children could be significant. We all have a HUGE stake in making sure Obama is not re-elected! Regardless of our personal feelings about Mitt Romney.

    • I agree, John. Without trying to use a lot of hyperbole, I really don’t think we fully grasp the damage Obama will be willing/able to do in a second term. He has to be defeated.

  • It is a no-brainer. There are no perfect candidates. Given the options before us, Romney-Ryan is the only viable choice.

  • MTBirkmire

    Excellent article worth reading, Thank You.

    • You are welcome and thanks for reading.

  • I’ve written about Obama’s lawlessness before, and it’s despicable. If this truly is a Romney-Obama battle, then we have the worst choices since the 19th century, and at a critical point in our history.

    Second, your article focuses on Obama, and does little to sell Romney. As I’ve written before, I’ve voted “less worse” before and regretted it every time. I do not want Romney to be president, and therefore I will not vote for him. The same goes for Obama, of course.

    It may be a no-brainer for a conservative to vote for Romney, but it isn’t for a libertarian. Romney’s foreign and social policy positions are worse than Obama’s, in my opinion. Both are awful in those areas, but Romney – at least his rhetoric, who knows what he believes – is worse.

    Thank you again for letting me write here, even if many of your readers now despise me!

    • We LOVE you; it’s just that you need a little “guidance”–lol.

    • Dragonconservative

      I’m not quite sure how you say that Romney is a bad choice…

    • As I have stated before, I am no particularly great fan of Mitt Romney. I focused on Obama because that is where I feel the greater danger lies. At least with Romney, I believe he can be pulled to the right by Congress, if we have the proper leadership there. We all know how Obama feels about Congress.

      I am glad you are sharing your posts here. If we can’t handle a little difference of opinion, we need to grow up.

  • I meant “19th century.” My keyboard has been acting up lately.

  • If Romney is elected around a year from now we’re going to wonder where all the spending cuts are. Still, he’s a better choice than Obama. Romney isn’t going to shift the country to the right but he will hit the pause button on socialism creep.

    • Exactly, and if the spending cuts are not forthcoming, I intend to be as critical of a Romney presidency as I have been of Obama.

  • Dragonconservative

    This is a great post, as it truly sums up the ridiculous nature of the Obama administration, thereby compelling its readers to search for other alternatives in voting. This leaves them with either Gary Johnson or Mitt Romney. The choice between those two is clear; Johnson is a ridiculous candidate who has no chance of winning against a much stronger candidate like Romney. Indeed, if Mitt Romney were not even in this election, Johnson would still have no chance. Thus, Mitt Romney is the only one who has a record, and the ides for the future, to run on.

    • Thanks for commenting on Political Realities, DC. I am not convinced Romney is a strong candidate, but he is what we have to work with. The choice is clear for me.

      • Dragonconservative

        Of course. I would say about 80 percent of the time, its a choice between the lesser of two evils. In this election, I personally don’t think it is the case, and Gov. Romney has had my support since he launched his campaign last year. But I can understand why you think that Romney is weaker; he hasn’t really brought the fire to his campaign in order to rebut Obama’s attacks.

  • Let me toss out another bone to chew on.

    What are the odds that within the next four years there is going to be a severe economic collapse in this country? I’m talking severe! Runaway inflation, for instance. Food shortages. Urban rioting. There are many who believe that the debt the US is carrying is unsustainable no matter who wins the Presidency. What are the odds it implodes? 30%? 50%? 100%?

    Which administration is most likely to protect individual property, freedom and the peace during such a crisis? Romney, Ryan, their cabinet appointees and company, who at least mouth allegiance to these principles?

    Or Obama, Biden, Holder, Napolitano, Jarrett, Van Jones, various czars and company, who have little or no regard for private property, are committed to getting what they want through coercion, have a track record of pitting one color American and one class of American against another and who have professed and demonstrated their belief that a good crisis should never be allowed to go to waste?

    Talk about a no-brainer.

    • You have reiterated one of my main points. Obama and company have shown no respect for the rule of law and our system of government. They have shown themselves to be more than willing to do what they want to do. Obama has said it would be much easier to act on his own, instead of having to work with Congress. His actions prove how he believes.

      Compare that to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. At least they espouse faith in our form of government and are willing to act in accordance to the principles of the Constitution.

  • Great post Larry and a great job at reminding us about all of Barack Obama’s transgressions. I was one of those who didn’t see enough of a difference between Romney and Obama to vote for Romney but I am coming around. There is no doubt that Romney wouldn’t be as lawless as Obama, and he can be controlled with a conservative Congress.

    • The part about a conservative Congress is vitally important. If we have the right leadership there, Romney can be pulled to the right, I believe. At any rate, the option of Romney is much better than another four years of Obama.

  • Let’s be honest here… Romney is the best we ended up with. I think Ryan would have made a better presidential candidate… I even said so last year.

    Romney is not all bad and he did govern a very Liberal state so it makes sense some of his ideas would be more Liberal.

    But Romney is not, IMO, a Ronald Reagan. I just don’t see him standing up there throwing all of his moral weight behind an idea like Reagan calling the Soviet Union the “evil empire” and not apologizing for it.

    Obama is so awful I’d even vote for Hillary Clinton over him.

    • No Mitt Romney is no Ronald Reagan. But, he is much better than our current President.

      • I agree but it would be tough to get worse.

        That’s sad and if Mittens can’t win then it’s sadder for our country.

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  • Yorkshire

    BO has admitted, for what it’s worth, in his books he sought out and received a Radical Education. His HI mentor was a Communist. His college time was seeking out Radicals and Socialists. He was mentored in Chicago by radicals and learned the ways of Alinsky. His Sec. Of State sought the same Alinsky training. I see a person who is Radical, and a Socialist. I see a constant liar. What I see in a second term of this Leftist is the tearing apart the basic fabric of the country called the Constitution. I can see him disbanding Congress. I see him in terms of Chavez and Castro. I see his hatred of our way of life and wants to take us to the third world. I see there will be no elections in 2016.

    • He has already been working on the tearing of our Constitution. Barack Obama has no respect for the Constitution, or our system of government. If he has shown such disregard for it in his first four years, how much greater will that disregard be, if he doesn’t have to worry about winning another election?

      Thanks for commenting on Political Realities.

    • LFurey

      Yorkshire! Have you been reading my mind. Well said.

      • Yorkshire

        It’s easy when BO leaves a trail of bread crumbs to follow. It’s too bad people haven’t learned this, and a national tragedy that the Lame Stream Media felt it was unnecesary to tell us. All we heard was he walked on water, but nobody found the rocks he tread underwater.

  • LFurey

    I was present at the Romney/Ryan Rally at St. Anselm’s College in NH on August 20, 2012. Romney reiterated that while Governor of Massachusetts he had to work with an 87% Democratic government. The Rally attendees were fired up that day. It was a beautiful day weather wise and the enthusiasm was electric. When Romney said he would repeal Obamacare a roar came up from the crowd of 4,000 people as everyone rose from their seats waving the American flag. It was not the only time the crowd roared and rose from their seats with cheers and flags waving. I left the rally with hope in my heart for the first time in four years.