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What do veterans think of President Obama now?

This was brought to my attention this morning by Kevin Tracy and by Dominique, over at An Unlikely Perspective 2, but I haven’t had time to address it until now.  For the record, Kevin doesn’t believe the story is true and my jury is still out until more information is available.

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As the presidential campaign of 2008 unfolded, much ado was made about Barack Obama being in favor of the Veterans Bill of Rights and several veterans groups came out in favor of him, over John McCain. Presidential candidate Obama courted veterans and their votes and told them he was committed to taking care of the brave men and women who have helped keep our country safe from harm for many years. It was ironic because McCain was a veteran himself and he couldn’t seem to gather the support of some of his own. Obama was not shy in taking the issue to McCain, taking every opportunity to point out the differences between himself and the Republican. Here is the issue statement from the Obama website.

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Barack Obama supports our troops – both in combat and at home. He voted to provide armored vehicles and body armor for our troops fighting abroad, and will fully fund veterans’ medical care and restore competence to VA planning to ensure our veterans have the resources they need when they return home.

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I would imagine the veterans who wholeheartedly supported Barack Obama for President were rather surprised this week when they learned of some of the cost cutting ideas being tossed around by the Obama administration. One of them is to charge the treatment of service related injuries to the private insurance plans of veterans. From CNN:

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Veterans groups are angry after President Obama told them Monday that he is still considering a proposal to have treatment for service-connected injuries charged to veterans’ private insurance plans.

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Leaders of the country’s most prominent veterans groups met Monday at the White House with Obama, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Steven Kosiak, the director in charge of defense spending for the Office of Management and Budget.

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Some of the veterans groups were caught off guard when the president said the administration is still thinking about the idea as a way of generating $540 million for the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2010. The groups and some members of Congress have been very vocal in opposing the idea.

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The message, according to some of the people in the room, was that if the groups do not like this idea, they need to come back with another way of saving or raising revenue for the VA.

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It’s not surprising that the Obama administration is looking for ways to cut costs, but trust me fellas, this isn’t the way to get it done. It is an insult to even suggest such a thing. These men and women have sacrificed so much in defense of our country and we want to charge their insurance for the treatment of injuries they received in the line of duty? I don’t think so. I may not be a veteran myself, but I have a father and a brother who is and know several other people who are. This is nothing but a slap in their faces and if President Obama values his political capital and future, he would be advised to think twice before he implements such a plan. If he doesn’t, I hope he gets a fight he will not soon forget.

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  • I’m one of the last people who advocates any sort of expansion of the federal government, except when it comes to our men and women in uniform, both active duty personnel and veterans.

    I believe that we owe those who served a debt of gratitude, one that cannot be repaid merely by showy displays on Memorial Day and Veterans Day, important as those events are. Our VA hospitals are underfunded, outdated, not offering all of the services vets need, etc. We should make certain that hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers and the like provide the help our wounded and aged veterans need and keep that care in place for the rest of their lives.

    This issue crosses party lines and shouldn’t be politicized. If President Obama means to shift our national responsibility to the private sector, then he is sending out a the wrong kind of message.

    We don’t pay our troops enough when they serve; we should repay them handsomely when they retire.

    Matt Keegan’s last blog post..Patriot Backlash Spurs Emergent Tea Party Group

  • This is only the beginning of the ‘bait and switch’ tactics we will see from the Obama Adms. He has promised everyone the moon and cannot deliver even if he passes a budget that is 10 times greater than our income. While the President claims to be a Christian, he appears to have no scruples about lying.

    Dr.Bruce’s last blog post..Photo of the Day

    • You are right, Dr. Bruce. With all the promises he has made, someone has to pay and some of them are bound to be broken.

  • old shakey

    This is a terrible idea. It violates the governments contract with our military people. It is an insult to all americans who have put their lives on the line for civilians like Obama. If this is pushed through I will do everything I can to see to it that any politician who supports it does not win re-election.

    Be aware that this may be a smoke screen to hide something much worse.

    • I hope President Obama realizes just how much of an insult this would be to our veterans. Anyone who supports it needs to understand just how much of a sacrifice our veterans have made to serve our country and keep us all safe.

  • Terri

    This surprises you??? Too bad the majority in this country got this most important election in our history confused with American Idol. He has no real clue to the sacrifices of our families who have given all for this country. Our Veterans are our most precious asset to this country, but how would he know? Gee lets see…. we charge our Veterans for their health care when they put their lives on the line for us, but we socialize health care for those who contribute nothing, that make sense. If you want to give people a hand up, all the fat cats in Washington along with all the over paid movie stars can create a short term health care system for those who need short term help, but to throw our Vets under the bus and then want to enlarge the welfare state is upside down.

    • Terri,
      There isn’t much I can add to your comment except to say I agree. No, it doesn’t surprise me that his administration was thinking this way. I think it may be in their genes. 😉 It looks like they have backed away from the idea, at least for the time being, but they should not have even considered it.

      I agree that our veterans are very important to our country and even though he manages to give lip service to them during the campaign, I am afraid they will be discarded when the time is right for him to do so.

  • Ron

    I still remember a sales pitch from what seems like decades ago, stating how Uncle Sugar would care for all of us who raised our hands and gave our oaths to defend the country. I understood those benefits to be part of the whole package being offered to all who dutifully served their country in all branches of the military. To take away those benefits disgraces the office of the president in a way which few other things do.

    Admittedly, Mr. Obama is acting like many of us knew he would. When will the rest of America and the world wake up and see what kind of man he is?

    Ron’s last blog post..100th Post With Questions