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War On Women And Minorities In Oklahoma

T.W. ShannonFor the better part of four years, all we have heard out of the Obama administration and the rest of the liberal Democrats is that Republicans are waging a war. They claim it is a war on women, hence the hyperbole over contraception, and a war on minorities. To hear Vice-President Joe Biden tell it, you would think the Republican Party wants to put minorities “back in chains”. I’m here to tell you their claims just are not true, at least not here in Oklahoma.

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In 2010, we elected our first female governor in Mary Fallin and by all accounts, she is doing a fine job and her popularity remains high. In our newly elected state legislature, in which the Republican remain in firm control, we have our first black Speaker of the House, TW Shannon. Mr. Shannon was elected by a majority of his fellow legislators. Incidentally, he has also selected Pam Peterson to be his Majority leader, which adds another first to our list of accomplishments. And just in case you are interested, the current number of female governors in the United States stands at six. Four of them are Republicans and two are Democrats.

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Isn’t it time we realized just how bogus the war on women and minorities really is? Maybe it’s time for us to go on the offensive and show the rest of the country how the Democrats have fabricated and pushed this lie down the rest of our throats. Maybe it’s time we called them out, and their media lapdogs, for the fabrication that helped give Barack Obama a second term in the White House. Maybe we should start our own offensive, instead of playing defense all the time. Methinks we would be in a much better position to frame the narrative, rather than if we sit around and only respond to the lies being told by the Democrats.

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  • The entire Democratic Party is bogus. It is no longer the liberal left, it is the communist left. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can make a much needed course correction for our ship of state.

    Semper Fi

    • I wish I could find room to argue with you. It’s a shame our country has drifted so far from its roots, but that is unfortunately the truth of the matter.

      • Dragonconservative

        But the question is, can America be repaired? We came pretty close to winning the election, if you look at the popular vote. But Obama’s got the media on his side, which is a hugely potent weapon. I’m hoping that the American people wise up in the Congressional elections in 2014.

        • I still believe America can be repaired, but it certainly isn’t going to be easy.

  • But, do they support abortion? That, according to liberals, is the test. If they believe in right to life and don’t believe in killing human life inside or outside of the womb, then they are making war on women. We have become a sick society, Larry.

    • Well, there is that. They claim they have no litmus test, but that isn’t really the case. They aren’t a good minority or woman unless they support abortion.

  • Amen Larry! The war on women was bogus from the beginning and it was created and designed to split Americans because of Barack Obama’s divide and conquer strategy to win reelection and it worked. And Obama still has the gall to claim Republicans are the ones trying to divide the country? Sadly all too many Americans bought into it.

    • It has always been a bogus war. It is so very troubling that so many Americans have fallen headlong into that trap.

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  • The Dems play mainly to emotion. It seems that’s the easiest way to control people. Keep their emotions wound up so they won’t think.

    • And once the thinking process has been inhibited or halted, they have most of the battle won.