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Unforgivable: Sen. #Thadcochran Breaks Reagan’s 11th Commandment with #Racist #Racebaiting Tactics in #MSSen. Primary Runoff

If you have to play this dirty to win, you should lose!

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It’s a sad thing for a man with a career as long and honorable as that of Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran to win the primary on what is likely to be his last race for public office by using despicable and clearly racist tactics. Here’s a flyer that was distributed in black precincts to encourage blacks to vote for Cochran in the primary runoff held this Tuesday:

Ad appears to be the work of a shadowy PAC created to help Thad Cochran. Another example of their work.
Cochran made no effort to denounce the effort.
Cochran won by under 2% or less than 6,600 votes. It is estimated that 35,000 Democrats, many of them black came out to vote for Cochran. In Mississippi Democrats can vote in the GOP primary if they intend to support that candidate in the fall election. Do we really think blacks will come out to vote for Cochran again in such numbers? Not hardly. Nate Silver, political number cruncher, estimates that had Democrats not voted for Cochran McDaniel would have won by 25,000 votes.
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And what about Mississippi’s Republican primary voters? How do they feel about having their choice for their parties nominee decided by people who will likely not vote for that nominee in the fall? Many of them are understandably upset and may decide to sit out the general election. It might be a closer race for Cochran this fall without thousands of GOP voters. Perhaps that’s the best way to send a message that this kind of thing is despicable and should not be tolerated.

Shame on you Thad Cochran. You’ve spoiled a long career of service with this unforgivable conduct!

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