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To The GOP – You Must Stand Your Ground On The Sequester

SequesterIn one week, seven days, the GOP has a decision to make. In spite of the dire warnings and fear mongering being broadcast by President Obama and his minions in the liberal media, the GOP has publicly stated the sequestration will go forward on March 1. That’s their public face, but I can’t help but wonder what is going on behind closed doors. We have already discussed the sequester many times. Those of us who pay attention to these things know President Obama is up to his same familiar tricks, trying to sway public opinion in his favor by feeding us a lot of rhetoric that smells to high heaven. We also know the sequester is anything but a cut in spending. It is nothing more than a cut in the growth of spending, but to hear President Obama tell it, one would think the Dark Ages were just around the corner. That is one reason I say the GOP needs to stand their ground and let the sequester take place.

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If ever there was a time for the GOP to refuse to budge, now is that time. That may not be a popular opinion in some circles, especially with those of you who hold a more moderate view of politics, but I stand by that opinion. It is clear that President Obama is in full denial. He refuses to acknowledge that the sequester was his baby, the leverage he was going to use to force the GOP to make concessions. He even vowed to veto any legislation that would delay or halt the sequester. That was in 2011. Fast forward to 2013 and he is now saying the fault lies with the Republicans. He claims they are using the sequester to protect their rich friends from having to pay more taxes. David Limbaugh says it better than can I.

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(Human Events) President Obama’s demagoguery and fear-mongering on his sequester cuts are breathtaking, even for him. Lest you think I am engaging in hyperbole, let me give you the dictionary definition of a demagogue.

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One definition is “a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.”

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Obama’s ordinary MO is to stir people against one another, to stoke the flames of envy among some against others in lieu of rational argument to rally support for his causes.

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Obama has had four years to try his ideas. They have all failed, in every category. His stimulus plan to spend nearly $1 trillion of borrowed money to jump-start the economy was a colossal, unconscionable waste of money we didn’t have and not only didn’t work as promised but probably stalled the private sector’s efforts to recover. He remains defiantly unrepentant in the face of his repeated reckless green policy failures.

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Even if the media will not report them as such, President Obama’s failures are on full display, if only we will look closer. The only way he could be considered anything less than a complete failure is if you are in favor of a much bigger and all-encompassing federal government. If you hold the opinion that our federal government is far too large and out of control, then the logical conclusion is that of failure for the first four years of the Obama administration. Therefore, we should not continue on the same path, which would only lead to more failure and greater debt for our country.

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There is no scenario I can envision where the Republicans should back down from allowing the sequester to take place. They should realize the media will be all over them for that decision, but how is that different from how the media portrays them now? It may get a little worse, but so be it. The GOP has the upper hand in this stalemate, if only they will stand their ground and refuse to let Obama have his way. It is time President Obama realized there is a political price to pay for failure and it is his time to pay the Pied Piper. The sequester is his baby and the GOP should let it fall right in his lap.

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  • The sequester is the best option for the Republicans and the country. However, if the House Republicans should actually do the right thing, conservatives better be ready to work their tails off to make sure those congressmen are rewarded by being reelected in 2014. If they do’t do the right thing, conservatives should make sure that those that cave are not reelected even if that means losing control of the House. It is the only way the GOP is going to learn their lesson.

    • You are certainly right. The GOP should be rewarded with the consequences of their actions, good or bad. They have to learn that’s how things are going to work.

  • Mike

    In the same way the risk of across-the-board tax increases at year-end was ultimately the only way to force the GOP to accept rate hikes on the wealthiest Americans, imposing the sequester is the only way to force the Democrats to concede substantive, painful spending cuts. We may differ in our reasoning but I agree with your conclusion.

    • We aren’t so far apart, you and I. We just get there by different paths.

  • If the GOP doesn’t stand up to Obama’s demagoguery now then we’ll be on the receiving end of these lies for the next four years. It’s time for GOP leadership to come out strong with a united voice condemning Obama’s scare tactics and irresponsible leadership. I know they are TRYING to do that, and with the massive media conspiracy supporting Obama it’s hard to break through the noise but they MUST succeed!

    • You have stated exactly the reason why I believe it is time to draw a line in the sand and say to President Obama, “no more”. He is a political bully who not only thinks he can get everything he wants, but that is is entitled to it. If we cave now, the next four years will seem very long, indeed.

  • Sorry, but I’ve lost all faith in those spineless eunuchs. They’ll fold. I’d like to say I hope I’m wrong, but I trust not the mealy mouthed ones anymore.

    • Well, I certainly don’t put a whole lot of faith in the GOP, especially the leadership in Congress, but I have to believe they will see their way to the place where they can stand their ground on the sequester. They have been pushed around by the President and the Democratic Party long enough.

  • I’m with you completely, the GOP must stand firm. In November 2011 Obama said he would veto any bill eliminating sequester. Now he pretends that cutting $86 billion would be the end of civilization. The GOP should let civilization end so the public can see that in fact civilization doesn’t end.

    • With the President on record, declaring his support for the sequester, before he declared his opposition to the sequester, one would think it would be rather easy to destroy his narrative. Of course, with John Boehner writing editorials in the Wall Street Journal, saying he agrees with the President that the cuts in the sequester will be the wrong cuts, it sort of takes the punch out of our rebuttal.

      • Boehner is dreadful. If the GOP is unwilling to cut $86 billion then they’re unwilling to cut anything. If the GOP ever wants to be taken seriously on spending they have to be willing to cut parts of government that they generally support. That includes the military.

  • I agree with you Larry, it is time for the Republicans to stand their ground and walk away. Sequester was Barack Obama’s idea and this is one time we should give him what he wants. It is amazing to me that he can talk about all the layoffs that will occur when all these agencies will still be getting a budget increase, there are no cuts. It is time to call him out on this, and Rand Paul seems to be the only Republican capable of doing just that.

    • They should be hammering away at this, both leading up to the sequester, and after it has been implemented. There is ample proof of how the President came up with the sequester, and of how he has flip-flopped on the issue. It really should be easy to highlight that reversal. But, even then, we have the media to contend with.

  • I can’t help but agree. Taking a hatchet to the budget and indiscriminately cutting things is not the best solution, but given everything, it might just be the best worst option left. I really see no downside here for the GOP–it is going to get beat up by the state run media and the intelligentsia no matter what happens. Might as well try to get something good out of a bad situation.

    • Yes, they’ve been down a similar path before and caved, which got them nowhere with the media playing the situation for all its worth. They may as well take a stand and extract as much good out of it as possible.