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The Sins of Brett Kimberlin

I don’t often join my fellow bloggers in blogging about a specific topic. There have been worthy topics before, but that generally isn’t my style, for two reasons. I prefer writing about topics and issues that pique my interest and that I can write about on my own. Also, I usually have time for only one post each day. I will break from that routine today and write about an individual I am just learning about and who is the ultimate bully, Brett Kimberlin. You may not know who he is and information about him is hard to find, even on the Internet. What I hope to do, along with many other bloggers, is to show you exactly who this man is and why we believe he needs to be exposed.

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Brett Kimberlin first came on the scene of public life in 1978, when he was accused of being the Speedway Bomber. It all started with a murder that he didn’t commit, but that authorities speculated he was trying to cover up. I’ll let The Indianapolis Star take up the narrative.

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When police began looking for a motive in the Scyphers slaying, they found there’d been a recent family clash. Julia Scyphers’ Brett Kimberlindaughter, Sandra Barton, had become involved with a man who seemed to Mrs. Scyphers to be inordinately close to one of Barton’s young daughters. Mrs. Scyphers told friends she was so concerned that she’d arranged for both of her granddaughters to come live with her. Whether or not Mrs. Scyphers’ fears were correct (no charges were ever filed to that effect), this incident led investigators to start looking at Brett C. Kimberlin.

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He was in his mid 20s, slight of build and boyish looking. He ran a vegetarian restaurant in Broad Ripple which had been featured in The Indianapolis Star two years earlier. Sandra Barton worked for him there. He also had a felony record and local narcotics police suspected the restaurant might be a front for another source of income — marijuana smuggling.

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As the bombs went off during the week of Sept. 1-6, each one provided police with evidence. They found bits of the timer, including one big enough to identify the specific brand. Only one local store sold that particular timer. Police showed the store clerks several photos and one of them picked out Brett Kimberlin.

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Meanwhile at a different store, a Westside print shop, the proprietor was becoming suspicious of customer who wanted to reproduce military drivers licenses. The shop owner called the U.S. Army and when the customer came back, on Sept. 20, an Army investigator was there too. The customer was wearing a security guard’s uniform with Department of Defense insignia. It was Brett Kimberlin.

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This break in the investigation led to the eventual arrest of Brett Kimberlin and his conviction on drug charges, impersonation of a Department of Defense employee, and finally, in 1981, on setting the Speedway bombs. His prison sentence was 4, 12, and 50 years respectively.  Why the man isn’t still in prison is beyond me, but such is the correctional system in this country. It should also be noted that he has refused to pay the $1.6 million judgement awarded to one of the victims of his bombs. This was true, even though he came into some money because of a book deal. This refusal led to the revoking of his parole, for a time.

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There is one thing the prison system taught Brett Kimberlin how to do. In prison, he learned how to file a lawsuit and he has filed over 100 of them. He has even filed lawsuits against some of his victims. Stop and think about this for a moment. Brett Kimberlin is a convicted domestic terrorism. He set bombs with the malicious purpose of killing and maiming people, all for his own reasons. These were people he didn’t even know. They happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even though he was convicted, he is walking free today. There is something very wrong with this picture.

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Fast forward to 2012 and we will find more suspicious activity from Brett Kimberlin. There is the case of the blogger called Aaron Worthing, who has lost his job, all because of the bully that is Brett Kimberlin. It would take far more time and space that I have here to give you the details, but I would urge you to take the time to read the series of post Aaron Worthing has put together, laying out his story and the interaction between him and Kimberlin. I believe you will be amazed, as am I, that this bully is able to act on his evil intent, with impunity.

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If that isn’t enough for you, let us move on to the story of Robert Stacy McCain. Blogging at The Other McCain, RSM has done his best to expose Brett Kimberlin for the lying felon he is. For his efforts, he and his family have had to move out of his house, due to the threats sent his way by Kimberlin.Isn’t it strange how liars and bullies abhor having their activities exposed for all the world to see?

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There is one last part of the Brett Kimberlin saga I want to share with my readers. Brett Kimberlin is now the director of a non-profit group based in Bethesda, Maryland, called Justice Through Music. The most interesting thing about this non-profit is who is on the list of its donors. The Other McCain wrote about this list and is one reason he is in hiding. The list reads like a Who’s Who of leftists and liberals. Barbra Streisand and Heinz Family Foundation, to name a couple. The latter is the foundation of the wife of Senator John Kerry.

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Am I the only one who sees a resemblance between Brett Kimberlin and Bill Ayers? They both liked to blow up things and people, both are unrepentant of their crimes, and both have fans in the liberal crowd. I can’t help but wonder why liberals are so attracted to criminals such as Brett Kimberlin and Bill Ayers.

Since the beginnings of the Tea Party revolution, the liberals have accused us of being disorderly, rude, vicious, etc. Many on the left have said they have worried that violence would ensue from the gatherings of normal Americans who were concerned about their country. Once again, we see the liberals are guilty of the very charges they have directed at conservatives.

Some may wonder why I would write about Brett Kimberlin. I’m sure he hasn’t a clue who this small time blogger from Oklahoma is. The answer is simple. There is very little in this world I despise more than a bully and Brett Kimberlin is just such a man. He is a felon, convicted of heinous crimes against his fellow citizens, who had done him no harm. In my own small fashion, this is my way of spitting in the face of the bully and standing with my friends around the blogsphere. I’m doing my best to have their back.

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