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The Nanny State On Steroids

Nanny StateAs bad as government intrusion is into families here in the United States, it could be a lot worse.  A law introduced to the Scottish Parliament would mandate a “named person” (guardian) be appointed for every child in Scotland from birth.  Said named person would “promote, support or safeguard the well-being of the child or young person.”  Children’s Minister Aileen Campbell said the responsibility for providing a named person will belong to health boards until the age of five, when it would be transferred to councils.

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Under this proposed law, detailed personal information about every child – even down to the names of their pets – would be collected and stored in a government database.  A government document seen by the Scottish Daily and Sunday Express newspaper stated the named person would have the legal right to ensure children are raised in a government-approved manner.  It further states, “From the time that the child is a baby the family and the community should come together in oneness to raise the child so that the child can grow up to be a pillar of society.  In so doing everyone benefits and the community is strengthened.”

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Whether or not the bill is passed into law remains to be seen.  There has been an outcry of protest from parents in Scotland about this proposal.

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Just next door in Ireland, a measure has passed which gives the government virtually unchecked authority over the nation’s children.  Among other things the measure allows:

  • Children can be placed for adoption against the will of the parents.
  • The state can give birth control to children of any age, even if below the age of consent.
  • The state can bring children to other countries for abortions, without parental consent, even if the child disagrees.
  • The state can decide to vaccinate every child in Ireland and the parent has no say in the matter.
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Back here in the western hemisphere the congress in Venezuela is discussing legislation that would ban the use of baby bottles as part of a push to promote breast-feeding. “Every baby has the right to breast-feeding,” said Odalis Monzon, a lawmaker from the ruling United Socialist Party.

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All of these proposals and enacted laws reek of communistic ideals.  When the government takes this much control over your children and how you raise them, they are no longer your children.  They are the government’s children who just happen to live in your home.

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Could these same things happen here in the United States?  Of course they can!  The government has already intruded into families and seized control over a lot of things that should be completely controlled by parents.  The indoctrination children receive at public schools is the biggest intrusion.  Liberal views on homosexuality, sex, abortion, evolution, environment, economics, etc are all pushed on children in schools.  And if the lunch you send with your child isn’t deemed to be nutritious, it can be seized and replaced with a school cafeteria meal.

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Access to the morning after pill, birth control, abortion, etc are all things the government has decreed your child does have access to without your knowledge or permission.  You, are the parents, have nothing to say about it.

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There are many other ways the government intrudes into families and I have no doubt there are those in our government who would make the intrusion equal, if not exceed, the level of intrusion in Scotland, Ireland and Venezuela.  With the creeping intrusion our government already does, one day they may get their chance.

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I am a native Oklahoman, technology addict, political junkie, blogger, fisherman, Southern Baptist and Sooner fan. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. If you're offended by something you read here... you just might be a liberal.

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  • acethepug

    And yet here in the US those selfsame individuals are considered “children” who can stay on a parent’s health care policy (for as long as they exist, anyway) until age 26.

    Most cannot drink until 18 or 21.

    They can vote and be drafted at 18 — yet as you point out they can have access to abortions, birth control, and the morning-after pill well before that age.

    It’s interesting how, if examined in total, Leftist philosophy very simply doesn’t hold up to intellectual scrutiny.

    Children until 26 for health care, but adult enough to have access to birth control and abortion (without those parents who are actually paying for their health care) well before.

    It’s all about control, about the government having it, and you the citizen NOT having it.

    • Leftist philosophy has always been more of an emotional one rather than logical or intellectual. And this is absolutely about government control.

  • Scotland has fallen a long way since the hayday of Presbyterianism. There is still a small remenant of Reformed Presbyterians there but the nation has by and large become a radical secular socialist state.

    We’re concerned about loss of freedom here in the US and we should. However I can buy a pet without the state overseeing me, I can homeschool my kids without notifying the state and I can generally do as I please with my kids. The left threatens our freedoms and we need only look to Europe for the future the secular left wants to give us.

  • I guess it does Take a Village to Raise a Child–at least in Scotland. Or a central government, in the case of Scotland and Ireland. For the love of God, don’t let Obama hear about this! And I forgot about Hillary in 2016. HERE WE GO.

    • Yes, Hillary who allowed her name to be put on that book It Takes A Village. I shudder to think what her socialistic agenda would be like if she gets elected.

  • The end is nearer than I thought.

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  • The trigger to the end may have been exposed today and yesterday, the stock market has taken a huge fall, and I am hoping it’s not the *burst bubble* I have predicted… If it is, Obama is on the way to becoming that dictator we have all feared he would OR this nation is on the verge of civil war..

    Dear God I wish Texas would secede..

  • Bernanke was a plant apparently. He knew the drug had to be stopped at some point. One more day of this crash and we will know the die has been cast.

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  • Bettybb

    I would be interested to know what prompted these laws in Scotland and Ireland.

    Each has their own legal system, separate from Britain, founded in history.

    Both are Celtic nations.

    The Celts had unusual child rearing practices and laws, with basically the Clan raising the child. So I have to wonder if this is an attempt by the Scots and the Irish to re-establish their cultural roots.

    Both countries have a long and solid democratic tradition, so I would have to presume that if they pass these kinds of laws, they actually want them and somehow it fits into their society.

    I fail to see how this is communism which is an economic system where the working class (proletariat) no longer sells it labor, profit from work is shared by all and private property is abolished. In fact, communist theory is that with the abolition of private property, and with the state providing for the economic needs of the children, the family relationship becomes entirely private between the man and woman and child, without any outside interference.
    Communist theory is total clap trap in my opinion, but these Scottish and Irish laws don’t seem to fall within it.

    I cannot even begin to imagine such laws being proposed here. However, we also have a long and strong democratic tradition, and as much as we may dislike particular laws, they are a reflection of the popular will. We all have to put up with laws that we detest but which have been passed by the majority.

    • If you truly believe communism allows the family relationship to be entirely private then you have read nothing about the Communist Manifesto and the desired destruction of the middle class family. Marx wrote about the communist desire to put an end to present familial relations and thereby stopping parents from exploiting their children. And who would be their new mom and dad? The government. What I wrote about absolutely is communistic and evil.

      • Bettybb

        As I said, that is communist theory that I quoted. I have never read that communist theory says that the government becomes the Dad. But then again, I have not read a lot of communist theory. The stuff I have read indicated that the theory is ,with the communist economic system fully in place, no one is dependent on other family members, so they can develop any relation they want, free of all outside influences.

        I have not studied child rearing practices in communist countries, so can not really say one way or the other, but have never heard about a communist country that had communal child rearing like what is being proposed for Scotland. In fact, in one article about Scotland I read, it said that it was the only country in the world doing this.

        • You need to educate yourself about Marx’s views on the family and family life in communist countries. Find some people like a family at my church who used to live in the Soviet Union and ask them about government intrusion into families. Communism is not all just economic control.

          • Bettybb

            Well, communism is an economic theory that is put into place through political power.

            Once you have any kind of government, you have some level and type of control of the population. Political power control decisions can be based on all sorts of theories, from crowd control, to what national security needs are, to what that society considers moral, to communist theory.

            So this issue here is does the political power use its power to establish family relationship rules based on communist theory, like instituting group based child rearing like the Scots are proposing.

            What do your friends say the communist government did? Was it based on communist theory? Or was it just the standard exercise of political power for control reasons?

            • Communism is not just an economic theory. You need to read about it. Read Marx. Read Lenin.

              The Soviet government controlled every facet of their lives. Their parents were essentially just people who gave them food and a place to sleep.

              • EstablishmentByProxy

                I’ve heard that jobs were often assigned by what the state believed to be identifiable aptitude as well. Leaves something for the Scottish to anticipate…good times?!

                Communism/statist ideals usually work ‘well’ only for the leadership and in no way resemble the Gene Roddenberry style future which they espouse.

                No matter the number of demonstrable failures and tyrannical outcomes observed, there will always be another attempt by those that think they are exempt from the very nature of humanity itself.

              • Bettybb

                We don’t seem to be understanding one another.

                What I am saying is communism is a economic theory.

                It is put into place by a dictatorship. That dictatorship is not based on economic theory but power and control.

                Let me give an example. Take the Taliban when they were in power in Afghanistan. They were dictators and imposed all sorts of rules on everyone including how to raise kids. This was not based on communist theory, but rather religious theory.

                Or take the Nazis. They also told families how to raise kids. They were a dictatorship and they did not do so based on communist theory (they hated the communists), but on racial theory.

                In Russia under the Communist regime, you had economic communism and a dictatorship. It was not the communist theory that told parents how to raise kids, or who could raise kids (if that did occur – I do not know that it did), it was the political dictatorship that did that.

                I was the PTA President in my son’s middle school and about 1/3 of the families were recent immigrants from Russia. We talked often about their life there, but I never heard of any sort of “communist child upbringing” laws, and certainly nothing like the Scottish proposal to have an outside guardian. That is why I asked what the folks you know were telling you.

                • Communism is not just about economics and it is not just a theory.

    • Ha ha ha. I LOVE your posts, Betty. The irony is precious. “Re-establish their cultural (Celtic) roots” indeed! The Celtic culture dates from around 2000 BC, and the last vestiges of its language and culture where gone by 700 AD, over 1300 years ago. In its final death throes, the northern Brits were subsumed by Roman occupiers, Germans, Vikings, the French and a host of others. Of course, there is hardly a drop of Celt blood–if that–remaining in the British genome, and not a vestige of their culture. Saying that Scotland and Ireland are returning to Celtic culture is about as funny as saying Obama Care is a return to the native Clovis People culture in America, since they had Shamans providing medical care to all in need. Your obvious use of irony highlights how preposterous the Scottish and Irish (proposed?) laws are, and highlights their roots in failed modern European socialism (NOT, as you hilariously point out in Celtic roots).

      Keep on keepin’ on, Betty. Love your posts.

      • Bettybb

        Celtic culture existed from the Iron Age into the middle ages.

        Celtic languages are still spoken in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and even Cape Breton!

        If I were you I would not express the opinion that the Scots and the Irish no longer have Celtic roots around people of that ethnic background who are rather proud of their Celtic heritage. You might find yourself being (bag) pipped out of the room!

        A nice little time line.

        Google Celtic culture and you will find out it is very much alive.

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