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The Importance of the 2012 Congressional Elections

Would anyone disagree with me that there is a vacuum in the political media coverage we are now seeing? A vacuum that draws in nearly every story the media covers? There seems to be one, all-important race that the media is centered on, ie. the contest to see who will be the GOP nominee, the person who will face Barack Obama in the general election. Most certainly, that race is very important and one we all should consider our options carefully. However, the presidential election is not the only horse race in town. There is another race, although it may not be receiving the media coverage which it deserves, a race that could very well help determine the direction of our government for some years to come.

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Remember, we have more than one branch of government. Mr. President reigns over the Executive Branch, there is the Judicial Branch, and then there is the branch of government that seems to be habitually deadlocked, unable to reach a consensus, always haggling back and forth, etc. That would be the Legislative Branch, ie. Congress. The House of Representatives and the United States Senate. You know them well, the branch of government that usually has the lowest approval ratings of any of the three branches of our government.

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Did you realize that of the 100 members of the Senate, 33 of them are up for reelection in 2012? Of those 33, 23 of them are Democrats, which includes 2 independents who normally vote with the Democrats. I haven’t had time to do the research and find out how many of these Democrats could be in danger of losing to a Republican. One would think, given the possibility of a GOP majority in the Senate, the Republican establishment would be doing everything they can to identify and defeat those Democrats who are vulnerable. I hope they are doing that, as it should be very high on their list of priorities.

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Moving on to the House of Representatives, the numbers are even more staggering. That esteemed body of legislators is made up of 435 members, with the Republicans holding a 242 to 193 majority. Now consider this. In November 2012, all 435 of those members will be up for reelection. Hopefully, the Republicans will be able to build on their majority and make it stronger, but who knows how it will turn out. Again, I have not done the research to find out how many Democrats may be vulnerable, but it will be a contest, to be sure.

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I can not stress how important I feel this election is. Consider this. What happens if Barack Obama defeats the Republican nominee? Be it Mitt Romney or Herman Cain, Rick Santorum or Rick Perry, what happens if we are unable to defeat Obama? I have been convinced that America can not withstand another four years of Barack Obama. I feel he is doing a great deal of harm to our country. What if he does win reelection, yet the Republicans are able to keep and possibly build on their majority in the House, and defeat enough Democrats to gain a majority in the Senate? Would that not give us the leverage to keep Obama in check? Would that not allow us to scale back the wholesale changes he and his liberal friends are trying to implement in America?

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Now to my friends and compadres in the blogsphere who have been so worried about the possibility of Mitt Romney or some other faux conservative winning the nomination. Many of us, myself included, have written and worried that there would be little difference between Romney and Obama, but consider this. What if we are able to keep and build upon our majority in the House and gain a majority in the Senate? Would that not go a very long way towards moulding a Romney presidency? Even though he may not be our perfect candidate, would we not be able to use that majority to shape his administration and his priorities? That’s why I feel the 2012 congressional elections are so important.

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Having written all of the 700 plus words in this post, this is what I want you to take away with you, to ponder on in these times. Do your research and find out who is running for Congress in your district. Find a good conservative candidate to support and do your best to help him or her win their election. Help build the GOP majority in Congress by sending real conservatives to Washington. Real people who care about turning America away from the path she is on and back towards a path that is more in line with our Founding Fathers and the Constitution. That’s the real reason the 2012 congressional elections may very well be more important than who moves into the White House in 2013.

About LD Jackson

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LD Jackson has written 2053 posts in this blog.

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Founder and author of the political and news commentary blog Political Realities. I have always loved to write, but never have I felt my writing was more important than in this present day. If I have changed one mind or impressed one American about the direction our country is headed, then I will consider my endeavors a success. I take the tag line on this blog very seriously. Above all else, in search of the truth.

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  • It’s hard to find the information needed to keep-up with congressional races. In New Hampshire, is a good source for congressional race information. The tea party seems to be getting a bad name lately (in my opinion, that has a lot to do with Ron Paul’s supporters) but if you find a local chapter of the tea party, they are a very good source for congressional race information and they will let you know how to help get conservatives in your area elected. You don’t have to join or consider yourself a tea party member, but local chapters of these organizations are already working on getting conservatives elected to Congress; so they are a great source of information.

    • Do you suppose these local groups are working so hard on the congressional elections because they feel they can affect the outcome, more so than they can affect the outcome of the presidential race?

      • It’s possible, but the tea party doesn’t support candidates so much as it does certain policies. They will work to get conservatives into congressional seats, but I don’t expect them to be too active in the primary until we get down to the conservative candidate vs. Romney. I know that the Tea Party Network and a New Hampshire tea party group have recently come out with endorsements for Cain and another one for Ron Paul.

        • Interesting information to have. I hadn’t thought of it in that way, but you are probably correct.

  • Amen! The GOP taking the senate is critical.

    Our next president will be either Obama or Romney (apologies, I myself like Cain, but this is how I see it).

    The best the GOP can do is hold a President Obama and foil his agenda. The GOP can actually keep Romney on the conservative straight and narrow.

    If the GOP does not control congress, we are screwed (and even then, our chances of being screwed are still 50/50% given that the GOP is filthy with big government statists).

    • You make it sound like we conservatives are stuck. I am afraid you may be right.

  • KP

    Spot on, LD.

  • msbobbie

    Oklahoma will not have a Senate race this year, since Senators serve 6 year terms. Inhofe was re elected in 2008 and Coburn was re elected in 2010.

    I have talked with both of them at least twice this year and they are confident Republicans will gain a majority in 2012, a super majority is questionable but it does not stop us from trying.

    I believe a majority in the House is safe because of redistricting this year. Democrats are having cows all over the country because of the majorities Republicans took in State Legislatures in 2010 before redistricting began.

    Redistricting had little effect on the Congressional districts in Oklahoma but we have a wide open seat in District 2. At this point only 1 Democrat has announced to seek that seat and there are 6 Republicans The seat has been long held by Democrats but the District has become quite conservative over the last 10 years or so and I am confident we will send a Republican to Washington and turn Oklahoma completely Red. with the 2012 elections..

    LD is right. The real power in Washington is in the Senate and House of Representatives. The President proposes and Congress disposes.

    As far as the U.S. Senate goes, nearly half of those 23 critters will face their first re election, after winning the first one in 2006 when Democrats powered onto Capitol Hill. 5 Democrats and 3 Republicans have announced retirement. Senate races are going to be something to see!

    • The Republicans should be able to easily pick up the seat in District 2. The Senate is where it is going to be interesting and a nail biter. It should be fun.

  • Here in Ohio, the GOP favorite to take Sherrod Brown’s Senate seat is state treasurer Josh Mandell. He’s a young mudslinger who ran such a dirty campaign (along with the Democratic candidate) that the Cleveland Plain Dealer (one of the largest dailies in the U.S.) endorsed the Libertarian Party candidate, Matt Cantrell.

    Because Ohio is redistricting because we lost a Congressional seat, no one knows exactly what the boundaries are. Kind of hard to cover races when we don’t even know which incumbent will be out by default! I suspect it will be mine – GOP establishment favorite, Bob Gibbs.

    • I didn’t realize the redistricting wasn’t finished yet. It still isn’t settled in Ohio?

  • bill

    thank you for reminding me that instead of one i actually have 459 things to
    worry about… ( 🙂

    as far as staying on top of the races and becoming a ‘part’ of the process let
    me recommend the freedomworks website. within minutes of registering i
    was able to find local groups and like-minded individuals in my area. some
    folks turned out to be neighborhood acquaintances.
    it’s an easy way to ‘get involved’ without having to leave the house…b

    • bill

      i’ve almost got that smily-face conversion thingy figured out…b

      • I noticed that. Keep practicin’, Bill. Keep practicin’. 8)

        • bill

          🙂 …

          now if a conservative victory in 2012 were as easy…b

    • I will have to check that website out.

  • Well said Larry. We need to not lose sight on the congressional races. We have an opportunity here to take the Senate and build on our lead in the House. No matter who wins the Presidential race, if both the House and Senate are controlled by the conservatives then they will be setting the tone in Washington.

    • Exactly, John. I think the outcome in the congressional races may very well be more important than the race for the presidency.

  • You are right Larry, the Congress might actually be more important than winning the presidency because if Obama wins the Congress could control him with a Republican Senate, and the same is true if a Romney were to win. While still early it is interesting that the media isn’t talking about this, I remember when Bush was president they media loved speculating how many seats the Republicans would lose, but now there is hardly a mention.

    • Of course the media isn’t talking about this. The Democrats were given a resounding whipping last November and they are afraid it will be even worse this time around. I know we still have a year before the election, but I think we have a good chance of taking the Senate and building our majority in the House.

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