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The Hypocrisy That Is Barack Obama

There are some things that are just so obvious, they can not be ignored. One of those things is the complete and utter hypocrisy of Barack Obama. Obviously, the man wants a second term in the White House, and make no mistake, he is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. Lie about his record? Check! Lie about Mitt Romney’s record? Check! Be a hypocrite? Check!

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The latest examples of his hypocrisy comes after his Super Pac published the now-debunked ad accusing Mitt Romney of causing the death of Joe Soptic’s wife. The ad was so blatantly false, even the liberal media called them on the carpet for it. The Obama campaign lied about their involvement with Joe Soptic and then tried to distance themselves from the ad, while still endorsing the basic premise. His hypocrisy is on full display, even when they try to tell the truth.

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(The Daily Caller) President Barack Obama‘s campaign resorted to truth-telling Aug. 9 as it sought to calm the uproar caused by its support for a controversial attack ad that suggested Gov. Mitt Romney had caused a person’s death by cancer.

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Spokeswoman Jan Psaki admitted Aug. 9 that Obama’s campaign had used misleading comments from Joe Soptic, a former union organizer at GST Steel, after she had denied any connection to Soptic.

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However, Obama’s aide, Psaki, tried to go on the offensive.

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She told reporters Aug. 9 that Romney should be put through the same media wringer. because one of several anti-Obama super PAC had broadcast ads questioning the president’s birth in Hawaii.

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“No one is asking the Romney campaign about that ad and what they think about that ad. So as we talk about apples and oranges, that’s the apples-to-apples comparison I’ll leave you with,” Psaki said.

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Caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar of lies, their basic defense is “they do it to”? You would think they could come up with something better than that, but they are limited by their hypocrisy. (I challenge anyone to show me a campaign ad from Mitt Romney, or a Super Pac supporting him, that rivals the Joe Soptic ad for content and lies.) Such limitation is why we have the latest from Barack Obama himself, campaigning in Colorado.

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(Real Clear Politics) And over the next three months, you will see more negative ads, more money spent than you’ve ever seen in your life. I mean, these Super PACs, these guys are writing $10 million checks and giving them to Mr. Romney’s supporters. And basically, they all have just the same argument. They all say the same thing. They say the economy is bad and it’s Obama’s fault.

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Barack Obama HypocriteNot only is Barack Obama a hypocrite, he is also a whiner. Does he not realize how hypocritical that statement sounds? Over and over, we hear him complaining about Super Pacs. Or at least, he complains about the Super Pacs that are supporting Mitt Romney. He seems to forget some of them are on his side. He complains how much money is being spent on negative advertising and tries to lay the blame for that directly at the feet of these Super Pacs, and of Mitt Romney. It seems all he does is complain about the money that is being spent against him, but fails to mention he is outspending his opponent. Can you imagine how he is going to sound when Mitt Romney is able to start spending some of the money he has raised over the past several months?

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Throughout his first three years in office, Barack Obama has touted his transparency as President. No more lobbyists in the White House. An open and transparent administration. No more special interest money. All of these are things he said he would do and he has failed on all counts. Were we to count the ways his administration has been dishonest with the American people, we would be here all morning. No more lobbyists in the White House, but he meets them off the record. Open and transparent? Fast and Furious, anyone?

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The point is simple. Barack Obama is a hypocrite and he has lied repeatedly to the American people. No amount of money spent, or sugar-coated over the truth will change that fact. The only thing he can be trusted to do is to lie and manipulate the truth, in order to win a second term in office. I shudder to think what that may mean to America.

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  • I think you have Mr. President down to a “T”. And, of course, the narsican’t stop using the pornouns I, Me, and My, can he? I can’t listen to him anymore.

    • I can recognize that and so can most of us who are on this blog, but many people can not.

      • bill

        “I can recognize that and so can most of us who are on this blog, but many people can not.” …this particular point mr. jackson makes is of singular importance.

        re-iterated right-wing talking points and self-righteous outrage will not change these peoples’ minds. we would do our country, ourselves and our progeny a better service by engaging the ‘independents’ with historical evidence and persuasive, logical debate.

        tomorrow my bride and i will be taking a ‘holiday’ as far as our friends and family are concerned. the real purpose of our ‘chautauqua’ is to explore more auspicious locals within these contiguous 48 to reside should things go south. i’d leave my friend mr. jackson with a few lines from plato:

        “And what is good, Phaedrus,
        And what is not good—
        Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?”


  • Everything about the little man is repugnant.

    • The more I listen to him, the less I can stand him.

  • lou222

    Bottom line???? He lies rather well!!!! Oh, I left out that there are alot of gullible people that will vote for him, again!!!!

    • He is an expert at telling less than the truth and he does it sincerely. I sometimes wonder if he doesn’t really believe the things he says.

  • …and when he said he wanted his administration to be transparent, and he would reach out to both sides in a spirit of bipartisanship, and he valued the private sector, and he wanted to be the president for ALL Americans, and he would pattern his presidency on Lincoln’s, and…well, on and on and on. What a load of c**p.

    He’s proven himself to be nothing more than a sleazy Chicago political hack, a died-in-the-wool socialist who will say and do ANYTHING to get elected, damn the country and its people.

    With Clinton, the people were willing to overlook his lack of character because the country was doing well under his administration. But with Obama, he can’t even say THAT. And despite his abysmal record, the polls show him in the LEAD. God save us!

    • lou222

      Polls can be manipulated, John. Let’s hope that is all it is. I can’t imagine there are that many stupid people still out there that his antics have not touched, can you? Especially the baby boomers, we have been hit hard, that should be enough to switch a vote IF they had supported him last time. Hitting us in our pockets makes a big impression.

      • I certainly hope you’re right, Lou. It’s hard to understand why people would want four more years!

    • You haven’t left me much to add, John. All I can say is I agree with your assessment.

  • You nailed this one Larry! Obama is a master of saying one thing and doing another; the lobbyists are a perfect example of that, he hides them by holding meetings outside the White House and he expects us to think there is nothing wrong with it. I think you summed up Obama perfectly when you called him a whiner. He has no problem doing whatever it takes to win reelection, but he cries when the other side does the same thing to him.

    • That is exactly what he is, a whiner. The more I watch him operate, the more I can not tolerate him. Between his actions and his attitude, he turns me completely off.

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