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The GSA – A Prime Example of a Bloated Federal Government

Never let it be said that the federal government of the United States is not a bloated monstrosity. As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding and the pudding is quite clear in this case. We are all familiar with the case of the General Services Administration (GSA) and the lavish spending that has been uncovered. I have already written about that and how the Obama administration is trying to shift the blame to George W. Bush. As the story unfolds, a deeper problem is raising its ugly head; namely the fact that the federal government is out of control and there seems to be very little inclination to reign it in.

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According to new information revealed by Representative John Mica, R-FL, and published by Fox News, several of the employees involved in the planning of the Las Vegas conference/party were given bonuses. All because they did such a fine job of wasting the money sent to Washington by the taxpayers. That would be you and me.

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Awarding bonuses for wasting taxpayer dollars?

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That appears to be incentive offered by the federal agency under fire for spending lavishly on a 2010 conference held near Las Vegas. The latest details from an inspector general report on the conference reveal 50 employees were given cash awards of $500 and $1,000 for their work arranging the now-infamous conference.

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“It would also appear that a number of GSA bureaucrats who helped arrange the Las Vegas junket were handed cash bonuses for their work in wasting the better part of a million dollars,” Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., said Tuesday.

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Do we need any more proof to come to the conclusion that the federal government needs to be downsized to a much more manageable level? GSAThis is the case with any organization or government. Once they grow so large, the left hand hasn’t a clue what the right hand is doing. In a government as bloated as ours, it is extremely easy to hide abuses, to bury them in a mountain of paperwork that no one wants to dig through. Yes, their are multiple investigations of the GSA now, but they are after the fact. In the meantime, nearly $1,000,000 of our money was wasted, simply because a bunch of government bureaucrats decided it was the thing to do. I can not help but wonder how many more of these examples there are that have yet to be revealed.

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For years, Senator Tom Coburn, R-OK, has been railing about the waste that is in our government. He has published many reports detailing said waste and much of it is the result of a federal government that has overgrown its boundaries. In January 2011, I wrote about The Growth of the Federal Government. At that time, I was able to count 1157 government agencies. I opined then that surely our government does not need 1157 agencies to do its job. More than once, Senator Coburn has shown how much these agencies overlap in their authority. All the while, we have a President who has no qualms about creating more bloat in the federal government.

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With his predilection for handing down more and more regulation from Washington, President Obama has created an environment that will do nothing but grow our government. With the added regulatory environment, the government naturally has to have more employees to make sure those regulations do not go unenforced. By its very nature, government is apt to grow and our politicians are not willing to begin the process to cut it back to size. As with anything that continues to grow beyond its boundaries, one has to wonder how long it will be before that growth results in catastrophe.

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Make no mistake, the GSA is just the tip of a very bloated iceberg. With the attitude displayed by the employees involved in this spending spree, one has to wonder just how far it reaches into the federal government. The average American has no access to that kind of information, but if we did, I suspect more than a few of us would be up in arms, demanding an explanation. If we knew even a small portion of the abuses that take place in our government, I suspect it wouldn’t be quite so hard to vote for fiscally conservative politicians and demand they put a stop to these abuses. What is it going to take for us to wake up and realize that a bloated federal government is good for no one, expect for those involved in that government? When will we realize that the government is intent upon feeding itself and not on doing the job outlined in the Constitution?

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  • You know Larry what’s terrible about all this is it’s our tax dollars being wasted in a time when they want to gut the defense. How does any of this make sense?

    • I didn’t mention that in the post, but you do have a point. Our priorities are completely screwed up.

  • The entire government could take a 15% cut with no noticeable impact…

    • The thing is, they all talk about how small a percentage this waste is, as if it means nothing. If they would just see their way to start cutting these things, the rest of it would be easier. But they have to be faithful in the small things first, which they have not been.

  • It is the nature of government to grow. Every time a law has passed or a new regulation is created, government grows. Passing laws and making regulations is easy. Undoing old out dated laws is nearly impossible today.

    • Very true, Jim. Once it does grow, it is almost unheard of to see it shrink. As I said in the post, it seems to exist to feed itself.

  • If we can take the White House, the president must appoint private sector people with business experience to evaluate these 1157 agencies. If the taxpayers are the producers and the “payers,” we should have the say in how these bureaucracies are run.

    Stories like these are so unsettling, and they just keep coming.

    • I completely agree, Maggie. We need some way of controlling what these agencies do and how much they spend. Some people may think it is unrealistic to nit pick every little detail of the federal government, but I think it is going to be necessary. Until we are able to do that, the bloat and the waste that is so prevalent will never be stopped.