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The Exploitation of Trayvon Martin

As of this writing, since January 1, 2013, there have been 157 homicides of blacks in Chicago.  The causes of death were 12 by stabbing and 145 by gunshot.  Sixteen of them were under 18 years of age.  Without looking them up, can you name even one of the victims?  Just one?  Unless you’re from Chicago or related to someone involved in the case, I’ll bet you can’t.

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Have you heard about Darryl Green?  He was a 17-year-old in Chicago whose decomposed body was found in an abandoned building.  He’d been shot to death.  It’s suspected he was murdered because he refused to join a gang.  Have you heard Darryl Green mentioned on MSNBC? CNN? Even Fox? By Obama? Anyone in Hollywood?

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In the 513 days between Trayvon Martin’s death and the verdict in George Zimmerman’s trial there were 11,106 blacks murdered by other blacks.  Again, can you name even one of the victims?  So why then, does everyone in the country who doesn’t live in a cave know the name Trayvon Martin?

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This case provided opportunities for many different groups.  For racist hate groups like the New Black Panthers it offered an opportunity to stir up anger and pass the collection hat while emotions ran high.  For racist talking heads like Al Sharpton it offered an opportunity to stir up anger and get better ratings.  And for politicians like Barack Obama it offered an opportunity to stir up anger and racial division in the country, which serves them politically.  Obama famously said, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”  Why wouldn’t he look like one of the other blacks who have been murdered?  Why Trayvon?

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It’s been well documented on many websites that the Department of Justice sent staff members to Florida to help organize and participate in protests against Zimmerman.  For what purpose?  And why do it on the sly?  Is there any other homicide in the nation for which the DOJ has paid staff members to go and protest?  None that we know about.  So why this one?  Why have the New Black Panthers done nothing to prevent blacks from killing other blacks?  Why has Al Sharpton not done a show about black-on-black murder in Chicago?

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The answer to all these questions is that it serves the administration and those on the left to provoke racial animosity and anger.  It further drives minorities away from the big-bad-white-male-dominated Republican Party and allows the leaders on the left to express feigned outrage which draws in those who have been stirred up emotionally.  The fact that Obama has put out a statement on this case after the verdict is further proof he is stoking this fire.  Has there been another local murder case anywhere in the nation that has been commented on by a President? Please comment below if there is because I can’t think of one.  Even in his short statement he uses the death of Trayvon Martin as a case for gun control.  Blatant political opportunism.  Why has Obama not commented on even one of the 157 black homicides in his hometown, Chicago?  Because they cannot be used politically.

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The truth is that all these groups, talking heads and politicians could not care less about Trayvon Martin or his death.  To them he is nothing but a means to an end and the fact that he was dead made him an even better one.  His dead body was ripe for being exploited.  These people care nothing for blacks who get killed.  If they did they would be speaking about and trying to do something about the 11,106 who have been murdered since Trayvon Martin died.  But they haven’t and they won’t, so don’t tell me that they do care about Trayvon.  His is but one death in a sea of black deaths.  The hand that killed him being half-white, justifiable or not, is what makes this one death an opportunity for them and they have done their best to exploit it to the fullest.

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The media, the racist groups, the leftist politicians… They have all profited from Trayvon.  Over a year ago I wrote a post about all the people who have profited from Trayvon’s death.  They are all still profiting from his death and they will do their best to make it continue.

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When hate groups, media and politicians use the death of a young black man to manipulate part of the population, that tells me they have no respect at all for that segment of the populace.  Completely ignoring all the black deaths that happen in this country and then seizing upon one that can serve their own selfish purposes is proof they care nothing about blacks in this country.  The blacks and leftists in this country are being fooled if they think these people care about them.  They don’t.  They care only for themselves and their own selfish gains.

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Ask any of these people who Arrell Monegan is. Who Julius Campbell is.  Who Cornelius German is.  Who Patrick Sykes is.  They won’t know.  They have nothing to gain by knowing.

About Charles M. Phipps

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Charles M. Phipps has written 24 posts in this blog.

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I am a native Oklahoman, technology addict, political junkie, blogger, fisherman, Southern Baptist and Sooner fan. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. If you're offended by something you read here... you just might be a liberal.

  • acethepug

    Well written, Charles. It all comes down to narrative. Black on black crimes and murders don’t serve the “America is racist!” narrative.

    It’s the same reason Obama used the dead children of Sandy Hook as a platform for Gun Control while he remains silent on the gun violence in Chicago — Chicago HAS major gun control laws in effect — and they clearly don’t work. It doesn’t serve the narrative, so he (and others) remain silent.

    It’s all about power. And that’s a fact, albeit a disgusting one, when examined.

    • Power, control, manipulation… They’re not above using dead kids to achieve it.

  • This may backfire. It just may divide the Hispanics and blacks with the result that the Hispanics may be more willing to see things our way.

  • Matt

    Not saying gun violence doesn’t happen just suggesting a few points.
    What greater percentage of them happened around gun free zones?
    What percentage of them happened among drug users and distributors?
    What percentage of those killed belonged to some gang or sported some gang or tribes colors at time of death?
    What percentage of gun violence victims defended the second amendment? Maybe if they did they’d still be alive?
    What percentage of the oppressors that utilized guns to accomplish their attitude or means came from single parent homes and did not have a mother or father growing up or had at least one parent that beat or abused them?

    Society always had been and always will be better off if government had done no infringement against the second amendment. Can’t handle those facts or truths then move out of the USA where rule of law is different!

  • Matt

    Some of you may claim to be biblical literate then you know the Proverb that says,”the companion of fools suffers harm”.

    Sadly even the evangelical church doesn’t know or offer counter offensive to all the ways fools harm effects them and us because denial and ignorance are so bliss and more comfortable!
    Sadly also they are like Franklin Graham who defends infringement by collaboration,collusion and or compromise.

    I say we got to the decadent place we are in America and in America’s government and the whole world because we have been,we are or we will keep walking in those three C’s while we keep saying perhaps,”Jesus will save us”.

    Jesus does save and he is Emmanuel. God with us and nowhere did he instruct his followers to not bare or carry the sword. He saves us from sins power but he expects us to be stewards of this body or his temple and he is the God of the LIVING not the god of the dead!

  • Bettybb

    I am reading these same RNC talking points on the Treyvon Martin all over the place: There is no racism , anyone who says so is being divisive (divisive here means not agreeing with the old white guys), and the Republicans are the real victims here.

    These talking points are strange on so many levels, but they do nicely promote a sense of Republican grievance and entitlement.

    Yep there is terrible gun violence and death in Chicago, much of it Black on Black violence and much of it gang related. Yep, and there is terrible gun violence and death in many other US cities with large gangs, Latino upon Latino violence, and Russian upon Russian violence, and Tong violence and on and on. There is an ongoing national debate about how to stem gun violence, being led by the Democrats. What has that to do with the governmental and personal racism that surfaced in the Treyvon Martin case? Nothing.

    Yep, our President addressed the racism Blacks face daily in this country with real compassion, understanding and eloquence by saying “ If I had a son he would have looked like Treyvon Martin.” He, like so many other Americans, of all races, know what reality is like for young Black men, a reality young white men never face, and far too many do not even realize exists.

    Yep, politicians, including our President have come forward to deplore racism and try to urge all the folks who still don’t get it, to try to understand others in their communities and their realities, and build bridges not walls. Excellent leadership.

    Yep, the GOP is crying crocodile tears about Black deaths in Chicago. The GOP is not lifting a finger to help solve problems, and certainly not problems stemming from racism.

    And yep, it is talking points like these that convince people of all races and both genders that the GOP really is the big bad old white male political party, living in a self delusional bubble, completely out of touch with society.

    • Your response is based on false premises about how the universe works. If guns are the cause of high homicide rates (the very term “gun violence” is a propaganda metric), then why is it that the worst problems with murders occur where the legitimate ownership of guns is lowest, in black urban ghettoes, such as in Chicago? Why is it that groups that have high ownership of guns, such as non Hispanic whites, have very low homicide rates?

      Murder is tied to culture, specifically to cultures that have no faith in the efficacy of the rule of law. There are many reasons for this, including past racism, but the constant harping of the left that black people cannot trust the rule of law is clearly one significant one. Also note that the rule of law in these areas is almost exclusively administered by the left.

      • Bettybb

        i would respond in detail to your remarks about gun violence and gun ownership, but it is off topic. I will point out that 250,000 guns are stolen from negligent gun owners each year and provide the criminal element with an easy means to murder.

        I have no idea where on earth you get this “cultures who have no faith in the rule of law” idea, which is frankly, pure racial stereotyping at its worst. If you honestly think your statement has any merit, please provide a link to a valid scientific study that has come to that conclusion. Only then will I reply to your remarks.

  • These people care nothing about the life of Trayvon Martin, only for his death and at that only for political reasons and I find this to be disgusting. His death served a purpose and they have been exploiting it, if they truly cared about his death they would also care about the deaths you mentioned above, but those don’t help to divide Americans so they are not interested. Great post!

    • They’d never admit it but I think they’re secretly pleased Trayvon was killed. His death provided an opportunity like they haven’t had in years to stir up racial division.

  • Over 90% of blacks who are murdered are murdered by other black people. In fact, those numbers largely hold for all races. If you’re going to be murdered, odds are very, very good that you’ll be killed by someone of your own race. The facts suggest that there isn’t a racist war on black youth but rather an epidemic of black on black crime. Such has unfortunately become part of accepted black culture which is why you see black football players tweeting about Zimmerman getting killed by the “hood.”

    • The acceptance you mention is probably another reason why no one seems interested in trying to do anything about it. There’s the apathy and also if they admitted there’s a problem that would be tantamount to admitting the utopias they’ve built in liberal strongholds like Chicago are anything but. It would be an admission of failure. So they ignore it all, people kill each other and society shrugs it’s shoulders.

  • BettyBB reveals herself as a racist in the first paragraph … which is as far as I went reading her mush.

    • Bettybb

      Once again, no facts, no arguments, so the only thing left to do is try personal insults.

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  • Martin is dead so the media and interest groups can tell whatever story they want as long as too many people don’t learn about the truth.

    It’s almost like Goebbels was making up the news stories.

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