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Dr. George Tiller, Scott Roeder, and domestic terrorism

It was May 31, 2009 when Dr. George Tiller was gunned down in his church in Wichita, Kansas, as he was serving as an usher. Scott Roeder had decided that it was time to end the life of one of the few doctors who was willing to perform late-term abortions. As I am pro-life, I am against abortion, but that also makes me against murder. I think one could justify killing someone if they → Read More

Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice – Is there room for compromise?

One of the most polarizing issues in our country today is the issue of abortion. Since the Supreme Court handed down it’s ruling in Roe v. Wade in 1973, legalizing abortion and sentencing millions of babies to an untimely death, the battle has been on to stop the practice. Regardless of which side of the issue you come down on, if you do not see how the terms pro-life and pro-choice play a large part in most major elections in the United States, you are completely blind. → Read More

Not all pro-lifers are guilty of George Tiller’s murder

I have refrained so far from writing about the murder of George Tiller on Sunday, believing there is already enough uproar about this act of violence. My first thought when I heard about the murder was that no human being deserves to be shot down like that. My second thought was about how much damage this is going to do to the pro-life movement. I can’t think of anything that will have such a → Read More