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Abortion and Contraception – Rights and Mandates


I have been watching the debate over the contraception mandate with some interest. President Obama and his crew of liberals are determined to create a right for all women to have access to contraception. I have no problem with contraception, if a women chooses to use it. That’s why they call it a choice and there is already no end of choices for a woman to choose from. Most of them are inexpensive or → Read More

What is the Abortion Debate About, Really?

Heart of Ohio

A new bill would give Ohio the most restrictive abortion laws in the country by banning abortions when a heartbeat is detected. The question is: Why does the heartbeat matter?

As a thinker I place an extraordinarily high value on having issues framed as clearly as possible. Too often I hear people argue about a subject without properly framing the issue. Listen, for example, to the back-and-forth in the debates in Columbus and → Read More

Barack Obama on abortion and the Freedom of Choice Act

Almost every time I write an article about abortion, I am asked the question, “what would you do if your wife or daughter were to be raped?”. For me, the answer is that I don’t know and I pray to God I never find out. The pro-choice advocates always throw that argument into the mix, saying it isn’t fair to the woman to be pregnant with a child from someone who raped her and → Read More

Jill Stanek and the National Right to Life vs. Barack Obama

As the national conventions of both political parties draw near and the general election gets closer, much ado is being made about Barack Obama and his accusation that the National Right To Life group is lying about his position on the Born Alive Infant Protection Act that he fought while in the Illinois State Senate. The position of each side are listed below, but first, a little background.

Jill Stanek is a nurse who → Read More

Barack Obama and his VP announcement

According to the Associated Press, Barack Obama’s Vice-Presidential running mate will join him onstage at a campaign rally in Springfield, Illinois on Saturday. The Obama campaign has already said the running mate would be announced to Obama supporters via a text message on their cell phones. It remains to be seen if that announcement will come Saturday or before, but it could be at any time. With the Democratic National Convention almost upon us, → Read More

Freedom to choose or freedom to murder

If you have been reading my blog, along with One Mom and other blogs, you will know by now that Barack Obama is very much a supporter of abortion rights. He claims he doesn’t want a woman punished by a child if they make a bad decision and become pregnant. Read about his fight against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act here. What you may not know about is his support of the Freedom → Read More

Abortion–Only God Knows

A lot has been said this week about the landmark Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade, thirty five years ago. There are some issues that have pros and cons that can be discussed and debated between the different sides. A lot of women’s rights and pro-choice groups have tried to make abortion such an issue, but no matter how they try to make it a privacy issue, it still remains, first and foremost, → Read More