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Obama Caves To Environmental Groups, Keystone Pipeline Delayed Indefinitely

Running Out Clock On Keystone Pipeline

If you care to do so, you can search the posts I have previously written about the Keystone Pipeline. In doing so, you will find a common theme in them all. I have said all along that Keystone will never be approved while Barack Obama is President of the United States. My reasoning is simple. There are a few issues that Obama can not stray from. His ideology will not allow him to depart → Read More

More Proof That Lois Lerner Lied

Lois Lerner Lied

Hmmm, whatever in the world happened to “not a smidgen of corruption” in the story about the possible targeting of conservative groups by the IRS? Hasn’t Jay Carney and President Obama been telling us all along that this was a “non-story”, not a real scandal? As it turns out, more information is coming to light that tells us it is a real story, that there is, at least, a smidgen of corruption involved, no → Read More

Sharyl Attkisson – Obama’s Aggressive Campaign To Shut Down Journalists

Sharyl Attkisson

Sharyl Attkisson is a journalist who was formerly with CBS. She no longer resides with that network because she felt the network was not defending some of the stories she ran that were critical of President Obama and his administration. Funny thing, that. Coming from the man who declared his administration would be the most open and transparent in American history. As it turns out, that is not so much the case. Especially when → Read More

T.W. Shannon – Don’t Be Bullied By Obama Administration, We Are Citizens, Not Subjects

T.W. Shannon

T.W. Shannon is making waves as he runs for the Senate seat being vacated by Senator Tom Coburn. He started off behind James Lankford, in terms of name recognition, but he is rapidly closing that gap. In this interview on Fox and Friends, he addresses the actions and words of Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama. It’s not at all hard to see exactly why so many Oklahomans like T.W. Shannon.

The main → Read More

President Obama – More Lies About Voter ID And Voting Rights

President Obama/Al Sharpton

This really should be classified under “more of the same” from President Obama. Anyone who is surprised that he is going on the attack against GOP efforts to require identification before a person can cast a vote can not have paid attention for the past five years. The man is falling back on one of his favorite tactics. When in doubt, accuse your opponents of something and let the media help you make → Read More

Eric Holder – When In Doubt, Act Like A Thug And Play The Race Card

Eric Holder-President Obama Race Card

Eric Holder is one of those people who are so predictable, it’s stopped being fun trying to “guess” what he will do. Whenever he is confronted by his transgressions, of which there are many, he always plays the race card. We all know how he crossed verbal swords with Louie Gohmert. When faced with the truth about his actions from the Texas Representative, Holder warned him “you don’t want to go there, buddy”. → Read More

President Obama And His Year Of Action

Obama Executive Orders

Remember when President Obama said 2014 would be a year of action? If I am not mistaken, that was around the time when he also highlighted his pen and phone and said he would be taking steps to implement his policies, even if Congress refused to play ball with him. He has already been working on some of the issues he feels are important, but Monday may be when the year of action really → Read More

Here We Go Again: Russian “Protesters” Storm Government Buildings in Eastern Ukraine


Following the model of Crimea’s seizure as Obama does nothing!

Removing Ukraine’s name from government buildings seized on Sunday. Raising the Russian flag and nationalist banners defying the police to dislodge them.

BBC Report:Ukraine: Pro-Russians storm offices in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv

Good News? Obama’s Order of Meals Ready to Eat Arrives!

Perhaps we shouldn’t say Obama did nothing. After all, the military rations he promised in lieu of the defensive weapons the Ukrainian Prime → Read More

Obama’s April Fool’s Prank: Claims 7.1 Million ObamaCare Signups

ObamaCare Phony Numbers

Can we trust a man who has lied so often about ObamaCare to tell the truth this time?

In a word, NO!

In the shaky months of the ObamaCare rollout we were repeatedly told that we’d have to wait weeks for reports on the number of signups. That was when there was no good news to report. Now, surprise, surprise, less than 24 hours after the March 31 deadline for enrolling in ObamaCare → Read More

This Is Not Allstate And America Is Not In Good Hands

Not in good hands

There is much to write about this morning. So many things going on and so little time to discuss them before work. We have another shooting at Fort Hood. Mozilla’s CEO was forced to step down because he donated to the campaign against homosexual marriage in California. The former deputy director of the CIA has basically admitted to Congress that he toned down, tampered with, and otherwise withheld pertinent information about the attack in → Read More

President Obama – ObamaCare Is Working

Obamacare Reality Check

There are some people who have told a particular lie so often, they must really believe it to be true. After hearing President Obama proclaiming the successes of ObamaCare, I wonder if that isn’t the case with him and his signature train wreck, er. health care plan. You did hear his remarks that ObamaCare was working, didn’t you? Yes, you read that right. President Obama is making the claim that ObamaCare is working. Imagine → Read More

68,000 Illegal Immigrants With Criminal Records Released

Stop Illegal Immigration

This post will mark the third time in recent weeks that I have covered the math the Obama administration uses to back up its claim that it has strictly enforced the immigration laws of these United States. The previous attempts are here and here. We now know that the Department of Homeland Security’s own documents prove that the claims of strict immigration enforcement are a pack of lies. They simply are not true.

Read More

Is This the Best Obama Can Do For Ukraine? State Dept. Spox Posts Self Pic #UnitedforUkraine


If this is what passes for concrete action and leadership then Ukraine, ALL OF IT, is screwed!

It’s now been more than a month since Russia seized Crimea in Ukraine. The Russians continue to mass troops on the border of eastern Ukraine with the threat of invasion (1,2). The Ukrainians requested defensive weapons to help defend themselves against invasion. Obama promised only Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), military rations. At last report even these → Read More