President Obama Wants Increased Spending, An End To The Sequester

President Obama

It’s all I can do to keep from stepping out of my door and shouting to the top of my lungs, WE TOLD YOU SO! The next liberal who tries to tell me President Obama has cut spending, etc., I will find it hard pressed to keep from calling a liar. Anyone with one eye can look and see he has done no such thing. The only time he has cut spending has been in the area of defense. He suggested the sequester spending cuts and then threw a temper tantrum when the Republicans took him up on his idea. He has complained of how services were going to be cut and Americans affected, when in reality, spending was never cut. The only thing → Read More

GOP Runs Scared, Pulls Bill Banning 20 Week Abortion

Abortion Kills

If there is one thing I have run out of, it is patience with the GOP. This started after the abysmal showing in the Presidential election of 2012. Since that time, we have seen a continual slide towards the acceptance of amnesty for illegal immigrants. That, along with other pandering, was aimed at Hispanic voters. The GOP seemed set on the idea that 2012 was lost because of alienation of Hispanics. Never mind that so many conservatives stayed home because they didn’t want to vote for Mitt Romney. This shows a complete lack of conviction on the part of the GOP leadership and a lack of nerve to follow whatever convictions they may happen to have. That lack of conviction has again been placed → Read More

Democrats Want To Know Who Will Profit From Keystone Pipeline

Keystone Pipeline

The worst kept secret in America is that the Democrats do not want the Keystone Pipeline to go forward. The reasons they use as an excuse for their resistance to Keystone escape anyone with a modicum of common sense. They publicly worry about the possibility of a spill from the pipeline causing an environmental disaster. The statistics I was able to find suggest that there are somewhere around 2.5 million miles of pipeline throughout the United States. Not all of these transport crude oil, with some carrying natural gas and other types of fuel. Do accidents happen? Most certainly they do. Does that mean we should not build the Keystone Pipeline to take advantage of the tar sands oil in Canada? Most certainly not. To → Read More

How Obama Will Pay For His Plan For Free Community College

Obama's Tax Plan

Well, this didn’t take long and certainly comes as no surprise. That is especially true if you have paid attention to how President Obama has conducted business during the first six years of his administration. He has acted like a typical liberal. When it doubt, always raise taxes. Never cut spending, never cut waste, always, always raise taxes. And that is exactly what he is planning to attempt in the last two years of his presidency. Do you remember his proposal for free community college for anyone who is willing to work for it? He actually described it as a right. Well, we now know how he plans to pay for the free part. Yep, you guessed it. He wants to raise taxes.

Fox News → Read More

Government Accountability Or The Lack Thereof

Government Accountability

Am I the only one around here that bemoans the lack of accountability in our government? That is a rhetorical question because I know it’s not true. Most of the readers on Political Realities cringe at the very thought of how our government operates. As if it is a living entity, the government does what it wants, when it wants, and to whomever it pleases. The motto used by the United States Postal Service, albeit unofficially, suits our government perfectly. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stops the government bureaucracy from achieving its goals. Never mind that most of those goals have nothing to do with the needs or wants of the American taxpayer who, incidentally, pays the salaries of the → Read More

Obama Proposes Free Community College, Says It Is A Right

Free Community College

First, we had the classification of health care as a right. How many times have we heard that broken mantra from the left, saying it should be guaranteed? Too many to count. To make sure that right was guaranteed, President Obama and his friends on the left shoved ObamaCare down our throats. It was something that most Americans neither wanted or needed, but we have it, regardless. To describe how it is “working”, or not, would take several thousand words. Isn’t that just grand? A new government program that guarantees all Americans receive health care. Or so we are told and never mind the higher costs involved for everyone who pays taxes and works for a living.

If that isn’t enough of a slap in → Read More

Department of Health and Human Services Flies First Class

Health and Human Services

If you have read Political Realities for any length of time, you will know how much I despise the way the federal government spends our money. A more apt description would be how they waste our money, but who am I to quibble? I suppose that’s why I was always a fan of Dr. Tom Coburn. He held nothing back in showing just how good the federal government was at spending money on things unnecessary, or even remotely so. To list even a handful of the available examples would require much more time and space than any of us have, but there is one example that deserves to be highlighted.

You remember the Department of Health and Human Services? That’s the agency that is tasked → Read More

Obama, Democrats Take Hard Left Turn, Ignore The Will Of The American People

President Obama

I have long since lost count of the times conservatives have been described as hard, right-wing idealogues that care only for our conservative ideology. The issue doesn’t really matter. The left always accuses us of being unwilling to bend our conservative principles. President Obama has been especially adept at this, along with outgoing Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. They are fond of describing to the world how Republicans are just the party of NO. Incidentally, they want the rest of us to forget that it was President Obama who refused to negotiate with the Republicans during last year’s government shutdown. And Harry Reid has killed how many bipartisan bills? That’s something else I’ve lost count of.

It can not be denied that the Democrats took → Read More

What Does Keystone Tell Us About Democrats?

Harry Reid, Jeanne Shaheen, Jeff Merkley, Tom Udall, Mark Warner, Kay Hagen, Mark Udall

A wise man once said “If you ever injected truth into politics, you have no politics”. Ok, it wasn’t a wise man. It was just Will Rogers. But its still true. Have the Democrats been telling the American people the truth about the Keystone Pipeline over the last six or so years, while blocking all attempts at its passage? Course they haven’t. And their upcoming vote in the Senate proves that.

While Democrats may not have been so bold as to try and convince everyone that the Keystone Pipeline is unpopular, they, and the media, have certainly done everything they can in recent years to suppress all knowledge of its popularity and argue that its just not right for America. They’ve also done just about → Read More

Where Was The Media When Jonathan Gruber Was Bragging About ObamaCare?

Liberal Media

I have watched the ongoing revelations about Jonathan Gruber and his role in lying to the American people about ObamaCare with no small amount of interest. The reality of the situation is simple for me. We have known all along the liberals who shoved that monstrous piece of legislation down our throats were lying. Many of us tried to warn the country what was going down, what the legislation was intended to do, but we were shouted down. It wasn’t just the liberal politicians and policy wonks who raised their voices against our protests. The media establishment has done everything they could to make sure ObamaCare was passed and its failures hidden from sight.

In the interview Jonathan Gruber granted to PBS’ Frontline, he continually → Read More

Obama The Dictator? VIDEO Shows Us That We Should Have Seen It Coming

obama dictator

I found an interesting video online today where Obama, on a number of different occasions, referenced the possibility of bypassing congress. I didn’t think the substance of what Obama was saying was all that interesting, new, or novel. Not at all. Not for Obama anyway. We’ve all seen the videos by now of Obama saying he can’t bypass congress after all. What I did find interesting howerver was not only the constant applause Obama got when talking about bypassing congress, but more specifically, Obama’s body language when he referenced the possibility. I thought it was very very telling, particularly at the end of the video.

Most of us know that we have a constitutional republic that is based on the rule of law, namely → Read More



Bookmark these videos and pass them around. People need to SEE what a lawless hypocrite our current President is regarding executive action, the Constitution, and how he’s knowingly violating his oath of office.

Obama is truly breaking new ground here. This isn’t Obamacare, where conservatives say it’s unconstitutional and liberals say it is constitutional, and the two sides disagree.

OBAMA said the executive action he is about to take is unconstitutional just a few years ago. He didn’t say this TYPE of thing was unconstitutional….he said THIS was unconstitutional…and he’s about to do it anyway.

Also included for your pleasure, a video of Obama during his 2008 campaign explaining how what this country needs is less executive actions, and more laws → Read More

President Obama - We Do Not Want Stay At Home Moms

Stay at home mom

There are times when politicians finally let the public in on how they feel about the issues facing America. Most of them try to keep their cards close to their chest, simply because the aforementioned public may not be so enamored with them, once they learn how they really feel. Such is the case with President Obama. He likes to go around, declaring how the Republican Party is waging a war on women. He had a lot of help hammering that lie home in 2012 and they managed to convince more than a few women that his opponents wanted to keep them all barefoot and pregnant. Take a couple of minutes to watch the clip and we’ll pick up on the other side.

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