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The Way Congress Does Business

Do Nothing Congress

If you will indulge me for a few minutes, allow me to bemoan how the Congress of the United States does its business. A question, if you please. How many years are we going to continue to watch the circus in Washington, DC? How many years are we going to allow Congress to manipulate these end-of-the-year proceedings and turn them into a frenzied “have to pass legislation” marathon? If I sound like I am → Read More

The Battle Over The Payroll Tax Cut


Has anyone told the Republicans in Congress that there is an election coming up in 2012? If so, would one not assume they want to win said election? Again, assuming that is the case and they do want to win next November, why are they acting like a bunch of newcomers to the game we fondly call Washington politics? Let me be clear, I do not approve of the two-month extension of the payroll → Read More

Boehner Faces Revolt In The House Over Payroll Tax Cut

Payroll Tax Cut

Heretofore, I have refrained from writing about the current battle in Washington over the so-called payroll tax holiday. I considered it to be the same old song and dance at the end of the year, with a deal to be worked out at the last minute. From all of the indications coming out of Washington last week, it appeared that the Republicans were getting the upper hand in the public relations battle. We were → Read More

Payroll tax holiday – Good or bad?

Tax Cuts

As the discussion continues over the tax cut compromise reached this week between President Obama and the Republicans, I want to bring something to our attention that I just plain missed when I wrote yesterday’s post. Part of the compromise that was reached includes a payroll tax holiday for one year. For anyone who doesn’t understand what the payroll tax is, that is where the money for Social Security comes from. It is a → Read More