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Gun Owners Are Not Evil

2nd Amendment

I have watched the ongoing debate about gun control with more than a little interest. I’m sure you can see that by the number of posts I have written in recent months, dealing with the issue of the 2nd Amendment and the attempts by more than a few individuals to limit or remove the rights that come with that particular portion of the Bill of Rights. At times, there has been a vigorous debate → Read More

President Obama To Announce New Gun Control Initiative

Gun Control

There are a lot of rumors floating around this morning about what President Obama will say during his mid-day speech to announce his new initiative on gun control. We know he will have some of the children who wrote him about gun violence as a backdrop to his speech. We also know he is weighing 19 different actions he can take, via Executive Order, to push for stricter gun control. Speculation on those actions → Read More

The Realities And Dangers Of Gun Control

Gun Control

If there is one thing that can be counted on, without fail, it is how liberals react to crisis. Their favorite response to any tragedy is to enact more legislation. That stems from the misguided belief that all things good must come from the government. Therefore, it stands to reason, at least to them, that legislation has to be passed to prevent said tragedy from happening again. Thus it was after the terrible tragedy → Read More

Is More Gun Control The Answer?

Gun Control

I have been thus far silent about the terrible tragedy that took place last Friday in Newtown, Connecticut. What Adam Lanza did was evil on an unimaginable scale. The thought of him shooting his way inside the school and then systematically killing 20 children and 6 adults, ending only when he heard the first signs of armed resistance coming down the halls, has stuck in my mind for days. It made me hug our → Read More