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Election Day – 2010


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Election day is nearly here and as we get ready to cast our votes in an election that will help determine the direction America will take in the next few years, I want to share a few random thoughts with you. To say this election is important is a vast understatement. The ramifications of the votes we will cast tomorrow will be far reaching, on the local, state, and federal levels. That is why it is so important that we all cast our votes for the candidates of our choice. To do anything less is an abandonment of our civic duties.

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November 2010 – A defining moment in American politics!

Harry Reid

The dust is settling, somewhat, after the Super Senate Tuesday and the subsequent runoff elections. The stage is set for a mid-term election battle in November that will determine the shape of power in Congress. Yes, we still have some primaries to go, such as in my home state of Oklahoma, but Tom Coburn is so well liked in our area, it would be a complete and total shock if he does anything except win a landslide victory on July 27. There are far too many races to look at in one article, so I will touch on just a few.

First, let’s look at Nevada. Can anyone say Harry Reid? The Senate Majority leader has looked to be in trouble for several weeks, with → Read More