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Border Patrol Stations To Be Closed By Obama Administration

Border Patrol

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Once again, we have proof that the Obama administration is not serious about containing the influx of illegal immigrants into America. The President talks out of both sides of his mouth, saying he wants to secure the border, but granting defacto amnesty to millions of young illegal immigrants. The true intentions of this administration are coming to light, as we are learning of their plans to close nine different Border Patrol stations. Their stated reason is because they are too far from the border with Mexico. Never mind that some of them are right in the middle of the I-40 corridor north of the border. They are in: Lubbock, Amarillo, Dallas, San Angelo, Abilene and → Read More

Oklahoma House Approves Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients


I usually write only one post for each day, but since I am off work today and have the time, this story deserves a post of its own. According to The McCarville Report, the Oklahoma House has approved HB 2388, by a vote of 82-6. Now it goes to the Oklahoma Senate, where I hope it meets with swift approval and is sent straight to Governor Mary Fallin for her signature.

What does HB 2388 do, you may ask? Simply put, it will require all welfare recipients in Oklahoma to submit to drug testing, as a condition of their eligibility for the program. Here is what the bill’s author, Guy Liebmann, had to say about his legislation.

“The message of this bill is simple: Oklahomans → Read More

The War on Drugs: Should we admit defeat?


There’s a lot of talk lately about the War on Drugs. Both Ted and I wrote articles about it, and both of our articles gave mention to a recent international panel that was convened to assess the effectiveness of the War on Drugs. Just the other day, my other esteemed colleague, Larry, wrote a piece about Operation Fast and Furious, a completely abject failure in said war, and the subject of legalization came up.

If human nature was such that the people at large could control themselves and not allow drugs to destroy their lives, then yes, legalization might work. The efficacy of legalization also hinges on human nature being less violently competitive. But because humans seem to have a habit of forming addictions, and → Read More

Social Conservatives – Fighting The Wrong War

Illegal Drug Demand

It has been almost two weeks since I last wrote anything of significance, due to a a bad fall on the ice and a major blow to my head. During that time, I have contemplated a lot on different subjects, some of which I may never write about. A lot has happened during my forced time off, some of it at home and some of it abroad. Egypt’s dictator has stepped down and that country is in the midst of some major changes. At home, our political leaders continue to wrangle back and forth over the coming battle over the budget and over which political party has the plan to cut spending the most. As we get into that fight in the coming weeks, I → Read More

Sallisaw Hardee’s employee arrested for drug sales from drive-thru

Are you in the need for something more for breakfast than biscuits and gravy? Do you need more than food to provide a pick-me-up? No problem, just go to Sallisaw, OK and make a request at the Hardee’s drive-thru window. According to The Sequoyah County Times, Jeffrey Scott Bean was arrested on Friday for allegedly selling a controlled substance from the drive-thru window.

Having received a tip that such activity was going on, Sequoyah County Sheriff Ron Lockhart put a sting operation into place on August 1. Under orders from the Sheriff, confidential informants would go up to the drive-thru and ask for drugs from Bean. Some of those drugs included morphine and hydrocodone. A gram of what is suspected to be methamphetamines was exchanged → Read More