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Obama Goes Back To Selling ObamaCare

Obama Snake Oil

Let me provide a simple translation of the title of this post. It means President Obama is going back to full campaign mode. It is a mode he rarely leaves, but was forced out of when it became apparent that the ObamaCare website was a complete disaster. Let’s see, I believe that was on October 1, during the celebrated roll out of ObamaCare and its heralded website. It didn’t take long for most Americans → Read More

Herman Cain For President

Herman Cain

Whoever said this was going to be a boring and lackluster GOP campaign really blew it. Those who said Republican voters were so disenchanted with the current field of candidates evidently didn’t have a clue what they were talking about. To put it as delicately as I can, this field has surged, dropped, and changed so many times, it’s a little hard to keep up with who is where in the polls. First, we → Read More

Want to Fix the Budget? Start by Ending Medical Malpractice


With Medicare and Medicaid wrecking federal and state budgets, it’s time to get serious about lowering health care costs.

Last week I had the pleasure of listening to a talk by Dr. Bo Jordin at Kenyon College, a former health care administrator from Sweden (such talks are a fringe benefit of living near a college village). I was convinced by his data that Sweden attains equivalent health care outcomes at about half the → Read More

Promises, promises. It’s time we called the campaigner-in-chief to account


I was talking with a friend about recent developments in the ongoing saga of Obama’s socialized healthcare plan the other night. I made a joke that I thought was pretty clever. I reasoned that if the solution to health care troubles was the individual mandate – requiring everyone to purchase health insurance or face a fine – then why not solve society’s other ills this way.

We could solve the problem of hunger by → Read More

Judge Roger Vinson Rules Health Care Law Unconstitutional

Judge Roger Vinson

There is so much that could be said or written about one of the biggest news stories of the day. There is no way I could not write about Judge Roger Vinson’s decision yesterday that the much-touted health care law passed by the Democrats last year is unconstitutional. The signature legislation of the Obama administration was dealt a harsh blow by yesterday’s decision. There is no doubt that the legislation is headed to the → Read More

End Of Year Spending Bill Contains Funding For Health Care Law

Black Hole

As is it’s yearly custom, the Congress of the United States is waiting until the last minute to pass some of it’s mandatory legislation, namely the spending bills that will continue to fund the government while they are away on the holiday break. None of us should be surprised at this. However, what you may or may not know is some of the spending items that have been included in this mandatory spending bill. → Read More

Health Care Mandate Ruled Unconstitutional


How long have we been debating the pros and cons of the health care reform legislation that was signed into law by President Obama earlier this year? It didn’t take long before the legislation was being challenged in the courts, with cases being started nearly before the legislation had even taken affect. At the heart of most of those cases is the single portion of the law that is it’s heart and soul. I → Read More

Meeting in the Middle: A Centrist Position

Tomorrow we go to the polls (actually we have early voting here so I’ve done my citizens duty) and see how strong the political winds have been that are driving the GOP. As our political parties become more partisan and retreat deeper into their respective corners preparing for the next great battle any hope of compromise and effective governance becomes less likely. But for those of us who retain some glimmer of hope of → Read More

1099 IRS mandate

1099 Mandate

I learned about something last week that I felt needed to be shared with our readers, something that is a prime example of government mandates ran amok. If you own a business, you are probably familiar with the 1099 form issued by the IRS. If you have a sub-contractor working for you and you have paid them at least $600 in a calendar year, you are required to issue a 1099 form, with the → Read More

The Amish, Muslims, Dhimmitude, and the health care mandate

For almost a year now, we have been engaged in a lively and vigorous debate over health care reform and what form it should take. Now that H.R. 3590 and the reconciliation bill have both been signed into law, the talk has shifted to what the two pieces of legislation actually contain and what the consequences will be for all of America. I have to be honest, I have not read all of either → Read More

A lesson in civility – Tom Coburn stands up for Nancy Pelosi

Dr. Tom Coburn is certainly a conservative voice in politics. Not only has he crossed swords with the Democrats, but he has also been at odds with his own party. If you don’t believe that, just ask Newt Gingrich to tell you a story or two of Coburn’s tenure in the House of Representatives. One thing for certain, he has been an outspoken opponent of the health care reform legislation that President Obama just → Read More

Friday Funnies 04-02-10

For your reading pleasure and relaxation, here is this week’s edition of Friday Funnies. I have included more cartoons this time, trying to get a feel for what is a good number. The stars of this week’s cartoon event include President Obama and the Democrats, Michael Steele and the Republicans, Mitt Romney and Joe Biden, the Consitution and the Catholic Church. I even managed to squeeze in Apple and the iPad. As always, comments → Read More

Do we have the right to critize Obama and the Democrats?

I have caught very little news in the last few days, due to the personal reasons heretofore mentioned. As I was browsing the news yesterday and listening to NPR this morning, one thing was very clear. The criticisms being put forth by those who disagree with the health care reform legislation just signed into law and with other liberal policies are being sidelined and minimized by the media. Some of the corporations, AT&T, Caterpillar, → Read More