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Why I’m A Conservative

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To most politically attuned individuals, its no secret that the main issue that separates the left and the right in this country, broadly speaking, if you had to pick just one main divider, is their differing opinion on what is the proper size scope and function of our government. Again, that’s no secret to most people. Most conservatives believe in limiting government, while most liberals really don’t mind seeing government grow in its size → Read More

The Irony of Egalitarianism

The Hammer and Cicle

Ironic, but this is what came up when I image searched "egalitarianism symbol." I can't make this stuff up!

First of all, I want to thank Larry for allowing me to contribute to this patch of internet space. Secondly, I want to assure those of you who have visited me at Christian Fearing God-Man, that I will keep my posts clean here. Fear not, for I will spare the vitriol for another audience.

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Maine voters say no to gay marriage

It is a well known fact that voters in the New England area of our country are more independent than most and tend to vote more on the liberal side of the political spectrum. That statement is not meant to be a slam towards those voters, just an observation. When the Maine legislature voted in a state law to legalize same-sex marriage, it’s implementation was delayed because a voter referendum was launched in an → Read More