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Election Day – 2010


Election day is nearly here and as we get ready to cast our votes in an election that will help determine the direction America will take in the next few years, I want to share a few random thoughts with you. To say this election is important is a vast understatement. The ramifications of the votes we will cast tomorrow will be far reaching, on the local, state, and federal levels. That is why → Read More

2008 Presidential election results

With polls closed in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia the votes are being counted and the results are starting to trickle in. Kentucky has been called for John McCain and Vermont has been called for Barack Obama. I will keep an updated electoral vote tally below, so stay tuned. The night is just getting started.

UPDATE FOX News has called West Virginia for John McCain and ABC News has called → Read More

Republican turnout high in Ohio–Good news for McCain

For weeks, we have been told Ohio is going to be carried by Barack Obama, but from some of the reports from the state, that may not be the case. National Review Online has a report that says the Republican turnout in Ohio has been very heavy, especially in the Republican precincts.

George Bush carried Darke County, Ohio, 18,306 to 7,486 with 70 percent turnout. I’m hearing some predictions that turnout there could reach → Read More