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Disagreement With Liberals Equals Sedition

Liberals vs Conservatives

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We all know how liberals hate it when we disagree with them. That’s a give fact, well-documented in its truth. If you doubt that, try debating one of them. More often than not, that debate will descend into name calling and threats. Liberals simply hate it when they are proven to be wrong, or when someone has the audacity to disagree with their progressive point of view. We are finding that to be more true than ever after the government shutdown.

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I know many conservatives disagreed with Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and how they went about trying to defund Obamacare. I have heard them called foolish and their efforts ill-advised. → Read More

The Sins of Brett Kimberlin

Brett Kimberlin

I don’t often join my fellow bloggers in blogging about a specific topic. There have been worthy topics before, but that generally isn’t my style, for two reasons. I prefer writing about topics and issues that pique my interest and that I can write about on my own. Also, I usually have time for only one post each day. I will break from that routine today and write about an individual I am just learning about and who is the ultimate bully, Brett Kimberlin. You may not know who he is and information about him is hard to find, even on the Internet. What I hope to do, along with many other bloggers, is to show you exactly who this man is and why we → Read More