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Let Us Kill Our Children In The Name Of Equality For Women

Abortion by Digoxin

I will tell you up front, this post will be a failure. It will likely not do what I want to accomplish, simply because I can not find the words to express the disgust and sickness I feel towards something I read about earlier this week. The liberals who are firmly in control of Washington and the media complex are always up in the air about equality. They love equality and they want it → Read More

Judge Michael Boggs - Too Conservative To Be A Liberal

Judge Michael Boggs

Ah, the irony of liberalism. Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder what in the world liberals are thinking. This is especially true when it comes to their agenda. They have no room for error when it comes to the advancement of the things they consider important. One case in point would be Senator Tim Scott, R-SC. He is black, but that isn’t good enough for one South Carolina Congressman.

Mike’s America – I’m very → Read More

Mike Huckabee On The War On Women

Mike Huckabee

I am getting around to this Mike Huckabee story late, so let me explain. I did notice this story in my daily news perusal, but I committed a very basic error. I did not follow-up on the story, assuming it was the truth. In reality, what Mike Huckabee said was nothing like what was being reported. Given that the liberals love to twist words and their meaning, I’m not the least surprised.

Most of → Read More

Pro-Life Movement Grows Stronger


Since the 2012 election when President Obama and his liberal Democrat friends used the war on women narrative with great success, there has been an extreme reluctance of Republican politicians to talk about women’s concerns. No matter how or what they said, it was used against them in the very public arena of political campaigning. This seemed especially true whenever they talked about the foolishness of requiring employers to cover birth control or about → Read More

President Obama Invokes God For Abortion And Planned Parenthood

Abortion Kills

There are few things that can cause my heart to hurt as much as abortion. We have sugar-coated the practice and called it healthcare, but it is nothing more than the murder of an innocent human being. You can use all sorts of platitudes to describe it and you can declare to all that a woman has the right to choose what to do with her body, but it doesn’t change the facts. Abortion → Read More

Ariel Knights – Having The Baby And Suing The Abortion Clinic

Ariel Knights

There is just no way I could fail to write about this story I found at Fox News. I am personally against abortion, as I believe it to be the murder of an innocent human being who can not defend itself. Many excuses abound for this murderous practice, but this story really takes the price. Read how it unfolded and see if you agree that it smacks of greed and opportunism.

The story centers → Read More

Joe Biden Claims Gun Control Is A Moral Issue

Gun Control

Never let it be said that the Obama administration is not willing to use every weapon in its arsenal. The fight over stricter gun control laws is heating up and Obama and his team are moving heaven and earth, trying to drum up support for their assault on the 2nd Amendment rights of American citizens. I find it odd that they would target some of the groups they have chosen, hence my claim that → Read More

Hobby Lobby Continues Fight Against Obamacare Abortion Mandate

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is a well-known store that many people rely on to supply the needed materials for their arts and crafts projects. I even purchased a wicker basket to carry my eggs in from the chicken house. The store was started in a garage in Oklahoma City and has grown to 525 stores across America. It is a very popular store and highly regarded, but it has a couple of major points against it. → Read More

Society Of No Responsibility


Excuse me while I go off the normal, beaten path of Political Realities. Today’s post is so different, I had to create the new category of society to properly define it. It’s more than a little safe to make the following statement. The society we live in today is not the society we grew up in. By we, I mean those of us who are middle-aged, possibly 40 and older. Today’s society has changed → Read More

Abortion – We Are Winning The Fight


Most of the posts I have written in recent weeks have to do with the economy and the campaign we are currently in. I have deviated from that theme from time to time, but very rarely. I believe the economy is the most important issue we are facing and that Barack Obama’s dismal record needs to be highlighted. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have done a good job of keeping the economy in the → Read More

Dealing With The Political Hurricane Of Todd Akin

Todd Akin

As we entered this week in politics, things were looking up for the Republicans who hope to regain the White House and complete control of Congress. Things seemed to be going good for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as they prepared for the Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay, Florida next week. Then, along came Todd Akin and his now infamously ignorant remarks about rape and abortion. Once that cat was out of the → Read More

Blob of Cells or a Human Baby?


This is one of those posts where few words are needed. I found this photograph on Facebook. The emotion I felt while viewing it can not be described. First, a little background. The photo was taken by Michael Clancy in 1999, during an operation to correct a spinal defect on the baby of Alex and Julie Armas. The baby’s name was Samuel. Michael Clancy says during the operation, the baby came out from under → Read More

Gary Johnson and Pro (Limited) Choice


Where to draw the line…

No subject in American politics is more emotional and volatile than abortion. I have waded in to the issue once before, and everyone who participated in the discussion was incredibly polite and mature. I’m hoping for more of the same.

I like to start abortion discussions by making three assertions. If these points are not agreed upon, the rest of the discussion falls apart:

* Life begins at → Read More