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GOP Runs Scared, Pulls Bill Banning 20 Week Abortion

Abortion Kills

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If there is one thing I have run out of, it is patience with the GOP. This started after the abysmal showing in the Presidential election of 2012. Since that time, we have seen a continual slide towards the acceptance of amnesty for illegal immigrants. That, along with other pandering, was aimed at Hispanic voters. The GOP seemed set on the idea that 2012 was lost because of alienation of Hispanics. Never mind that so many conservatives stayed home because they didn’t want to vote for Mitt Romney. This shows a complete lack of conviction on the part of the GOP leadership and a lack of nerve to follow whatever convictions → Read More

Let Us Kill Our Children In The Name Of Equality For Women

Abortion by Digoxin

I will tell you up front, this post will be a failure. It will likely not do what I want to accomplish, simply because I can not find the words to express the disgust and sickness I feel towards something I read about earlier this week. The liberals who are firmly in control of Washington and the media complex are always up in the air about equality. They love equality and they want it for everyone. Women, minorities, underprivileged, etc., unless you happen to be an unborn child. That particular group is under attack as never before and it is all in the name of equality for women.

I found this next report on Angry White Dude and every time I read it, I am → Read More

Judge Michael Boggs - Too Conservative To Be A Liberal

Judge Michael Boggs

Ah, the irony of liberalism. Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder what in the world liberals are thinking. This is especially true when it comes to their agenda. They have no room for error when it comes to the advancement of the things they consider important. One case in point would be Senator Tim Scott, R-SC. He is black, but that isn’t good enough for one South Carolina Congressman.

Mike’s America – I’m very proud that Senator Tim Scott is my junior senator from South Carolina. While there are times when I have to apologize to fellow conservatives for the sometimes confusing actions of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) I haven’t had to do that with Scott who was also the Congressman for my district before → Read More

Mike Huckabee On The War On Women

Mike Huckabee

I am getting around to this Mike Huckabee story late, so let me explain. I did notice this story in my daily news perusal, but I committed a very basic error. I did not follow-up on the story, assuming it was the truth. In reality, what Mike Huckabee said was nothing like what was being reported. Given that the liberals love to twist words and their meaning, I’m not the least surprised.

Most of you will probably remember my support of Mike Huckabee in the 2008 Republican presidential primary. Some of you may disagree with that support and I do not have a problem with that. In my mind, Huckabee is one of the most honest and caring politicians ever to throw his hat in → Read More

Pro-Life Movement Grows Stronger


Since the 2012 election when President Obama and his liberal Democrat friends used the war on women narrative with great success, there has been an extreme reluctance of Republican politicians to talk about women’s concerns. No matter how or what they said, it was used against them in the very public arena of political campaigning. This seemed especially true whenever they talked about the foolishness of requiring employers to cover birth control or about the murder of unborn children that is called abortion. God forbid that a woman doesn’t have access to birth control that is cheap to start with, or to the ability to kill her unborn child.

This entire scenario has caused a gap in the narrative. Many people are afraid of bringing → Read More

President Obama Invokes God For Abortion And Planned Parenthood

Abortion Kills

There are few things that can cause my heart to hurt as much as abortion. We have sugar-coated the practice and called it healthcare, but it is nothing more than the murder of an innocent human being. You can use all sorts of platitudes to describe it and you can declare to all that a woman has the right to choose what to do with her body, but it doesn’t change the facts. Abortion is murder. We have a President who wholeheartedly supports the right of women to kill their unborn babies and organizations like Planned Parenthood are making millions by providing what they call a service.

When Barack Obama was campaigning for his first term in 2008, he made the following statement. I am → Read More

Ariel Knights – Having The Baby And Suing The Abortion Clinic

Ariel Knights

There is just no way I could fail to write about this story I found at Fox News. I am personally against abortion, as I believe it to be the murder of an innocent human being who can not defend itself. Many excuses abound for this murderous practice, but this story really takes the price. Read how it unfolded and see if you agree that it smacks of greed and opportunism.

The story centers around Ariel Knights. She lives in Ohio and when she discovered she was pregnant, she went to an abortion clinic in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Here is her reasoning for having an abortion.

Knights has said she sought the abortion because she has a medical condition called uterine didelphys, resulting in a → Read More