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Shaneen Allen- An Honest Citizen Turned Into A Criminal By An Honest Mistake

Shaneen Allen

This is the kind of story that infuriates me to no end. Shaneen Allen is a 27-year-old woman from Philadelphia that is doing her best to raise her two children. She is working two jobs to help do that. She had been robbed twice while traveling alone at night in Philadelphia, so at the suggestion of her family, she took a gun safety course and received a concealed carry permit. So far, so good. → Read More

ATF Ignores Court Order, Raids Ares Armor Gun Stores

ATF Raids Ares Armor

Just so we are clear, this is not my find. I was alerted to this story by America’s Watchtower as I was browsing my normal morning reading. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, better known as the ATF, is acting like so many of the other government agencies under President Obama. They are ignoring court orders and doing whatever they want to do. Come to think of it, that sounds just → Read More

Gun Control Activists Pressure Corporations

Without 2nd Amendment

The irony that is contained in this post is almost funny. The hypocrisy is not. Did you realize that the people who advocate removing our 2nd Amendment rights are working on a new front? They are now pressuring corporations to not do business with people who carry firearms. They want corporations to ban people who are carrying their firearm from entering their stores. In effect, they want to create a gun-free zone that everyone → Read More

Chicago Gun Control Targets Restaurants

Gun Control

The Chicago City Council has decided to strengthen their gun control laws by targeting and financially damaging local businesses that don’t ban guns. The Chicago Tribune has the story.

The council adopted a plan to revoke liquor licenses from restaurants that do not ban firearms.

It’s the City Council’s latest attempt to toughen Chicago’s gun laws despite a federally mandated state law passed by the General Assembly allowing concealed handguns to be carried.

Gun → Read More

President Obama On Trayvon Martin And Racism

Obama on Racism

I hesitated to even write about the President’s surprise news conference yesterday. The news channels undoubtedly went crazy with the news of his remarks and several of the big blogs were already having discussions. I wasn’t sure if I had anything constructive to add to the conversation that immediately started taking place. The more I read what the President said (I refuse to watch a video of it because his condescending attitude comes across → Read More

Gun Owners Beware – Let’s Not Act Like Hot-Headed Fools

2nd Amendment Control

I seldom post more than once per day, but I believe this warrants the occasion. I was doing my morning rounds of reading the news and blog posts I read almost every day and came across something that troubles me greatly. It has to do with the push for more gun control, restrictions on the 2nd Amendment and how gun owners are portrayed in the media.

If you have read Political Realities for any → Read More

If You Think Gun Control Is Finished, Think Again

Gun Control

I know we have already been all over the issue of gun control. Up and down, all around, we have discussed just about every aspect of this very important topic. Many of us are just going to have to agree to disagree about how much is too much gun control, if we are to keep the discussion civil on this blog. This post is not to revive the discussion, as much as it is → Read More

Gun Owners Are Not Evil

2nd Amendment

I have watched the ongoing debate about gun control with more than a little interest. I’m sure you can see that by the number of posts I have written in recent months, dealing with the issue of the 2nd Amendment and the attempts by more than a few individuals to limit or remove the rights that come with that particular portion of the Bill of Rights. At times, there has been a vigorous debate → Read More

Coburn Defends Vote To Hear Gun Control Bill

Coburn on gun control

Most of you will already know that I am a supporter of Senator Tom Coburn. That doesn’t mean I support everything decision he has made during his time in Congress, but I do support his efforts to do the right thing for his constituents, those of us who live in the great state of Oklahoma. He first came to Congress in 1994 and promised to term limit himself in that body. He kept that → Read More

Gun Control Idiocy And Personal Responsibility


As has been the case since the beginning of Obama’s second term, it seems gun control remains in the news. All sorts of things are happening and Obama is on the road again, trying to gin up support for any and all measures to curb our 2nd Amendment rights. No, he isn’t calling it that and I am sure he would take an exception to my description of what he is doing, but I → Read More

Bloomberg Announces $12 Million In Gun Control Ads

Michael Bloomberg

It’s been an eventful week on the gun control front. I’m sure Senator Diane Feinstein isn’t happy with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, with his announcement that the assault weapons ban would be stripped from the gun control bill that is headed to the floor of the Senate. That isn’t to say there are not other things to be concerned about in the fight over gun control, but the assault weapons ban will be → Read More

Colorado’s Magazine Ban

Colorado Magazine Ban

I can’t help but wonder if some of our politicians are simply lacking knowledge, or if they are willfully ignorant about the implications of the legislation they pass through their chambers. Let’s look at a case in point and see if we can come up with an answer. The state of Colorado is as good a place to start as any.

Colorado is a state that should epitomize the American West. It is as → Read More

Black Leaders Advocate For Gun Rights

Black Leaders

Presently, the news cycles are being dominated by reports of the upcoming sequester. It is an important issue and one that I have written about myself, but frankly, I am a little tired of the hype it is receiving. There are other stories to write, other issues to discuss. Let’s move from the financial scene of American government to something that is easily as important, the right of Americans to keep and bear arms. → Read More