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Our Government - A Cesspool of Corruption

Obama's Lies

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“Instead of taking up issues that really matter to the American people, like defunding Planned Parenthood, standing up against Iran, passing ‘Kate’s Law’ and ending sanctuary cities, the Senate chose to satisfy the demands of big businesses with even bigger pocketbooks.Ted Cruz, July 26, 2015

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It breaks one’s heart to have to make a statement like that about the “United States Government.” But anyway you shake it – our Government is no longer of the people, by the people or for the people.

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It has taken our freedoms, our → Read More

Political Correctness - The Death Of The America We Know And The Rise Of A Strange New World

Political Correctness

This is a post that has been a long time coming. I have pondered some of these things in my mind for several weeks, having arrived at the conclusion that political correctness may very well be the one thing that causes the America so many of us knew and loved to draw her last breath. Political correctness should be the bane of our society. It should be the one thing we draw back from and reject. Instead, it is the issue that so many Americans, who should know better, are embracing. In doing so, they are embracing the death of the country they call home.

Political correctness can be defined in many different ways. One of the best examples I know is how gun owners → Read More

Chris Christie And Barack Obama - Two Peas In A Pod

Chris Christie w/Obama

There will always be questions that beg to be pondered. We could start with two that are similar in comparison. Why does President Obama not make the small effort it would take to use his influence with the Mexican government to free U.S. Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, who has been sitting in a Mexican jail for almost five months. His plight seems to be on the ignore list for the Obama administration. Nary a word from a President who bragged that we did not leave our people behind when he was espousing the virtues of trading five Taliban prisoners for Bowe Bergdahl. The man is likely a deserter from the United States Army, but President Obama moved a lot of hell and high water to → Read More

Shaneen Allen- An Honest Citizen Turned Into A Criminal By An Honest Mistake

Shaneen Allen

This is the kind of story that infuriates me to no end. Shaneen Allen is a 27-year-old woman from Philadelphia that is doing her best to raise her two children. She is working two jobs to help do that. She had been robbed twice while traveling alone at night in Philadelphia, so at the suggestion of her family, she took a gun safety course and received a concealed carry permit. So far, so good. Shaneen was doing what she needed to do to protect herself and stay legal in her home state.

Early in the morning on October 1, 2013, Shaneen was driving into New Jersey and was stopped for making an unsafe lane change. She was trying to be honest with the police officer → Read More

ATF Ignores Court Order, Raids Ares Armor Gun Stores

ATF Raids Ares Armor

Just so we are clear, this is not my find. I was alerted to this story by America’s Watchtower as I was browsing my normal morning reading. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, better known as the ATF, is acting like so many of the other government agencies under President Obama. They are ignoring court orders and doing whatever they want to do. Come to think of it, that sounds just like the President himself.

Here’s what has happened. The ATF was going after Ares Armor for allegedly selling illegal gun parts. The parts in question are polymer 80 percent lower receivers that can be used to build your own firearm. Ares Armor knew they were coming, but disputed the allegations that → Read More

Gun Control Activists Pressure Corporations

Without 2nd Amendment

The irony that is contained in this post is almost funny. The hypocrisy is not. Did you realize that the people who advocate removing our 2nd Amendment rights are working on a new front? They are now pressuring corporations to not do business with people who carry firearms. They want corporations to ban people who are carrying their firearm from entering their stores. In effect, they want to create a gun-free zone that everyone will abide by, unless they are a criminal. I have yet to hear an explanation of how that is supposed to lower the crime rate or help save lives.

As if this isn’t enough, one particular group, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, is even going after Visa because of their → Read More

Chicago Gun Control Targets Restaurants

Gun Control

The Chicago City Council has decided to strengthen their gun control laws by targeting and financially damaging local businesses that don’t ban guns. The Chicago Tribune has the story.

The council adopted a plan to revoke liquor licenses from restaurants that do not ban firearms.

It’s the City Council’s latest attempt to toughen Chicago’s gun laws despite a federally mandated state law passed by the General Assembly allowing concealed handguns to be carried.

Gun rights advocates have promised a lawsuit. Ald. Edward Burke, 14th, said the law firm Jenner & Block has pledged to defend the city in court for free if such a suit is filed.

After the vote, Mayor Rahm Emanuel told reporters that outlawing guns from businesses that serve alcohol is common → Read More