Sunday hunt for links – Whitetail Edition

I have never attempted a themed post containing my favorite links from the previous week, so please bear with me if I don’t get it right the first time. I have seen different bloggers using different themes, but since I am really not into old cars, golfing, etc., and I don’t have a television, I thought I would try a theme that I am interested in. So, without further adieu, here are some of my favorite links from the previous week, interspersed with pictures of  one of God’s most majestic creatures, the whitetail deer. No matter if you hunt these animals with a gun or with a camera, their beauty can not be denied. I hope you enjoy the links.

Whitetail Fawn

Whitetail Fawn

America’s Watchtower tries to explain a most unusual appointment by President Barack Obama.

Capitol Commentary talks about what could possibly be Christine O’Donnell’s Dan Quayle moment.

Conservative Hideout has a discussion about our unalienable rights that is well worth reading.

Whitetail Running

If you see this, it's usually too late for a shot.

Fleece Me tells us why releasing early voting data could sway elections.

Maggie’s Notebook has the tragic story of the death of Lucas Ransom.

Muskogee Politico has the new poster produced by the Oklahoma Republican Party.

Motor City Times lays out some of the politics of the Tea Party.

Whitetail Jumping

Their ability to jump is amazing

One Mom wonders if Michigan’s Wayne County has the right to mandate parental attendance of parent-teacher conferences.

rjjrdq’s America II explains all about the new fees bank customers are being hit with.

Sharp Right Turn has several questions from American Thinker, asking how progressives would react if George W. Bush had instituted some of the polices put forth by Barack Obama.

Hidden Fawn

A hidden fawn is not easy to find

The Classic Liberal tells us the story of New York Police Sergeant Anthony Acosta.

The Conservative Pup has a video of the spontaneous saying of The Pledge of Allegiance.

The Current helps us understand that America needs to kick the entitlement habit.

Whitetail Trophy

A truly magnificent animal

The Lonely Conservative has the weekly Republican address by Senator John Thune.

WyBlog tells the story of the persecution of Christians in Muslim lands.

Whitetail Buck

What a sight to see in the woods

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