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Sunday hunt for links – Grizzly Bear Edition

I wouldn't want to try to face him down

It’s time once again for a list of links from some of my favorite bloggers, along with some pictures of another of God’s wonderful creations. This week, I want to feature the only large mammal in North America who has no natural predators. It’s Latin name of Ursus arctos horribilis is very descriptive of the animal most of us know as the Grizzly Bear. I can easily imagine why “horribilis” was included in it’s Latin name. Standing around 3 feet at the shoulders, 6-7 feet in length, and weighing in from 300-850 pounds, the Grizzly is a very dangerous animal to confront. If they catch you, as they likely will, since they have a top speed of 35 mph, the damage they can do is terrible. The hump you see on their shoulders is not just for looks. I have seen video of a hungry grizzly turning over boulders that weighed several hundred pounds. They are extremely powerful creatures and not to be trifled with. What about their senses, you ask? I have read stories of people who have hunted them and from what I have been able to learn, it’s rather simple. Their eyesight isn’t the greatest, but their sense of smell? It is the stuff legends are made of. A grizzly is liable to smell you, even if you are downwind of him, their noses are just that good.

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Before we get to this week’s list of links, I want to include a quote from noted author, Louis L’Amour, in his book of essays about different sections of our country. The book is called Frontier and if you get the chance to read it, I would highly recommend this book. In the chapter called A Place For Eagles, he writes about the mountains of South Dakota, Colorado, and Utah. Here is what he had to say about the grizzly bear.

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It was very still, and I liked it that way. I was in the domain of wild creatures, and while expecting to see few of them I was quite sure they would see me. Often in in the past I had followed bears with my binoculars, enjoying their activities, and sometimes I had even trailed them at a safe distance. They undoubtedly knew I was there, but they ignored me as long as I kept my distance, which I never failed to do. These were black bears, however. I would never try it with a grizzly. In fact, if I saw a grizzly or one’s tracks I would leave promptly, making some tracks of my own.

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I would not want to kill a grizzly–there are too few of them left. Nor would I wish to be killed by one, and no grizzly would be as tolerant as a black bear. He would be very likely to lie down beside his trail to see what manner of creature had the temerity to follow him, and he would be very likely to simply erase this human mistake from his path before going on to more important matters.

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Now, to the hunt for links.

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4Walls and A View has more on Dominique’s struggle with ME/CFS.

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Always On Watch has an excellent quote of the day.

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America’s Watchtower has a report on a couple of the possible recommendations of the deficit reduction commission.

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Bunkerville wrote about Michelle Obama’s $400 million “Food Desert” Scam.

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Capitol Commentary explains how the EPA is wanting to increase the level of ethanol in gasoline.

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Grizzly Bear Fishing

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The Classic Liberal tells us about the real tragedy of the U.S. debt.

Conservative Hideout tries to unravel the puzzle of progressives and voter fraud.

The Conservative Pup covers the Oklahoma governor’s race between Mary Fallin and Jari Askins. Does motherhood qualify a woman for leadership?

A Conservative Teacher encourages us all to remember we can make a difference with the blogging we do. This is probably my favorite post of the week.

The Current explains the alliance between the Communist Party USA and the Democratic Party.

Upright Grizzly

Fleece Me has a post that lays the love/hate relationship Barack Obama has had with the filibuster, both before and after he became President.

The Independent Bloghorn brings us a podcast from the Cato Institute that lays out how Obamacare is destroying private healthcare.

The Lonely Conservative informs us that the EPA is doing their best to advance their carbon agenda.

Maggie’s Notebook compares Germany’s reaction to the economic crisis to the reaction from America. Which one succeeded?

The McCarville Report tells us all about the mud slinging efforts that have been going on in Oklahoma during this election season. 

Grizzly Bear

One Mom had to ride out the winds and the storms in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Paladin’s Page has a great article about the righteous anger that is about to descend on the politicians in Washington, DC.

Republican Redefined discusses the tale of Bill Clinton and his interaction in the Florida Senate race between Marco Rubio, Charlie Crist, and Kendrick Meek.

rjjrdq’s America II gets into the nitty, gritty details of the anti-illegal alien laws being considered by 25 states.

Sanity Sentinel says John Kerry thinks conservatives know very little.

Grizzly Bear Cubs

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  • Great pics Larry, I love that first one with the bear waiting to pounce on the fish as they jump up the waterfall. Nature in all its glory!
    Thanks for the link!

    • Thanks, Steve and you are quite welcome. I love the animals God created, as they are all unique and serve a different purpose in nature.

  • Awesome beast! Love the photo of him standing on his back legs. Powerful, beautiful and terrifying.

    Winds are quiet here … finally. A nice calm after the storm.

    • Beast is a perfect description of the grizzly, more so than any other animal. Glad to hear the winds have subsided.

  • Even though they are very dangerous, I love the grizzly. What a magnificent animal. Thank you so much for the link luv. What a nice surprise for my house-warming weekend!

    • You are most welcome, Dominique and yes, the grizzly is truly a magnificent animal.

  • BTW, I actually found a few blogs I haven’t read before. Thanks for sharing those links!

  • fleeceme

    Something about Grizzly’s, maybe it is the way they walk around and act, like they know no one will mess with them. If you have ever seen pictures of the few people who have survived a Grizzly attack, gruesome.

    Thank you for the link.

    • I have seen pictures of the aftermath of a grizzly attack and it is not a pretty sight. That is the reason I didn’t include some of those images. They do act like they know they are the meanest, baddest bears around.

      You are welcome for the link. Keep up the good work.

  • Great one– thanks for the link!

  • Rule of thumb when you are hiking in bear country: Use the buddy system, and make sure you are a faster runner than your buddy.

    • Ha, that would be one way of doing it.

  • Thanks for the link Larry. These are some great pics. What a powerful and majestic animal.

    • Yes, the grizzly is all of that. Truly, these bears are an example of God’s handiwork.

      You are doing a great job with The Current. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for link, LD. Louis L’Amour’s assessment of the grizzly is much more eloquent that than what I could ever say.

  • Forgot to mention that your mention of Louis L’Amour reminded me of my dad’s fondness for his books. My dad usually had a L’Amour book and/or a Zane Grey book by his chair. It’s been 9 years since my dad died …. funny how the mention of one thing can bring fresh memories.

    Have a good Monday Larry!

    • Thanks, Kerry. Louis L’Amour was one of the great authors of our time. He was better known for his Western novels, especially his series about the Sacketts, but he wrote about other topics as well. The last novel he wrote before he died was The Last of the Breed, the story of an American fighter pilot shot down over Siberia. Set in modern times, it was one of his best.