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Sunday Hunt For Links – Blogs You May Not Know

It’s been a while since I did a link post, mainly because of time constraints. I wanted to do a short one this morning, consisting of blogs that you may not know about. I am always on the lookout for new blogs and these are some that I have found in recent days. Although they are not well known, they have some excellent pieces. As you well know, not all of the good writers are writing for large and profitable blogs. I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you read these blogs. The main reason I am including these blogs, instead of those that are more well known, is simple. When I was just starting out in 2007, there were many blog authors who were kind enough to include me in their blog rolls and to mention me in their writing. I appreciated there efforts then and I want to return the favor to others.

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The first blog I want to share is a “tooting my own horn” affair. I was recently asked to contribute to a relatively new blog called Political Watchdog. Even though I obviously want you to read it, please be sure that I do not count myself in the great writers category. My first post has to do with the upcoming presidential election. The current focus is on helping Ron Paul win the Republican nomination for President.

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Political Watchdog – The Importance of a Presidential Election

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Political Watchdog – Is war with Iran now on the table?

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Political Watchdog – The United States Assassinates A Teenager

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Let’s move on to the second new blog that I have came across lately. This one is called Property…Freedom…Peace and the writing is of very excellent quality. You should be able to tell what the focus of the blog is from the title. The author is Sherman Broder.

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Property…Freedom…Peace – Would you Rather Live In A Lifeboat Or On The Frontier?

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Property…Freedom…Peace – What Is A “Free” Market?

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Property…Freedom…Peace – 2012 Is Going To Be An Uphill Battle

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Property…Freedom…Peace – President Obama Having It Both Ways

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Last, but not least is Proud American Capitalist. The author’s focus is on Herman Cain right now and MLaChance lays it out rather well. He also writes about the Tea Party.

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Proud American Capitalist – The COUNTER-Revolution & The Media

Proud American Capitalist – Herman Cain Takes On Political Correctness

Proud American Capitalist – The Tea Party: Liberals Created It And Fail To Imitate It

I hope you will visit these three blogs and read what they have to say. They are well worth your time.

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  • Thanks, Larry! All three have been added to my Blogroll over at ToBeRIGHT. Nice finds…they’ll each be in the daily rotation….

    • No problem, Harry. I think all three of them are well worth the read.

  • Agreed, Larry. You’ve found some good blogs. Thanks.

  • To quote Meatloaf. “Two out of three ain’t bad.” 🙂

    • Uh, not sure which two out of three you are talking about. Care to enlighten me?