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State Of The Union – Fact Or Fiction

As I was browsing the news and blogs this morning, I was not at all surprised to see no end of “responses” to the State of the Union speech given last night by President Obama. We could all State of the Unionprobably do without another such “response”, but bear with me for a few minutes as I weigh in on the speech and what the President had to say. The first thing that struck me as I watched the speech was how he referred to the United States as a democracy. He did this at least twice, the first time being about six or seven sentences into his delivery. Maybe I am being picky, forgive me if I am, but we are a republic and there is a difference. I will give him those little slips of the tongue and even go so far as to say he did a good job of delivering the speech. He usually does, especially when he is speaking at such a venue and as long as it is not off the cuff. So there, I enjoy a good speech as well as the next person, and Obama did a good job. When you start dissecting the speech and really looking at what he actually said, well that’s a different story and where I start disagreeing with the President.

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There were a few points on which I must take exception with the President. He made a great effort to appear that he wants to bring the deficit under control, saying he wants to freeze federal spending. At the same time, he proposes spending more and more money on things like high-speed rail and of course, clean energy. He proposed reforming the corporate tax system and at the same time, he took a swipe at the oil companies, saying we need to eliminate the “billions in taxpayer dollars we currently give to oil companies”, that they were making it just fine on their own. He also aimed a shot at the Bush tax cuts, saying we couldn’t afford a permanent extension for the wealthiest 2% of Americans. Moving on down the list, he said he would veto any bill that came to his desk with earmarks inserted. If I am not mistaken, we have heard that before. He also talked some about bipartisan approaches to the problems our country is facing, but in the past two years, we have seen everything but such an approach. For all of the claims coming from the Democrats about the Republicans being the party of no, the fact remains that the Democrats refused to allow the Republicans much of a voice in any legislation that came before Congress. Talking about bipartisanship now is a slap in the face to the Republicans.

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There is much more I could say about the State of the Union speech and what it contained, things like embracing the Republican idea of reforming the medical malpractice system. If the President were serious about such reforms, why did the Democrats not allow the idea to move forward during the debate over health care reform? Little things like that raise some very big red flags to me. You can read more of a fact check on what the President had to say at The Washington Post, but I think you get my point. The man is saying one thing and doing something else entirely and he is clearly already running for reelection in 2012. I don’t begrudge him that, we could probably expect to see that from any politician, but I do so wish he would stop talking out of both sides of his mouth.

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  • I am in Colorado for work and while I have been trying to keep up with what is going on it has been hard, so I did not see the speech last night. But I did want to touch on your first point: It drives me nuts when I hear politicians call America a democracy and Barack Obama isnt the only one who does, I hear people on both sides of the aisle do it. I don’t know if this is just ingrained in their heads or if they truly don’t know the difference. Perhaps if we let the children recite the Pledge in school more people woud realize that America is a republic.

    • How are you making it in Boulder, Steve?

      I’ll freely admit, I am being picky about the democracy thing. President Obama isn’t the only American who makes that mistake, but I just think he should know there is a significant difference between a republic and a democracy.

      • I agree, but I don’t think you are being picky at all. There is a huge difference between the two and I think that all Americans should understand the difference–including those that we elect to represent us.

  • Good analysis.

    BHO can’t stop from talking out both sides of his mouth. He’s pandering for votes.

    • I think it’s pretty clear that he is in reelection mode. Really, we probably shouldn’t expect anything less.

  • Gary

    The word liar comes to mind.

  • Last night’s speech consisted of the ‘same old, same old’ rhetoric from Obama. I get both ticked and disappointed when people say that America is a democracy, when that isn’t true – America is a Republic.

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  • Is this the same “spending freeze” that he called for in 2010? And we know what happened to that!
    Why are we repeatedly hearing the same platitudes and clichés and the media keeps reporting them as the parting of the Red Sea? I know the answer: because the Washington elite and their media cohorts firmly believe that “The People” are stupid.
    And perhaps they are, since they keep “buying it” election after election.

    • That would be the same one, yes. It’s almost funny how he gets to talking about freezing spending, while at the same time, he has been and continues to spend money like there is no tomorrow.

  • I’m thinking people are done with him. The media is trying to present Obama as having made a pivot to the center. I think Obama himself thinks that the high minded language is what got him into office, so that’s what works. Both are incorrect. People see through the nonsense. Moreover, most observation is coming down hard on the presentation too. Let’s watch the polling over the next couple weeks, betcha it falls off…

    • I don’t care what the media is trying to say, President Obama is not making a move towards the center. He is very adept at making it appear that way, but nothing could be further from the truth.

  • Obama’s rhetoric is tired cliched prole-feed pap.

    His policies are a political cancer that can’t be hidden by expert teleprompter readings.

    • Thanks for commenting on Political Realities, KingShamus. I am glad you took the time to stop by.

      I agree that the policies of Barack Obama are not what is best for our country.

  • The man is really full of himself, isn’t he? I’m sure I’ve heard that song before. It would be nice if he learned at least one more song.

    • He does have a certain smugness about him, Jim.

  • There was so much to touch on, but it was the same old, same old. Meet the new speech, same as the old speech.

    Not only did he whiff on Democracy, which so many do, here is one of my pet peeves…

    You cannot spend money that you never collected. Oh wait!

    • Yeah, same old song and dance. I didn’t touch on your pet peeve, but probably should have. The government wants to act as if they are one and the same and they are not.

  • I doubt I could ever make it through another one of his nonsensical speeches. And it is only going to get worse as the campaign begins.

    • You just had to bring that up, didn’t you? Still two years to go and you are already burned out? What kind of political junkie are you, anyway? 8)

  • He wants to freeze spending when he increased it 83%. That’s closing the barn after the horses have left. His speech was a failure as is his presidency.

    • It’s the ultimate example of contradiction, Harrison. It makes him sound good to the general public, but those of us who are paying attention know better.

  • This speech lacked substance. Honestly it was an insult to the American people. He used a few buzz words, hope and change, praised a few communist regimes, and plans on spending…oh I mean investing in more government programs. He is making promises he cannot afford to pay for.

  • even the AP tore his speech apart. When even allies balk, that should tell you something.

  • Great job picking up on his referring to our nation as a “democracy” instead of a republic– I noticed that too. There IS a difference!

  • I hope Harry is right – “People see through the nonsense”. There is no doubt that ‘some’ people do, but unfortunately we need ‘most people’ to see it; and the composition of ‘most people’ in America is changing. For the sake of the system and of the country I hope they will after two more years of campaign promises and more good sounding clichés and platitudes.

    • I am right there with you, John. We need to impress as many people with this as we can, for in 2012, this nation could be completely ruined if Barack Obama wins another term. That is an unnerving thought.

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  • Yes, anybody with a brain!

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