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Okay, I promise this will be the last post for the day. If you will be so kind as to turn your attention to the left side of the main navigation bar of the site, you will see a narrow arrow. Go ahead, place your mouse over the arrow and see what happens. If everything goes according to plan, you should see a thumbnail with the post previous to this one, with it’s featured image. If you click on that, it will take you directly to the post. Once that post is loaded, you will find a similar arrow on the right side of the page, pointing you back to the next post, which would be this on.

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Now, one other little tidbit. Just for fun, press the back arrow on your keyboard. It should take you to the previous post. You can now navigate through the posts with the arrow buttons.

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Let me know if you have any problems using the new post navigation features.

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Founder and author of the political and news commentary blog Political Realities. I have always loved to write, but never have I felt my writing was more important than in this present day. If I have changed one mind or impressed one American about the direction our country is headed, then I will consider my endeavors a success. I take the tag line on this blog very seriously. Above all else, in search of the truth.

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  • Steve Dennis

    Cool feature Larry! The arrows are working correctly, although I don’t see a thumbnail to the posts.

    • LD Jackson

      I thought I had it checked out, but the plugin doesn’t work the same on Chrome and Internet Explorer as it does on Firefox and SeaMonkey. I have disabled, at least for the time being.

  • Harrison

    Firefox 11 there is no thumbnail.

  • Harrison

    And if I scroll all the way up no arrow appears only if I scroll at least one row down.

    These types of things are frustrating and difficult to work on all browsers and just make your page take longer to load.

    I’d skip it.

    You should use a plug-in like Relevansi instead.

  • LD Jackson

    I came up with a better solution. At the bottom of each post, below the comment form, there are now links to the next and previous posts. It is similar to the function that was included in the theme I was using before.

    • Harrison

      That shows on my Tablet.