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Silencing Obama’s Critics

Let’s start with an acknowledgement of sorts. I suspect many people who may read this post will find no new information Obama Snipescontained therein. Anyone who has paid attention already knows how the Obama administration operates. This should serve as a reminder to all who would dare criticize Obama or any action his administration may take. Watch your back because the Sandman may be on his way to your nightmares.

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It’s not a big secret that President Obama does not like to be criticized. From all accounts, he has a thin skin and he likes to get even with his political opponents. That attitude also spreads down the chain of command and is directed at anyone who speaks out against the Obama administration. I base my information on an opinion piece by Liz Peek. She points out some things that I was not aware of. She starts and ends with how the Obama administration attacks anyone who says the obvious about Obamacare.

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Are you afraid of the Obama White House? If you challenge the president’s beloved health care plan, maybe you should be. Consider the fate of William White, the Washington, D.C. Insurance Commissioner, who voiced skepticism about President Obama’s hastily assembled “fix” for the millions losing their insurance policies.

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A day after suggesting that the new demands on insurers could destabilize the marketplace and lead to even higher premiums, White was canned.

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Telling the truth about ObamaCare  is risky.

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Ms. Peek goes on to describe some of the times when criticism of Obamacare has been risky business for those who spoke their minds. The head of the  Congressional Budget Office, supposedly a neutral body, was called to the White House shortly after his group pointed out some of the hard facts about Obamacare. This was early in the proceedings, when everyone was trying to determine what the fiscal impact of Obamacare would be. The CBO was not particularly favorable in their first report. After being summoned to speak with the President, CBO head Douglas Elmendorf changed the estimates.

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Who can forget when the insurance companies were brought before President Obama? This was after it was established that Obama had been lying through his teeth about Americans keeping their health insurance plans. It was also after he waved his rhetorical magic wand and declared the insurance companies could continue offering the plans they had already canceled because of his signature legislation.

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Do you recall Anthem Blue Cross of California? When it became common knowledge that one of the side effects of the Affordable Care Act was to make insurance much less affordable, they dared to speak the truth, albeit quietly. President Obama attacked them on 60 Minutes and Kathleen Sebelius put HHS into attack mode. She required the company to justify the rate increases and wanted to know where they were going to spend the increased revenue. Government intrusion much?

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Here’s something you may not be aware of. In recent days, JP Morgan has been in the news because of the settlement they reached with the federal government. Billions of dollars will be paid out and the Obama administration is pushing for real admissions of wrong doing. This stems from the financial crisis of 2007-2008. Every newscast I listen to talks about how the Obama administration is going after JP Morgan for the part they played in selling bad mortgage securities. As it turns out, that’s not what really happened.

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Now the bank – one of the few that didn’t need TARP but was required to take it — is the subject of numerous wide-ranging investigations and has been hit with unprecedented fines and demands for admission of wrong-doing. Lost in the witch-hunt has been the reality that the government’s charges of mortgage misbehavior mainly stem from the activities of Washington Mutual, the largest bank ever to fail in the U.S.

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In 2008 Morgan was pressed by regulators to buy the failed thrift, which otherwise could have brought down the country’s bank insurance program at an especially fragile moment. Dimon’s willingness to act earned unusual praise at the time from FDIC head Sheila Bair, who said “Some are coming to Washington for help, others are coming to help.” That was then – before he started sounding off about President Obama’s policies. Bank analyst Dick Bove may have been right when he wrote, “the United States government has made it a priority to break this company.”

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The “Dimon” the quote mentions is Jamie Dimon and he is a former supporter of Barack Obama. Then he started paying attention and speaking out against the Obama administration’s “constant attack on business”. He even went so far as to call their investigation into oil price speculation “ridiculous”. In other words, he went public with his criticism and his company is now paying the price for his audacity.

The message from the Obama White House is crystal clear. Just as they used a scorched earth policy to help Obama win his first election in Chicago, the trend continues. They are not fond of stating a clear and concise defense of any policy they pursue. Instead, they go on the attack and look to drive their bus over anyone who stands in their way. I would dare say this attitude comes straight from the top, from President Obama and Valerie Jarrett. They know of no other course of action and even if they did, they seem to prefer attacking their political enemies with a special enthusiasm.

And we have three more years of this nonsense…

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  • john_freeman0130

    Resistance is futile.

    • Not if I have anything to say about it.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Yea,well why would any rational well meaning person want to criticize some two bit hack Chicago machine Democrat who can’t tell the truth,ignores the rule of law,and doesn’t know his mom jeans covered @$$ from a hole in the ground?

    • Gee, I wonder why we would want to criticize Obama? Give me a couple of minutes and I’ll come up with a list.

  • jfmoris

    Thanks for the concise summary of the JP Morgan shakedown. I was wondering about that, because what you say is how I remember it also.

    We don’t hear nearly enough about Obama’s thug tactics. The anecdotes seem trifling, unless someone puts a bunch together – which shows a really alarming pattern of criminality

    Right now is a good time for reviews and summaries of Obama’s thuggery. The lowfo’s are starting to pay attention, because of lost insurance hitting them personally !

  • conservativesonfire

    The people were warned in 2008 and again in 2012. The sheeple voted for him anyway. Sadly, we all pay along with the sheeple. Those are going to be three long years, Larry.

  • I have been a critic of Barack Hussein Obama since before he became POTUS, I have been as intense in my criticisms as anyone, anywhere, that said; if I turn up dead, I am NOT suicidal… Just sayin’..

    • If you turn up missing, damaged, or dead, I’ll keep that in mind.

  • There you go again. You are making a lot of assumptions about JP Morgan. Assumptions that are false. The activity the government is targeting came from Washington Mutual, before it was purchased by JP Morgan. At the behest of the federal government, I might add.

    I’ll make it simple for you. JP Morgan isn’t particularly fond of taking the blame for what Washington Mutual did before they purchased the bank. It’s hard to fault them for that. If you had done a modicum of your own research, you would have discovered that little tidbit of truth.

    Am I critical of President Obama? Yes sir, count me in that group. The man has driven America into the dirt and I absolutely despise him for that. You’ll receive no apologies from me for that.

  • MattRoss

    I’m going to second what Texas Fred said. I’m a real happy guy, not the slightest bit suicidal. I don’t drink, use drugs, or otherwise engage in illegal activity. Just sayin’…