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Sequester Comes Early – Obama Releases Illegal Immigrant Detainees

Folks, we should have seen this one coming. For weeks, President Obama has campaigned across the country about the effects of the sequester that will begin on March 1. We have heard him make the outrageous claims and insert hyperbole and fear mongering into nearly every public appearance. Head Start will have to shut down, border security will have to be relaxed, firefighters will have to let the fires burn, police officers will have to let criminals walk free, etc., ad nauseam. Obama is even tweeting about how the sequester will affect our military readiness, which is a new low, even for this White House. I have said many times, I never cease to be amazed at the actions of the Obama administration and that still holds true. Now we learn that the sequester is coming early, in the form of the release of hundreds of detainees from immigration detention centers around the country.

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(The New York Times) Federal immigration officials have released hundreds of detainees from detention centers around the country in recent days in a highly unusual effort to save money as automatic budget cuts loom in Washington, officials said Tuesday.

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The government has not dropped the deportation cases against the immigrants, however. The detainees have been freed on supervised release while their cases continue in court, officials said.

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SequesterThe Obama administration is claiming these detainees are only noncriminal or low-risk individuals, but at least one of them, one Anthony Orlando Williams, a Jamaican, was first arrested on charges of child abuse and simple assault and battery. Low-risk, indeed. I’m sure Mr. Williams is a fine, upstanding gentleman, but it makes me wonder how many of the other detainees are in that same category? And one more thing; since when did someone breaking our immigration laws become a noncriminal? Isn’t that a legitimate question to ask?

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Looking beyond the immediate ramifications of releasing hundreds of illegal immigrant detainees from these centers, it’s not hard to see a political aspect of this action taken by the Obama administration. Part of Obama’s fan base include the advocates who are ape-crazy over illegal immigrants. They want them all released because all they are really looking for is a better life. In their eyes, they shouldn’t be punished for those aspirations, never mind that they are breaking the law in the process. Releasing these illegal immigrants throws a major political bone to the fans of amnesty.

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(Hot Air) Mark Krikorian calls this the “never let a sequester go to waste” strategy, in which O achieves two goals in one fell swoop — turning up the heat on the GOP to cave on cuts, yes, but also tossing the amnesty fans in his base a bone by reducing border enforcement on the very day that he’s meeting with McCain and Graham at the White House to talk immigration reform.

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Never let it be said that President Obama doesn’t try to pay his supporters back for their love. He has worked on that payback for four years, but he really ramped it up at the beginning of his second term. Gun control, global warming, illegal immigration, all of these issues have received his undying support and adoration since the beginning of the year. This latest move from Obama is more of the same and I expect we will see more of the same in the future. A leopard/liberal (my apologies to the leopard) really can’t change his spots.

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  • The MSM is hyping the lies to make sure that most Americans buy the lies. They won’t ask Napolitano why with a five percent increase in her budget instead of a seven percent increase she had to turn these people lose.

    • They don’t want to touch those kind of questions at all. I was listening to NPR on the way home from work and all they could talk about was how the sequester was going to affect local school districts. Teacher layoffs, children being dropped from Head Start, etc. It’s enough to make a fellow sick.

  • Nothing will change for this administration;the anointed has proven time and time again, that neither FEDERAL LAW or the CONSTITUTION mean one thing to the Hussein Obama administration. They break laws and rape the constitution on a daily basis,

    The rule of law means absolutely nothing to Hussein Obama. By releasing the illegal aliens back into the country, Obama has made certain that the STATES will have the responsibility to house, feed, educate and to take care of their medical needs.

    What else can we expect from this corrupt this point nothing will surprise me any longer..Great post Larry

    • I have said the same thing before, Brady. I keep thinking nothing Obama does will surprise me, yet I continually stand amazed at the lengths he will go to further his agenda.

  • Larry, these “cuts” have been known for over a year.

    I can only think of one phrase to sum up Obama’s strategy:


    Seriously… we have nothing to fear but fear itself?

    • Well put, Harrison. Obama is turning the dogs loose, in hopes that they will turn public opinion in his favor and put the Republicans in a corner. We can only hope he does not succeed.

  • Acethepug

    **This is not directed at anyone on this site, but to all the great unwashed who made BushHitler ChimpyMcBurton jokes and have fallen back on the old, tired “But Bush!” refrain the past 5 years**

    Remember everyone who railed and screamed and cried for GW Bush to be impeached? Where are those cries now, with a President ready, willing, and able to shred the Constitution, cause distress both foreign and domestic, and act like a tin-plated despot with delusions of grandeur?

    Oh, right, it was all for show, wasn’t it? When you were screaming about Bush, what you MEANT was, “just wait until it’s OUR guy in power! You ain’t seen nothing, yet!”

    Jarret did say payback was coming — we (well, the morons who re-elected Obama) just didn’t listen.

    Thanks for posting.

    • I remember those days well, Ace. In my 50 years in this world, I have yet to see a President so maligned as George W. Bush. In no way was he perfect, but he didn’t deserve the hatred the liberals heaped upon him. If anyone deserves to be impeached, it is President Obama, not Mr. Bush.

  • I love the new look of your blog and all the new things on it. Wonderful!

    As for this issue, this President will no doubt go down as the King of manipulation, lying, double speak and posturing. The fact that the sequester only affects 2% of the budget in addition to the fact that the budget is going to increase over the next few years is just fluff … unecessary drivel … except to those of us who have to accomdate budgets that are tightening up in our own lives.

    I’m flummoxed as to how so many people can still think our President and his minions are upstanding, righteous, citizens working in the best interest of our beloved country. Stunning…

    • Thanks, Dominique.

      I am as perplexed as you. How Obama could be considered a good President, or how he could have possible convinced enough people that he deserved a second term, is far past my comprehension.

  • Acethepug


    Rush Limbaugh had an interesting theory on that — Barack Obama has done nothing but campaign, golf, and blame everyone else for anything and everything since he started campaigning for President in 2007. Even after winning, he has done nothing but campaign and act like a celebrity. He hasn’t governed, and he’s made sure not to be SEEN governing. He foisted Obamacare’s creation off on Pelosi and Reid, taknig credit, but doing no actual work on it.

    For whatever reason, the bulk of voters don’t seem to tie our worsening economy and dire straits to Obama, and Rush mentioned that this could be the reason.

    I don’t accept it, and I have a real problem with an electorate so ignorant or stupid as NOT to see who is ultimately responsible, but it does seem to be a viable theory when you have prominent Democrats tweeting about how they cannot comprehend why their medical insurance premiums have gone up …

    Hope that at least makes some sense.

  • The release of the ILLEGALS is merely Obama giving the GOP what he considers to be PAY BACK!

    • Well, he did call us the enemy and his main adviser said it would be payback time for them, if he won a second term. What we are seeing is the direct result of his victory.

  • The administration is blaming this on a career bureaucrat. I don’t buy it. This came straight from the top, either in the department or the White House. Either way it’s the President’s responsibility.

    • Of course it came from the top, even if the Obama administration refuses to admit it.

  • Barack Obama released hundreds of illegals but he also threatened to release many more if the sequester happens and in my opinion he is doing this simply to gain support with people on the right to support repealing the sequester. I for one am tiring of this thuggery and his threats.

    • Fear mongering and scare tactics are Obama’s specialty. And to think, he was supposed to be the President who would bring America together in one accord. If so, he has failed miserably.

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