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Senator Ted Cruz Is Shaking Things Up In Washington

Newly elected junior Senator Ted Cruz is really shaking things up in Washington. He campaigned on a promise to do just that and he has easily fulfilled that promise, even though he has been in Washington for less than two months. In the United States Senate, things are supposed to be genial and comfortable, or so says the status quo. Ted Cruz is not playing along and some of his fellow Senators aren’t so happy about his unwillingness to go along, just to get along. I would contend that’s maybe what we need in Washington, someone who will see what needs to be done and follow through, no matter whose feathers are ruffled along the way.

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(Fox News) Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz has earned a few nicknames in the brief seven weeks he’s been in Congress – including the unflattering “Senator No.” But nobody can say the Ted Cruzfreshman senator has broken his campaign promise to shake up Washington upon arrival.

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The Tea Party-backed candidate has so far made good on vows to be combative and uncompromising in his adherence to conservative principles.

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The 42-year-old Cruz has already voted against Senate rule changes to modestly curb filibusters, aid for Superstorm Sandy victims and the Violence Against Women Act.

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He also was one of only three “no” votes against Massachusetts Democratic Sen. John Kerry’s nomination to be secretary of State. And he publicly skewered President Obama’s nominee for Defense secretary, former Nebraska Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel.

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All of that has helped Cruz earn such nicknames as “Cruz Missile,” “Senator No” and even “The GOP’s Nasty Newcomer.”

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He also was featured in the past few weeks by Politico and The New York Times.

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Senior Texas Sen. John Cornyn and voters across the state have praised Cruz for his brashness and sticking to his principles.

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“He’s been a terrific partner,” Cornyn said. “What he’s finding is there’s a lot of critics in Washington when you try to change the status quo.”

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At a stop last week at Lodge Lumber, in Houston, owner John Lodge said Cruz seems like the first elected official in a long while who is on his side.

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I would contend that Senator Ted Cruz is following a path that was blazed by other Senators, such as Tom Coburn and Jim Inhofe, both from Oklahoma. Neither man has followed the genial path through the Senate, with Dr. Tom Coburn earning the nickname of “Dr. No”. In a chamber filled with overblown egos on both sides of the political spectrum, maybe it’s time we had more than a few men and women who went to Washington and represented their states and the people who elected them, instead of stroking their own ego because they managed to spend enough money to become a United States Senator.

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If you want to read more about Senator Ted Cruz, from someone who is from Texas and knows his background, I suggest you visit Texas Fred. He is more than a little familiar with Ted Cruz and can tell you more about him, than can I.

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  • If all Republicans stood on conservative principles, the country wouldn’t be in the mess it is in.

  • “Cruz Missile” I like that! Right now he and Rand Paul are about the only people in Washington that I don’t have a problem with. I am glad to see he is challenging the establishment and isn’t afraid to do so, I just hope they don’t get to him like they got to the others.

    • Yeah, I liked the “Cruz Missile” nickname. I hope he sticks by his guns and stirs the pot of the Senate so much they can’t help but accomplish a few things, even if it is by accident. It’s time to stop playing games.

  • Bettybb

    Do you realize Cruz
    1. insinuated without any proof that Hagel received $200,00 from Saudi Arabia or North Korea.
    2. claimed without any proof there were many law professors at Harvard who supported the communist overthrow of the US government
    3. claimed without any proof Hagel’s nomination has been publicly celebrated by the Iranian government.

    False allegations & innuendos of lack of loyalty, subversion and treason = McCarthyism.

    Are Republicans really going to support Ted Cruz with his witch-hunts and character assassinations? It looks like some establishment Repubs see that this guy is a loose cannon and could, literally, destroy the GOP. 21st century America will not accept this kind of conduct. Look at how quickly Atkin’s and Mourdock’s remarks tarnished the Republican Party.

    I can see each time Cruz wades into the sewer of McCarthyism, people will automatically say to him ” Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

    • Do you realize Ted Cruz was correct in his claim that many law professors at Harvard were proponents of critical legal studies, which comes directly from Marxism?

      Concerning his attempt to determine where Chuck Hagel’s $200,000 came from, he done nothing different than President Obama did in his campaign against Mitt Romney. He asked that Hagel’s records be released, to see if the money came from a foreign country, such as Saudi Arabia or North Korea. He was seeking information.

      Cruz’s statement about Iran celebrating the Hagel appointment was, at worst, a bit of overstatement of their reaction.

      As for false allegations and innuendos, you should be quite familiar with those, as President Obama has been using them as scare tactics for the last four years. He shows no signs of slowing down the rhetoric, yet liberals want to accuse a Republican of the same thing for asking legitimate questions of the nominee for Defense Secretary. Sorry, but that argument is ridiculous. As we say here in Oklahoma, that dog won’t hunt.

      Decency, you say? Dare I say it, the time for decency is far past. For far too long, we have seen a bunch of clowns in Washington who go along to get along. They may be decent, but they are destroying our country from within with their lack of responsibility to do their jobs. It’s time someone threw decency out the window and stirred things up enough to get things started on the road to change.

  • Well, here we go again, great minds do indeed think alike.. 🙂

  • Bettybb

    I have never heard of any examples of McCarthyism in Obama’s campaign or of false allegations and innuendos. Please provide details of his statements.

    One asks for records to be released if there is a reason to request them. Decent, responsible politicians ask for the records because ” we want to know where his speaking fees are coming from”. They do not making up false allegations and smears to support the request.That is McCarthyism. Why did Cruz mention Saudi Arabia and North Korea? To tar Hagel with lies.

    Spreading false information like Cruz did re Hagel and Iran is far more than hyperbole. It is a lie meant to slime a political opponent and to deceive the public.

    If the conservative movement embraces McCarthyism, well, you have just made the Democrats job a whole lot easier.

  • Dragonconservative

    Gotta love Ted Cruz. Maybe he can be president in 2024.