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Senator Rand Paul – Asking Questions No One Wants To Answer

The big news of the day seems to be the aftermath of the filibuster held for 13 hours by Senator Rand Paul. He should need no introduction, as his father is former Representative Ron Paul. He shares some of his father’s extreme libertarian ideology, but not all. If nothing else, it seems he is more than willing to ask the questions of government that many of our politicians are not willing to ask. That’s why he began the old-school talking filibuster in the first place. He asked a question of Attorney General Eric Holder and not being satisfied with Holder’s quibbling of an answer, took matters into his own hands.

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The main topic of the push backs by Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham is simple. They believe Rand Paul is asking a question that has no merit and demeans the nature of the United States Senate. Senator Graham even went so far as to say the question did not deserve an answer. To that, I say hogwash. Blindly trusting that President Obama, or any other President, will do what is right is more than a little naive and/or ignorant.

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(Ace of Spades) Now it’s possible they’re suspicious of Rand Paul and think he’s carrying water for his father’s Doctrinaire Pacifism but under the false flag of a much more narrow issue Rand Paulon which he has the right; that is, they think he’s trying to move opinion to the Doctrine Pacifist camp in the typical way the Pacifists and anti-American agitators do it, to wit, seizing one one particular grabby issue at a time.

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I have to confess I have the same suspicion. I do believe Rand Paul is his father’s son.

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But even so, to just dogmatically bark that we should trust the president and the military on every question and assume they’re “acting for our own good” is idiotic.

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For one thing, the greatest crimes occur when large groups of people convince themselves they’re “acting for the greater good.”

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For another thing, it is fundamentally undemocratic to tell American citizens their duty is to simply trust those higher-up in the chain of command and to not bother with all this questioning business.

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American citizens are actually at the top of the chain of command: They’re citizens. Or at least we used to think so.

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McCain and Graham seem to have a military mindset in which orders come from command and duty comes from the troops. That is a fine and noble mindset… for people acting within the command structure of the Armed Forces of the United States of America for missions undertaken for the Armed Forces of the United States of America. It will not due for a Senator, though, and neither would it due for a Senator’s superior officer, a citizen of the United States.

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And while a soldier must obey his superior officer as to military business, in the ballot box he’s his own man.

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McCain and Graham should stop trying to be Good Soldiers and start trying to be Good Citizens for a change.

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There are some issues on which I disagree with Senator Rand Paul. On others, not so much. But at the very least, he is willing to ask questions. More than that, he is willing to demand answers to those questions, which many of our political leaders do not want in the light of day. Is it not possible that our country would not be in the shape it is in, had those questions been asked and answered many years ago? If for no other reason, Rand Paul has my support for his filibuster and the questions it raised.

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  • I agree with your point Larry, but the problem I see is apparently either no one is at home or none of the Senators care and are of the mindset……”Just leave me alone ” and I will support BHO by not asking any tough questions that need to be asked.

    Simple put I am beginning to believe that this congress does not give a flip. Of course thats just my opinion. An example is where was everyone when JOHN KERRY released the $250 million in aid to Egypt after giving Mohammed Morsi the 16 F-16’s and 200 M-1 A-1 tanks? Morsi is as you know belongs to “The Muslim Brotherhood” an organization that supports Terrorism.

    Until someone holds their feet to the fire. All of this posturing is in preparation for the 2014 vote in trying to gain the majority in the house. If that happens we will be in deep trouble.

    • I have a problem with the aid to Egypt as well. I would have liked to see that aid rescinded, especially given Morsi’s background with the Muslim Brotherhood. Even if the $250 million and the military hardware was already in the pipeline, it didn’t necessarily have to be released. One would think Congress would have had more to say about it, but apparently not.

    • Why should Congressmen and Senators care when they know the odds favor their re-election. These clowns represent the majority of the people in the districts and states that they are from. meaning, if they are morally and ethically bankrupt, what does that say about the majority of the voters? Those of us who still believe in the Constitution, and that morals and ethics matter, are a minority in the US these days.

      • Sadly, I am afraid you are right. We bemoan the fact that our government is so corrupt, but it is mostly reflecting the electorate. That’s why it is so difficult to affect real and positive change and tells a sad story about our country and how far it has slipped into moral decay and decline.

  • At least Rand Paul forced the media to report on the issue. More than that, it was a waste of time and energy. Today he is claiming victory because of a letter he received from Eric Holder. IMO, Eric Holder did not answer the question and Brennan was confirmed anyway.

    • Well, Holder did clarify the American government did not have the authority to use weaponized drones against Americans on American soil. That was the clarification Rand Paul was looking for.

      As for the Brennan nomination, the Senator has made it fairly clear he was not blocking it for the nomination’s sake, but rather to receive the clarification.

  • What bothers me is that Paul went on to vote to approve Brennan after all of this marvelous *grandstanding*…

    • I think that is because Paul’s main goal was to draw attention to the issue of the drones, not to stop the nomination.

      • Probably so, but I was seriously hoping that he, and a few others would stand on principle.. I was pretty disappointed when they didn’t..

  • McCain has, once again, shown everyone why he didn’t win in 2008.

  • Rand Paul is one of only a handful of people who are willing to stand up to Obama and for that I admire him. This wouldn’t even be a question if it weren’t for people like McCain who deemed the US a battlefield when he voted for the NDAA.

    • I still can’t figure out how so many Republicans could be so blind to how NDAA opens the door to the possibility of abuse by our government. One would think they would be totally against it, but evidently not.

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  • I applaud what he did. But since you were a Ron Paul supporter I wanted to ask you how much you think his actions were motivated by him wanting to get his dad’s followers now that his dad is retiring. I don’t mean to say that Paul wasn’t motivated by deep feelings but isn’t some of this political?

    • I have no doubt Rand Paul’s actions were at least partially motivated by politics. No one but his closest advisers know his thought process, but if he is truly thinking about running for President in 2016, this filibuster was a good way to raise the electorate’s awareness of him and help gravitate some of his father’s followers in his direction. What I wouldn’t give to be privy to some of his private conversations.

  • According to fox this morning, Holder only released 5 of 11 of the opinions. So what do the other six say? I guess we know don’t we.