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Remember Benghazi

Let me begin by saying I take nothing away from the disaster that has struck our eastern seaboard. The pictures and videos are enough to show those of us who live away from the coast the kind of destruction that can and does take place on our coasts. My heart and prayers go out to those who have been affected. Several regular readers of Political Realities live in that area and I hope and pray they are all okay. It would do us all good to soberly reflect on what has happened. I applaud the efforts of President Obama to direct the federal response to Hurricane Sandy. He is looking very presidential. At the same time, we need to remember Benghazi.

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Benghazi, LibyaWhat happened in Benghazi is a terrible tragedy. The fact that we lost Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans who were trying to protect him is bad enough. The facts that have emerged make it even worse. Not only did we lose four of our people, by all accounts, President Obama knew what was taking place and may have watched it from the White House Situation Room. At least twice, the ex-Navy Seals requested permission to go to the aid of the Ambassador and twice, they were told to stand down. They finally went on their own accord and as a result, lost their lives. We had air support and troops standing by, less than an hour away, and yet they sat and did nothing. This failure to act was not their fault, as being active duty military personnel, they had to wait for orders and could not respond until they received them. They did not receive them because the leadership of our country, from President Obama on down, failed to act. Instead, they sat on their hands and watched as four of our people were murdered.

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Even before the details of what happened in Benghazi were released to the general public, the Obama administration was formatting their response. The YouTube video became the fallback scapegoat because the Obama reelection campaign couldn’t afford to admit it was terrorism. Even though they knew the video had nothing to do with the attack, that it was indeed terrorism, they could not let that fact be known to the public. It just wouldn’t look good for President Obama, since he had been touting the fact that bin Laden was dead and Al Qaeda was on the run. The attacks in Benghazi made it clear that even though bin Laden was dead, Al Qaeda was not on the run.

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Since the attacks in Benghazi, the media has done their best to shut down the conversation about what happened. This is especially true if the conversation turned critical of the Obama administration. Never mind that the details that have emerged are very troubling and should raise more than a few questions about the President’s response to Benghazi, indeed his entire attitude towards the men and women who serve our country overseas. Of all the Sunday news shows, only one discussed Benghazi in any detail, Fox News. The rest of the hosts refused to allow the subject to even be approached, other than Fox News and Bob Schieffer, on CBS. He did ask a follow-up question after one of his guests brought it up. Every time Benghazi was mentioned, the hosts of the shows deflected the discussion and otherwise shut it down. Clearly, they had no intention of having a meaningful discussion of what happened in Benghazi, or how President Obama handled the response and the aftermath.

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What do we have now? In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, President Obama is making the rounds and viewing the damage. He is promising a swift and affective federal response to the crisis. He tells us “we leave nobody behind”. The media are swooning all over him and declaring his greatness, once again. His campaign is saying the election is not even on his mind. As for me, I call hogwash when I see it. President Obama and his reelection campaign are using Hurricane Sandy to put what happened in Benghazi behind them and the media is playing right along. I say we need to remember Benghazi and bring it up at every opportunity. It is a prime example of exactly why President Obama needs to be defeated on November 6. As important as is our economy and his failure to lead in that regard, his failures on Benghazi highlight even more how President Obama can not be trusted to do the right thing. Benghazi shows, in great detail, why President Obama deserves to lose the election and give way to a successor who cares infinetely more about Americans than himself.

Remember Benghazi!

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  • Benghazi was not a tragedy. It was a colossal screw up by Obama that resulted in the murder of Americans.

    You are correct that his “we leave no one behind” statement is hogwash.

    • The callousness of a President telling the forces under his command to stand down and to not initiate rescue efforts for the Ambassador astounds me. I don’t know how Obama can live with himself.

  • We will leave no one behind. Unless you’re an Ambassador. Or a logistics specialist. Or a SEAL.

    Next Tuesday I hope the majority of the country votes to leave Obama behind.

  • “we leave nobody behind”

    This said the man that betrayed four brave Americans in Benghazi? Despicable!

  • I get the feeling like Benghazi isn’t going away. The press might ignore the story for a day or two but it isn’t going away. As more details become available it’s clear that something isn’t right here and as such the story won’t go away.

  • Not only is it true that Benghazi is not going away, it shouldn’t go away. Not even after we send Obama away … which I hope is soon. Like in about six days from now.

    • Someone with the authority to do something needs to keep stirring the fire on Benghazi. The American people need to understand what their President has done. Not only should he be voted out, an investigation should be instigated. We deserve to know why he made the decision to let our people die.

  • Steve Dennis

    Thanks for the link Larry! Barack Obama is using Sandy for political gain and I think everyone can see through this. The picture he released of him in the situation room is all the proof we need he is politicizing Sandy. Obama’s decision after Sandy was an easy one, while the decision he made during the Benghazi attack was a tough one. Needless to say he passed the easy test and failed the hard one.

    • He has failed miserably, in my opinion. There is every indication that he deliberately allowed Ambassador Stephens to go into harms way, without proper security and protection. He then deliberately instructed the people that could have rescued the Ambassador to sit on their hands. When some of those people disobeyed orders because of their sense of duty and what is right, he allowed them to be killed, along with the Ambassador. It is unforgivable for any President to do that.