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President Obama’s Second Term – The Devil Is In The Details

How many times in the past few weeks have we heard this line of questioning from the Obama campaign? Whenever Mitt Romney is asked what his plans are for America, his opponent usually asks for details. When stating he wants to reform the tax code by lowering the rates and eliminating deductions, the OObamabama campaign wants to know how he will pay for that tax cut. They want to know which deductions he plans to eliminate. Details, details, details. Their new favorite line of attack is that Romney needs to be more specific about the details of his plan. It doesn’t seem to matter that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have said they plan to work out the specific deductions that will be eliminated with Congress. In case President Obama has forgotten, that’s called bipartisanship. You know, both parties working together. But no, that isn’t good enough. They want more details.

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How’s this for details? What is President Obama’s plan for a second term? He’s made it clear, he wants to spend more money and to finish implementing Obamacare. If he can manage to push it through Congress, he would prefer to eliminate the Bush tax cuts and raise taxes on the rich. What will be the result of these details? A higher tax burden for small businesses and corporations, which will be passed down to their customers. Many of these businesses may have to cut employees, just to be able to afford to pay their portion of the fees required by Obamacare. Did I mention he wants to continue his free spending ways?

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Speaking of details, what are the results of the policies put into place by the Obama administration, Version I? Is unemployment going down in America? No, not the rate they released last week. I’m talking the real rate of unemployment, after factoring back in all the people the government has factored out. There are very few jobs available, or at least very few that pay a decent wage. Most businesses are not hiring. Could that possibly be the result of the regulatory climate put into place by Obama and his first administration?

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What are some of the promises Barack Obama is making along the road to what I hope is his defeat on November 6? Here is a short list, found at CNN.

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  • Create one million new manufacturing jobs by the end of 2016
  • Double exports by the end of 2014
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  • Cut net oil imports in half by 2020
  • Support 600,000 natural gas jobs by the end of the decade
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  • Cut the growth of college tuition in half over the next 10 years
  • Recruit 100,000 math and science teachers over the next 10 years
  • Train two million workers for real jobs at community colleges
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  • Reduce the deficit by more than $4 trillion over the next decade
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At the risk of sounding completely facetious, I would like President Obama to give us some specifics. Given that manufacturing companies don’t seem to be hiring, how does he plan to persuade said companies to kick off a hiring spree? I’ll give him a hint. Continuing to grow the number of regulations put on many of these companies isn’t likely to do the trick. Neither is raising their taxes or requiring them to pay a fine, if they can’t afford to provide health insurance for their employees.

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What about those net oil imports? What are the details of Obama’s plan to do that? Does he think continuing to restrict the drilling activity of oil companies is going to help them produce enough oil to reduce our dependency on foreign sources of oil? I really want to see the details of how he thinks this should work.

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Skipping over education, let’s take a quick look at the deficit we are running in 2012. Yes, it is high and yes, some of it is Bush’s fault. The same applies to the national debt, which I believe currently stands at a little over $16 trillion, give or take a billion or two. It also belongs to Obama’s predecessor, but not nearly as much of it as Obama would like to claim. Given his propensity to spend first and ask questions later, after he raises taxes on those who are obviously not paying their fair share, I would like to hear how exactly how he plans to cut the deficit by $4 trillion over the next ten years. Another hint, continuing his current spending patterns isn’t going to help matters. In fact, it will make it impossible to cut the deficit in any meaningful way.

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I would ask President Obama why should we believe Version II of his administration will be any different from Version I? The devil really is in the details and the American people deserve to know more about your plans. Perhaps he will be kind enough to share some of those details during tomorrow night’s debate with Mitt Romney? Just so you know, I’ll not be holding my breath for that to happen.

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  • Only Romney is expected to provide specifics. Obama hasn’t been clear about his second term goals. I don’t recall him or Biden ever telling us in the first two debates what the second term plan is. I think that as much as Obama’s performance has hurt him in the polls.

    • Of course he hasn’t provided specifics. It’s another case of trying to hold his opponent to a higher standard than he is willing to apply to himself. In other words, it’s the standard operating procedure of a liberal.

  • The Team Obama play by a different set of rules, don’t they? Romney should ask Obama in the debate tomorrow why his spending didn’t drop by the amount of the stimulus package in 2010 and 2011 and 2012. That will shut him up.

    • But that would be asking an unfair question of President Obama. Surely we can’t expect him to defend his policies by giving specific answers instead of generalities.

  • I don’t know LD, sounds pretty specific to me. Turbo charge Obamacare and raise taxes on job creators. I’ve always said that it is easier to destroy than to create. I didn’t need a working model from Obama though.

  • bill

    mr. biden made much of the romney/ryan tax plan during the last debate. he challenged the numbers and, as mr. jackson catalogues, demanded specifics. mr. ryan’s partial explanation seemingly validated the dem’s accusation that the math doesn’t add up and so it became a ‘he said/she said’ moment for millions of undecided voters. in the previous debate, and in his convention speech, mr. romney allowed that the viability of his tax plan was contingent on a steady increase of revenue provided by a growing workforce. mr. romney’s strategy for economic recovery is straight-forward free-market, supply side economics:
    ~ judicious roll-back of business regs.
    ~ allow all energy expansion.
    ~ lower and flatten all tax rates individual, corporate, capital gains and death.
    ~ 0% waivers for all off-shore holdings domestically re-invested.
    ~ sit back for the next few years and watch the $ roll in.

    i’m no economist but i know that if you try to leash the business engine with rules and regs and diminished returns (vis~a~vis exhorbitant taxation) you will lose that engine to greener pastures overseas; and this is where mr. obama’s equation fails to add up.

    much is said about the mess he ‘inherited’ from president bush. i’d argue that the ‘mess’ our current president encountered in ’09 was not so much the bursting of the real estate bubble, wall street philandering, or even the ongoing maintenance of two con-current wars. it was the fact that our economy had finally reached the point of no return, to wit: a government too large for a work-force too small. if the obama administration needed to blame someone for for their troubles they should have picked mr.roosevelt and his companions; not mr. bush.

    if i had sat across the debate table with mr. biden, those would have been the specifics i would have countered with; what say you mr. jackson…b

    • This sums it up nicely.

      it was the fact that our economy had finally reached the point of no return, to wit: a government too large for a work-force too small.

      That’s really the crux of the situation, but the liberal Democrats in Washington can’t seem to grasp it. Even a lot of the Republicans don’t have a handle on it. Everyone likes to blame Bush and he surely does bear a portion of fault, but he wasn’t the only culprit, by any stretch of the imagination.

  • Dragonconservative

    Not only is Obama being non-specific, he’s also lying outright. At the risk of writing another essay for you, Larry, let me address each on that list of CNN’s (in order).


    Whatever happened to the stimulus getting unemployment down below six percent by creating jobs, many of which would have been in manufacturing? He hasn’t shown that he is able to do that. As for doubling exports, look at the trade deficit now. It’s horrible. And he thinks he can do it next time? Please.


    When it comes to creating jobs in the energy sector, Obama’s been worse than hopeless. He stalled the Keystone pipeline, thereby preventing the emergence of new natural gas jobs. Then there’s Solyndra. How did that investment, as well as other energy investments, do in the market? Many of the government’s investments in green energy have failed.


    Obama hasn’t helped the standard of education in this country at all. Our high school students still rank in the middle in terms of reading, science, and math. And that’s just the OECD countries, of which there are only 34. Take a look at another incident: the Detroit school system. Obama’s solution to fix the lack of academic standards was to throw about half a billion dollars at the Detroit schools. Have the standards and results changed? I think not.


    Obama’s added more to the debt in one term than Bush did in two terms. He’s had record deficits. The last time the deficit was under $1 trillion was before Obama even took office. He’s simply not trustworthy when it comes to the economy.

    That’s my spiel

    • Good points, one and all. My personal favorite is how Obama claims he wants to cut our net oil imports. He has a very poor way of showing it. Not only has he done the things you have mentioned, he has also closed half of the Alaskan National Petroleum Reserve to drilling and exploration. Little things like that seem to escape mention in the media, but they are more than a little relevant.

  • Amishron

    Obama can’t give specifics. He can only generalize & lie. The whole Democratic Party looks like a third world government that is corrupt from the top down.

  • Funny how there are no details in Obama’s plan, and there were no details in his 2008 plan and we all know how well that turned out. We don’t need details from Obama any more because he has a record and we cannot afford another four years of this.

    • I think Obama’s non-specificity has been specific enough. All we have to do to realize we don’t need to give him a second term is to look at his first term. That should give us clues enough to send him back to Chicago.

  • I think he wants to hire an army of teacher to go attack or invade something as well, but the details are still sketchy…

  • Let us just hope we get the deal closed tonight. Hammer away that Obama has not had a budget for three years. Let him explain that not one soul voted yes for his piece of nonsense.