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President Obama Wins Reelection – America Declines

First of all, let me congratulate President Obama on his successful reelection. I did not vote for him and I am not happy with the results, but he did win the election. As unhappy as I am, that is how America rolls. We have successful transitions of power, instead of the kind of violence we see in Libya, Syria, Egypt, etc. As sour as these grapes may be, I’ll still take America over any country in the world.

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Having said that, let me get to some of my personal feelings. I am still in shock that the majority of Americans want another four years of Barack Obama. We have had four years of dismal economic growth, even though he promised we would see an economic boom because of the money he was spending. That did not materialize, yet he wants to do it again. Again, the shock that the majority of Americans believe that is the path we need to take. Even though the exit polls showed a majority of voters believed we are on the wrong track, they gave Obama another four years with which to continue that track. That is a major contradiction that I can not reconcile, at least this close to the election. Other trends that worry me is how the turnout looked in some states, but that will also have to come later. I just don’t have it in me to look at it and give a proper analysis.

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Please forgive me for grumbling about what is taking place. I do not consider myself a poor loser, but I am extremely disturbed by what is transpiring in our country. The number of those who are on government dependency has continued to grow in the past four years and I see nothing to suggest that trend will reverse. Is this what Americans really want, a country where the government provides for so many people? Apparently so and that troubles me greatly. Where has the America gone, the country where everyone had opportunity and took it, instead of waiting on the government to give them what they need?

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What will happen in the next four years is fairly clear. Here is a short paragraph from President Obama’s acceptance speech.

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You elected us to focus on your jobs, not ours. And in the coming weeks and months, I am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together. Reducing our deficit. Reforming our tax code. Fixing our immigration system. Freeing ourselves from foreign oil. We’ve got more work to do.

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Does that sound familiar? It should, as it is the same refrain he was using in 2008, except for the part of having more work to do. I find it disconcerting to see him falling back on the same mantra of wanting to work across the aisle, when he has made it abundantly clear that he has no desire to do so. This is one time when actions truly do speak louder than words. No matter what he says, Obama has shown no inclination that he wants to work with Republicans. His idea of compromise is simple. They give him everything he wants and they get nothing in return. Unless he grants them a few obligatory spending cuts, ten years down the road. I see nothing good coming from another four years of the same song and dance.

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President Obama has already stated it would be easier to work without Congress. He has done so, via Executive Order, numerous times. Now that he has no reelection worries, how far will he be willing to go to enact his agenda? And make no mistake, he has an agenda that will harm America. Some may believe he will be a normal lame duck President and work to produce a legacy worthy of the Office of the President, but I think not. He now has the flexibility he desired and I am afraid he will make full use of it.

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What will a second Obama term look like? Examine his first term and then double down on that. He has nothing to hold him back, except for the Republicans in the House of Representatives, and I am not at all convinced they have what it takes to stand in the gap. Without new and bold leadership, I am afraid they will fold and capitulate, making it almost impossible to stop the agenda Obama will certainly put forward.

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A regulatory nightmare is on its way and there seems little we can do to stop it. Obamacare will be fully implemented and forever entrenched in our country. Taxes are almost certain to go up and spending is almost certain to increase. The only thing I can see that can convince Americans real change is needed is a complete and total economic collapse. Until that happens, we seem to be willing to stay in a deep sleep, oblivious to what is transpiring in America.

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When Barack Obama was campaigning in 2008, he promised to bring our country together, to mend the divisions that already existed. He has accomplished nothing in that regard, except to make it worse. America is more divided than it has ever been and much of that is due to his “us against them” rhetoric. He may be an American by birth, but he is not an American by spirit. A real American would not use such rhetoric.

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I am truly concerned for America. I realize God is in full control and nothing happens without his knowledge. I also know that God sometimes gives us the desires of our heart, even if those desires are not good for us. I am afraid that is what is happening. We are getting the government we deserve.

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  • The GOP nominated a moderate because he was the “only” candidate who could beat Obama. He didn’t even come close. Romney was the worst possible candidate for the GOP, the one who could never come off as authentic because he ran for Governor and governed as a liberal Republican. Why did anyone think Romney could beat Obama on Obamacare when Romneycare was hanging over Mitt’s head?

    Romney made it easy for Obama to win without defending his first term agenda and without offering a vision for a second term. Couple that with Romney’s poor campaign management and its a recipe for a total defeat. What did you expect the country to do? Their choice was between four more years of Obama or four more years of someone who governed as a liberal but now says he’s a conservative. Given that choice, most independents will go with the guy they know and don’t like over the guy who doesn’t appear to be trust worthy.

    • Mike

      I do think Romney was the only candidate who could have beaten Obama. But as you correctly point out, his campaign was poorly run, his themes were poorly laid out, and his background of governing was a real weakness. Hard to say if Rob Portman as his VP candidate would have helped with Ohio but probably not. He wasn’t helped by gaffes from other GOP candidates or by the infamous 47% comment or by his 180 degree turn on major issues in the last 10 years. Women weren’t buying into his story and minorities felt alienated; but I actually thought his underlying decency would help him carry the day over a failed presidency. The Obama campaign really had their finger on the pulse of the electorate and they were much better at simple math — getting to 270 is a goal they understood.

      • I think the flip flopping really hurt Romney because that and the endless, unresponded to Bain ads made him look untrustworthy. Romney didn’t get any more votes than John McCain but Obama got 10 million fewer votes. That’s 10 million undecided voters who, rather than break for the opponent like they usually do in a re-election race, decided to stay home.

  • Mike

    There will be a lot of “end of the world” nonsense coming from conservative bloggers today but retention of the House and a filibuster-proof balance in the Senate will not enable Obama to accomplish any radical agenda items. I will try to be optimistic and hope that what this election accomplishes is forcing the GOP to cave just enough on budget issues to allow the Obama-Boehner “grand bargain” to be achieved. That deal would have been done without the fear of repercussions from freshmen tea party members (just finished reading Bob Woodward’s book on this — very interesting!).

    The bigger fear for me, even if they pass a $4 trillion package with both upfront spending cuts and higher taxes on the wealthy, is the long-term implications on the budget of Obamacare. And it’s that concern that finally pushed me to vote for Romney. But if the GOP continues to take a hardline stance, fights an increase of the debt ceiling allowing the nation to default, then we are certainly in very, very big trouble. Somehow hardliners find that position “principled.” It’s not — it’s just complete and utter irresponsible lunacy. Those are the people I fear the most — not Barack Obama.

    • I honestly do not intend to sound like it is the end of the world. I am just fearful of what a second Obama term will do to America. I realize he still has to deal with the Republicans in the House and they will surely stand in his way, but his willingness to go it alone on policy changes troubles me greatly.

  • America lost almost every battle with the British during the Revolutionary War before accepting Cornwallis’s surrender at Yorktown years later. We lost the early battles in the Pacific and Africa at the outset of World War II, before ascending to victory.

    We survived Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society”, the Watergate scandal, Jimmy Carter and Bill “Monica Lewinsky” Clinton.

    It’s time to remember to “…keep spreading the pestilence…”

  • I am afraid it is not “end of the world” nonsense that is coming out of conservatives today. there is a lesson to be learned from yesterday’s election results. It is not a pleasant lesson. The America we have been fighting to protect does not exist anymore. The country known as America will continue for a while longer; but the idea that America once stood for is dead. Franklin warned that we were given a Republic if we could keep it. Americans, as a whole, were not up to the task. In the not to distant future, the world¡s fiat monetary system will collapse. Out of this unimagineble tragedy, a nrw world order will eventually emerge. What it will look like, no one knows. It won’r look lije the America we once knew. I believe that the conservative resistance must continue in order have at leadt some influence on what the new world order will be.

  • I too am shocked, and the GOP is toast. If they try obstructing the President’s agenda, he will play the press like Satan’s bagpipes and demagogue the hell out of them, and they will lose bigtime in the midterms.

    This election was a cry for free stuff, and the GOP is finished if they try to stand in the way. In other words, they are finished. That’s what happens to an organization that doesn’t know what it stands for.

  • Well said, you’ve stated it better than I did, but ended with the same conclusion.

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  • I am devastated that Americans handed our two of our most prized possession away last night: America and Freedom!

    I don’t believe for one minute that the Republican party will do anything nor will they be able to. Valerie Jarrett made it quite clear right before the election that “pay back is coming”.

    As a Veteran my heart mourns this incredible loss.

    As a woman I am disgusted that we gave up this election not for the good of America but because of our ‘vaginas’. I don’t even understand that on ANY level.

    But God is ultimately in control. This is no surprise to Him.

    As a side note, and maybe a little melodramatic, I have to wonder if we will even see an election in 2016?

    P.S. I was doubly devasted to learn that Lt Col Allen West And Mia Love are both also gone. We gave Obama everything he could possibly want last night.

    I am tightening up my financial belt, paying off credit cards and building savings because I know veterans and the military will be one of the first ones Obama will target and hit hard.

    But I also understand I can only do so much. Trying to prepare as best as I can by working on building my business in hopes that I can live off what I make if it becomes necessary.

    So much change coming. Will America even remotely resemble herself in four years? We shall see…

  • Steve Dennis

    And now he will have up to three SCOTUS picks and the Democrats will be able to shape society through the judiciary for years to come. I am very fearful of the future Larry, but we must press on.
    Great post by the way.

  • Dragonconservative

    Well, now the fat’s in the fire. We have to look to the coming fiscal cliff and we must look to the House of Representatives to make sure that the country does not go to the far-left. However, we must also make sure that we take back the White House in 2016 and the Senate in 2014. Paul Ryan/Scott Walker 2016? Maybe?

    • If we want to win in 2016 the ticket has to look more like Jindal/Rubio or Jindal/Cruz than Romney/Ryan. It’s going to take a minority on the ticket, if not two to even have a prayer of defeating Hillary.

      • Dragonconservative

        I’m not sure Hillary will run. She might think that she won’t win after coming out of a horrible administration.

        • I don’t think she’s looking at it as being such a horrible administration. Apparently voters don’t think it’s so horrible.

          • Dragonconservative

            Look at the popular vote. The voters basically said, “It could have been better, but it also could have been worse. Based on the fact that it could have been worse, we’re going to give you one more chance.” It was not a huge victory.