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President Obama – To Trust Or Not To Trust Is The Question

President ObamaIt is a true thing for me to state the following. I do not trust President Obama to do the right thing for America. He is wont to throw his victories in the face of his enemies, telling them “I won”. Because of those victories, he has expected to bully his way into getting everything he wants from Congress. He managed to convince many Republicans to go along with a deal that increased taxes for many Americans. Following that, he went on another offensive of blaming the Republicans for the sequester. He huffed and puffed so much about the spending cuts that weren’t real spending cuts, I’m surprised he isn’t out of breath.

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When President Obama was called out on his lies about the sequester, even by some of his friends in the media, he may have suddenly realized his tactics were not working this time. When the Republicans refused (finally) to cave on the sequester, allowing it to take affect on March 1, he immediately started quibbling and back tracking on the dire warnings he had issued for weeks.

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When it became clear that the sequester was not going to equal to the sky falling on Washington and the rest of the country, President Obama is suddenly interested, or so he says, in a grand bargain with the Republicans in Congress. He has even went so far as to have dinner Wednesday night with 12 Republican Senators and invited Paul Ryan to the White House for lunch. I can not think of anything Obama would dislike more than having lunch with Paul Ryan. Tensions had to have been high, given the number of times Ryan has called the President out on his lies. Once, it was in a room full of their peers, right to Obama’s face. It had to be uncomfortable for the President, so why is he engaging in what the news organizations are calling Obama’s charm offensive?

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According to CNN, it is because he has been advised, by more than a few of the people he listens to, that making friends with the opposition party is the thing to do. Maybe, just maybe, he may find he likes it more than he first thought. Some have even speculated that former President Bill Clinton gave him the same advice when he and Hillary Clinton were dinning at the White House a few days ago.

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While the advice he is receiving may very well be true, President Obama is not known as a man who takes advice well. He likes to do things his own way, a habit that can be clearly seen throughout his first four years in the White House. So, even though he is receiving the counsel to make friends with the enemy, methinks Obama has realized he simply has no other choice. He has been called on the carpet for his incessant campaigning and complaining against the Republicans. He has been confronted about the lies he has told about the sequester. His approval ratings have dropped from 53% to 47% in just one week and he is scrambling to recover his balance.

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A word of warning to all who would like to believe, as would I, that President Obama is really going to change his behavior and make a bargain with Republicans that will really cut spending in real dollars and reduce the deficit in a meaningful way. Can a leopard change its spots? I think not and that is why I do not trust Obama to do anything close to what he says he will do. Through all of his new charm offensive, we need to remember who we are dealing with.

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At his core, President Obama is a hard-left, progressive liberal. When in doubt, he will always revert to more government spending, not less. To finance that spending, he will always default to raising our taxes to a higher rate. He can not be trusted to do anything else. If you think otherwise, just ask John Boehner how his negotiations with Obama turned out. The President’s fallback position will always be to tax and spend. The Republicans should be willing to negotiate and compromise with President Obama, to a certain degree, but our fallback position should be to always distrust everything he says. To do anything else is a foolish proposition when dealing with a President whose one goal is to destroy the Republican opposition and take full control of our government for the last two years of his presidency.

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  • Didn’t a respected Republican say “…trust but verify” and another “speak softly but carry a big stick”? Seems we should take The Anointed One at his word (hold on for a minute: I’m gagging) and work for solutions, but still be ready to hold the line and inform the People of any treachery from him; carry forth a conservative agenda alone if there is yet another double-cross from the White House. The sequester lies, in the end, backfired on him due in large part to “truth to power” from conservatives. As LD pointed out in this blog above, a leopard, after all, seldom (never?) changes it’s spots. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice (or in Obama’s case, dozens of times) shame on ME! (Apologies for all the clichés, but like the occasional Big Mac, I can’t resist even if they are bad for us).

    • I agree, John. I don’t have a problem with listening to what Obama has to say (not necessarily taking him at his word, as I have that same gagging reflex you mentioned), but we should tread very carefully and be ready to proceed on our own, should he once again try to force his agenda down our throats, blaming us all the while. Perhaps we should trust, but verify with the big stick?

  • I don’t trust ANY of them. The majority of them are corrupt and up there for themselves. Oh, they talk a good game, but it’s all bs. Their actions speak loud enough. Obama is a like the scorpion who killed the frog. Lying, using any means to get to his ends, are in his nature. To trust him is a fools errand. Fortunately for him, there is an abundance of fools around.

    • Don’t mistake my distrust of President Obama for complete and total trust of the Republicans. There are a few that I do trust, but for the most part, I do not.

      • No worry there, LD. I’ve just become so cynical these days.

  • Anything Obama does is for political gain. You’re right, Larry. The man is not to be trusted.

  • The man inherently evil. He came to the U.S. Senate supported by Alinskites and an exceptionally dirty campaign. It was a plan and the plan has never stopped. There is nothing to believe about him except that he is anti-American, not what we know as a true Democrat. This latest “charm offensive” is a joke. Unfortunantely, the old dogs in the House and Senate refused to listen to the incoming Class of 2010 but some have awakened now. It’s too late to stop it. We have seen the dangers of how constitutional checks and balances can be destroyed by Congress allowing the Rule of Law to be ignored. Little of what Obama has done to this country could have happened had Congress insisted that he would NOT hijack their powers. The Founders would not have believed a Senate could do what this one has done.

    You “word of warning” is a truth.

    • You are right, Maggie. President Obama is much different than the Democrats our fathers knew. He is much more radical and dare I say it, inherently evil. Some would question my calling him that, but as loud as his rhetoric is, his actions speak even louder.

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  • I stayed away from the “evil” word for a long time – until it so obvious it couldn’t be ignored. I include a large part of the current Congress as evil as well. Any one subverting the constitution, intentionally and knowingly, and having the power to do it, is evil.

  • I would not trust him farther than I can throw him. And I trust his advisers even less.

    I might have disliked Bill Clinton but at least people like Bob Rubin were smart and qualified. Obama is mediocre at best and seems to have surrounded himself with people below his level so he can feel smart.

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