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President Obama To Republicans – You Have Another Thing Coming!

Thank God, we finally have the fiscal cliff behind us. President Obama finally got his highly-touted tax increase, the one that is supposed to make the rich pay their fair share and help reduce the budget deficit. Conservatives aren’t exactly happy about that, but we did manage to make the majority of the Bush tax cuts permanent, so that may count for something. As for the tax increases reducing the deficit, National Review Online has a well-written piece that debunks that myth, but most of us already knew how false it was.

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Even though most conservatives are not happy with the deal that supposedly ended the fight over tax increases and kicked the can of sequestration and the spending cuts it will entail down the road, there could be room for a small amount of optimism. It could be argued that we are in a better negotiating position to force the hand of the liberals and get the spending cuts that we know have to be forthcoming, if the fiscal condition of the United States is to improve. That optimism is probably a bit premature, as evidenced by the remarks made by President Obama in his speech about the fiscal cliff on December 31, 2012.

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(Huffington Post) If Republicans think that I will finish the job of deficit reduction, through spending cuts alone — and you hear that sometimes coming from them — sort of, after today we’re just going to try to shove only spending cuts down, you know, well — shove spending — shove spending cuts at us, that will hurt seniors, or hurt students, or hurt middle-class families without asking also equivalent sacrifice from millionaires or companies with a lot of lobbyists … if they think that’s going to be the formula for how we solve this thing, they have another thing coming.

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I have watched the video of the speech and it was pretty clear to me what President Obama meant. We may believe he has little room left to negotiate, but he doesn’t seem to think that is the case. I expect him to demand more concessions from the GOP, before he even considers spending cuts that are real and substantial. He has also said he has no plans to negotiate over the debt ceiling, saying he will use his own authority – authority that does not exist – to borrow the money needed to meet the obligations we already have.

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If there is one thing I have learned from watching how Obama has worked in the past four years, it is to never underestimate the lengths to which he will go to achieve his goals. If he has to create authority out of thin air, he will do so. I expect him to push hard for more tax increases on the rich, or to lower the threshold to the $200,000/$250,000 he really wants. Do not believe for a minute he is finished with his push to make the rich pay their fair share.

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By doing so, Obama will make two things abundantly clear. First, he will expose himself as the class warfare warrior he really is. Second, he will show just how serious he really isn’t about the debt and the deficit. I have said it before, it’s the spending, stupid. Obama either doesn’t understand that or he just doesn’t care about reducing our debt and deficit and getting spending under control. I suspect it is probably the latter.

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  • Obama doesn’t care about fixing our debt problem, Larry. He only cares about his agenda, which is to make America a second rate nation.

    • I would tend to agree, Jim. President Obama seems to have very little interest in solutions that might actually fix the fiscal condition of our country.

  • Right on!, Larry. Obama is a liar and hypocrite who says one thing in his speeches then behaves precisely as the leftist ideologue he is.

    The Republicans were caught in a crossfire with the fiscal cliff by Democrats on one side and public opinion on the other. Polls clearly and I believe correctly revealed that the voting public blamed Republicans, rather than intransigent and irresponsible Democrats, for the massive tax increases that would have accompanied the failure of a deal. I think the average citizen fails to comprehend the awful consequences for them and all of America if we fail to arrest these deficits by reducing spending. Like smoking cigarettes, it seems all too theoretical until YOU finally get cancer. Then, of course, it’s too late. Some feel the Repub’s compromising was cowardly, but had they not done so, it would have made losing the House and giving Dems a Senate super-majority again in two years very likely. We saw how well that worked for everyone in The Anointed One’s first two years when he gave us ObamaCare and the “Stimulus” package.

    Conservatives need to do a better public relations and communications job in getting the issues understood more accurately by voters. When it’s the Dems who stand to lose elections by obstructing critical legislation such as the debt ceiling or sequestration, then there can be genuine compromise that will include spending and deficit cuts.

    • Unfortunately, I believe you are correct. The average American voter really does not understand how big of a threat is posed to our country, if we do not get the debt, deficit, and spending under control. Conservatives have done a very poor job of public relations and unless that changes, and we can get our points understood and across to those same voters, we are not going to win a single fight we are facing on fiscal issues.

  • I hope the lower and middle class is happy with their tax increase, 77% of us will see our taxes increase thanks to the fiscal cliff deal. It isn’t just the rich who will see taxes increase.

    Obama is going to behave like a dictator during the next four years. Look for him to coin money, declare a value for it, and borrow off of it. That’s the authority he believes that he has. Boehner and the House GOP should simply not fund the government if Obama tries to pull that stunt. In fact, pulling the platinum coin stunt could cost the Democrats big in 2014 which will only make matters with Obama worse.

    • I will be surprised at nothing Obama tries to do in his second term.

  • I for one am not optimistic about any spending cuts ever coming to pass. Obama will delay during the debt ceiling debate until the last minute in order to create a crisis, once that crisis is created the Republicans will cave once again and give him almost everything he wants. Boehner may talk a good game now but we have seen what happens to him when the pressure is on.

    • I will believe in real spending cuts when I see them signed into law and actually take effect. I question if many people in Washington are really serious about them.

  • Almost half of the rich voted for Obama. I hope this bucket of cold water wakes them up.

    The GOP should stand aside and let Obama implement the rest of his “solutions.” We’ll have a referendum in 4 years.

  • We have to think of this as a 10 course meal. Obama has more than 4 years left as president and this minor tax increase was only the first appetizer.

    Wait till we get to the salad or, of course, the main course.

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  • bill

    what are we opining on now? oh yeah, spending cuts. don’t hold your breath…just one more opportunity for ‘most’ ‘pubs in congress to jockey for position.

    there will be no actual ‘deficit’ reduction in the next four years or ever; much less real outstanding ‘debt’ reduction. we are experiencing the ‘progressive’s’ endgame. the debt ceiling debate will conclude with a promise to reduce, by percentage, the growth of spending over the next ten years. hopefully, that ‘agreement will persuade moody to forstall our eventual downgrade; but it’s all smoke and mirrors…does anyone on mr. jackson’s site believe that if indeed a dollar was saved; it would represent it’s worth subtracted from 16.4t?

    i believe the the exception mr. jackson took to the administration’s position was mr. obama’s statement that, in a nutshell, he would not negotiate re: the ‘debt ceiling’. mr. obama went on to chastise congress in advance for it’s refusal to pay for the debt ‘it’ had accrued. this artful and patently progressive ‘slight of hand’ is is the left’s signature; it ignore’s the fact that mr. obama, and his handlers, are responsible for 5t of that debt; not to mention the future debilitating effect of un-precidented q.e. that will take it’s toll on the economy vis~a~vis inflation in the near future.

    considering all the signs and portents; it’s obvious we’re living through the prediction of mr. orwell. mr. bennet’s assessment, the death of outrage seems more than apropo; and mr. king’s observation that a single person could be the ‘last magician of rational thought’ sums up mr. obama nicely.

    these are my thoughts; and in humility i expect rebuttal or affirmation. and so to encourage the timid i’d offer this barb.

    what have we been able to deny mr. obama during his presidency; that he has not been able, constitutionally or not, to achieve…b

    • Actually, what I was referring to in the article was the President’s insistence that he would not negotiate further reductions in the deficit, as if the fiscal deal actually reduced the deficit, without further increases in taxes. My point being that he has by no means abandoned his call for the rich to pay more of their fair share.

      • bill

        i think we’re on the same page mr. jackson. i just turned that page a bit with
        my comment. your example of our president’s intransigence was two-fold: one; that mr. obama would not negotiate future reduction in the ‘deficit’ and two; “He has also said he has no plans to negotiate over the ‘debt ceiling’, saying he will use his own authority – authority that does not exist – to borrow the money needed to meet the obligations we already have.”
        my comment referenced the latter but is there really a difference here? our concern (outrage) is not so much with this president’s arrogance but the ‘messaging’ the administration employs to secure the accedence (and loyalty) of the un-washed; whose numbers have grown along with the self-serving.
        in our opinion mr. obama is acting badly but isn’t the fact that he get’s away with it really what sticks in our craw?

        our constitution allows the people to determine how they are governed. the
        ‘people’, in my opinion, made the wrong choice twice…b

  • A bit off this topic, but I thought PR readers would like to see this article on Obama’s far-reaching approach to gun control–finance.html I thought it interesting that the Washington Post reporter called it “a far broader approach to curbing U.S. ‘gun violence’ “, not GUN CONTROL. As if lawful gun ownership is synonymous with violence. Just a heads-up as to what’s coming.

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  • Obama cannot enslave The People, collapse the dollar and bring submissiveness to our global persona if he doesn’t bankrupt us. I blame our duly-elected Congresscritters for letting this happen. They are constitutionally obligated to be our check and balance against tyranny. Now that we have him, I hope those who voted for him have the opportunity to learn a very hard lesson (not that I’m seeking revenge or anything 🙂

    • The longer Obama is in office, the more opportunity he will have to implement his agenda. Sooner or later, the Republicans in Congress are going to have to take a stand against him.