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President Obama – Finding Common Ground

Today is the first day of the next four years of our lives. President Barack Obama was officially sworn in for his second term yesterday, but the festivities and lavish parties really get underway today. Lots of hoopla, etc. I care very little for all that, no matter who is being sworn in. I would contend it is all a very big waste of taxpayer money. But, I digress.

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One of President Obama’s senior advisers was on most of the Sunday talk shows yesterday. David Plouffe was going around, basically letting everyone know what kind of administration would be occupying the White House for the next four years. Some of the things he had to say, I find very ironic and more than a little misleading. But, I would expect nothing less from the Obama administration. Emphasis added is my own.

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(Fox News) David Plouffe, a top adviser to President Obama, on Sunday laid out the president’s broad plan for the next four years, saying the president will continue to follow voters’ demands that include gun control as well as education and immigration reform.

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“This is what they wanted us to do,” Plouffe told “Fox News Sunday,” the day before the president was to be publicly sworn in at a Washington ceremony.

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Plouffe suggested the president’s speech during the Monday ceremony would touch on the idea of “finding common ground,” and that Obama would be more specific in about three weeks in his State of the Union address.

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President ObamaSeriously, does the Obama administration really expect us to believe they really want to find common ground with those of us who disagree with their agenda? If you believe that, then I could probably come up with some swamp land in Arizona to sell you. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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For the past four years, we have watched as Obama has run roughshod over his opponents. Obamacare was shoved down our throats, with no input from the Republicans, conservative or not, and without a single Republican vote. Obama has done his best to implement portions of the DREAM Act on his own. Obama’s EPA has went rampant with regulations, although they did their best to keep them quite until after the election. Need I go on?

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What about the fiscal negotiations, if you can call them that, that have taken place behind closed doors? Obama has done nothing to find common ground with Republicans on fiscal reform. Even discounting his negotiations in previous years, let’s look at the most recent talks Obama had with John Boehner. The Speaker offered new revenue, ie. higher taxes, and asked what he would get in return. Obama said nothing, that he would take the $800 billion and expect more. When asked what they could do about spending, Obama point blank told Boehner we didn’t have a spending problem and he was getting tired of hearing the Republicans say we did. Is it any wonder that John Boehner says he will no longer hold one-on-one negotiations with President Obama? You can’t blame the poor fellow.

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Is this what he means by finding common ground? If so, why would we want more of the same common ground? President Obama’s idea of finding common ground seems to be really simple. Make the Republicans compromise even more, get more of what he wants, and push more legislation down our throats. I suspect his push for stricter gun control is only beginning, but I hope and pray the Republicans in Congress, as well as some of his own party, refuse to play his game of finding common ground. Sooner or later, they are going to have to realize that compromising with Obama gets us nowhere, unless he is willing to make some of his own concessions. I have seen nothing like that coming from Obama in the last four years. I see no reason to believe the next four years is going to be any different.

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  • Robbins Mitchell

    Yea,like I want to find common ground with a mobbed up Chicago dirt bag thug who can’t tell the truth and who doesn’t know his @$$ from a hole in the ground….that hides behind school kids to deflect criticism from his wide open assault on the 2nd Amendment….and who made the cold blooded decision to let 40 Americans die in Benghazi to protect his little “Al Qaeda is on the run” narrative…forget it Barokedoke…I’d rather to go to war with you and all you stand for.

    • At the risk of sounding like I refuse to find anything at all to agree with Obama on, I have to say Amen to your comment. I find it impossible to believe anything he says and it seems the only tactic he is good at is demeaning his opponents. I do not trust him and I absolutely do not agree with the direction he is taking our country. He is more of a far-left ideologue than he wants us to believe. As such we should stand in his way and keep him from affecting his version of hope and change on America.

    • I’m with you Robbins Mitchell. Obama takes about finding “common ground” then makes it impossible with his lying attacks on conservatives and the GOP. You can’t have an honest discussion of policy with a liar like that!

  • bobh

    I can find no common ground with a despot who views our Constitution as no more than a quaint old relic.

    • It is hard to agree with Obama on anything when we can see how his actions are changing our country, and not for the better.

  • “…saying the president will continue to follow voters’ demands that include gun control as well as education and immigration reform.”

    Old age must be bringing on memory failure because I don’t recal the voters “demanding” those things.

    • My memory must be going too. We did not demand more gun control, or the rest of his list of talking points.

  • Education? What more can he want from all of his little brown shirts to be?

    • That’s a good question and one that should be asked of Obama. Not that we would get a straight answer.

  • I heard some of his speech today and it sounded very little like he was interested in common ground; he took a shot at the House Republicans and ridiculed those who “ignore the scientific evidence” behind the global warning scheme. He wasn’t interested in common ground in his first term and he isn’t interested in it now.

    • I haven’t watched his speech and do not plan to. Of course he took a shot at the Republicans. Of course he ridiculed those of us who question the “evidence” of global warming. All he wants is to implement his agenda and I want no part of it.

  • This country is not ready for common ground by this President. Its obvious,The nation is still divided and its still racial. You can not change and agree with change if you are racial. What does that tell you of common ground. There is no commom ground when this President is Black. Even if he is right and his party follows him he still can not get by a Replican congress who whould rather see this country fall than do what is right to help all people. Commom ground can be reached though but not until these four years are over.