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Pray for Larry

For those of you that don’t know me, I am Gary, Larry’s brother. Larry took a fall today on the ice and hit his head hard on the ice. He didn’t want to go to the hospital but I am just as stubborn as he is and he went. They did a CT scan and there are no bleeds but he has a bad concussion and a massive headache.  They are keeping him over night to keep watch on him but I think he is going to be okay. It may be a few days before he is able to write on the blog again and I wanted to let you guys know what was going on.

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Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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G.D. Jackson

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  • Thank God it sounds like Larry is going to be okay. Larry, you will be in my thoughts and prayers, please get well soon and do not worry about not writing for it is much more important for you to get healthy. Take care my friend.

  • Thank you so much Gary for letting us know. I’ll keep Larry in my prayers, and am thankful that he didn’t hurt himself any worse. He’ll have a bad headache for a while. So sorry, and praying for a very speedy recovery. Everybody be careful out there.

  • You are in my prayers Larry, I wish you always, the best.

  • Michael Clements

    Praying for you Larry.

  • Good thing he got a CT scan. Hope he is ok. Best wishes for him!

  • Prayers on the way. Hope ya feel better soon Larry!

  • Oh man… this is not what I wanted to read tonight. Larry, you are in my prayers and Thank you to Gary for letting us know! With any head trauma, no matter how insignificant it may seem, you must get it checked out! I’m glad to see larry did that and not let ego step in the way… we’re all too prone to letting the “I’m ok”s get in the way and that’s how we get into trouble. Get well quickly, Larry! We need you to keep us up to speed!

  • I’m saying a prayer for you LD. Be well soon.

  • Whoa, take it easy there Larry. Oh, and this just came in over the wires – NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is proposing a mandatory helmet law for all pedestrians in the wake of reports that one of his favorite bloggers took a nasty tumble and whacked his head on the ice.

  • Mike

    It’s been my experience that Larry is very hard-headed so I’m highly confident he will have a full and healthy recovery 🙂 Seriously, Larry take care of yourself, rest up, and come back soon. We all miss you and you are very much in our thoughts and prayers.

  • So sorry to hear! A prayer coming from the Brooks family. Get better soon – we need your head in one piece and screwed on right (no pun intended)!

  • Forgotten Liberty

    Take it easy and rest up so you can get back to blogging as soon as possible

  • Thinking about you, LD.

  • Gary, thanks for insisting that Larry go to the hospital. Get well soon , my friend.

  • Praying right now! Thanks Gary for letting us know. Larry, you rest and do what the docs tell you to do. When you’re better I’ll give you some northerner pointers for ice walking!

  • Such a severe blow to the head requires lots of rest to recover. I had quite a blow to the noggin a few weeks ago, and it took me several days before I “felt right.”

    Please tell Larry that I’m praying for him.

  • Larry is home now, resting.

    • Mike

      Great!! Rest up and get well soon!

  • My thoughts and prayers go out to Larry. Thanks for the update GD.

  • This is great news!

    • Sorry, this post was supposed to be in response to Gary’s post saying that Larry was at home and resting.

  • So sorry to hear..this winter stuff needs to end soon.

  • Get well fast LD. We need do to do battle with us.

  • Gary, thanks for letting us know. Prayers here for Larry!

  • Best wishes, Larry. Let’s hope that crack didn’t scramble your brain and turn you into a liberal.

    • It better not turn him into a liberal. I will smack him again and turn him back.

      • I doubt there is anything that would turn Larry into a liberal!

        How’s he doing Gary? Continuing to pray.

  • Larry, I hope you feel better soon.

  • get well soon Larry…

  • I’m glad to hear Larry’s home now. Hope he’s starting to feel better.

  • Get some rest and get well soon, Larry.

  • How is Larry?

  • Larry still isn’t feeling well. He is still very nauseated at times. I believe he is going back to the Doc today.

    • I hope he feels better we miss him!