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The Pettiness and Arrogance of Barack Obama

WWII-Memorial-ClosedThere will be some that may take exception to the tone this post will strike, but this is something that needs to be said. Have you ever witnessed a single politician with the ingrained pettiness we are seeing displayed from the White House. I have always felt whomever held the Office of President of the United States deserved respect. If for nothing else, for simply holding the highest office in our country. Even with Barack Obama, I have tried to show a modicum of respect for the office. That is no longer the case and my feeling has been brought on by the actions of Obama himself.

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The attitude Obama displays has been obvious since the day he first took office. He showed a certain amount of disdain and arrogance, as if he was somewhat better than the other politicians in Washington. After all, he did win the election and the Republicans lost. Throughout his first four years in office, I came to expect that arrogance to raise its ugly head. I believe it is in Obama’s nature, in his heart. The Bible says “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh”, and that holds true with Obama. The latest showdown with the Republicans has placed it even more prominently on display.

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Barack Obama is always telling us how he is fighting for the middle class. He based a large part of his campaign on this lie, but when push comes to shove, his true nature emerges. That’s what we are seeing in the political fight over the government shutdown caused by the Democrats and their leader in the White House. We knew Obama would blame the Republicans. That much was a given. What is so surprising is how he is doing everything he can to make sure the government shutdown is as painful and inconvenient to the average American citizen as possible. Obama is really pulling out all the stops on this.

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The government shutdown started on October 1. The first signs of how petty Obama was going to be were displayed at the WWII Memorial. This is an open air memorial, with no attendants. People come and go as they please, taking their time to ponder and reflect the war to end all wars. Many of these people are the elderly veterans who fought and sacrificed in that war. When groups of them started arriving, they found the memorial barricaded by police tape. Certain Republican Representatives happened to be in the area and some of them helped these elderly warriors to take down the barricades and escorted them to their memorial.

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That was the first indication that this government shutdown was going to get ugly, but not the last. Similar barricades and obstructions were placed at the Vietnam Wall, the Iwo Jima Memorial, and others. You can walk to the Iwo Jima Memorial, but the road itself has been blocked. That didn’t work so well for the veterans who were elderly, some of them in wheelchairs. They broke through the barricades and drove to their memorial, as they should. Keep in mind that these memorials are not normally attended or guarded, but with the government shutdown, Obama feels the need to spend money we do not have, just to make sure these places are barricaded so American citizens are not able to access them. The pettiness and arrogance that is causing these places to be closed needs to be documented. As much as the actions taken by the Obama administration should not surprise me, I can not help but be shocked. Following is a list of places that have been closed, due to Obama’s version of a government shutdown.

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1. Treatments for Children Suffering From Cancer – The GOP have agreed to a compromise by funding part of the government, including the National Institutes of Health, which offers children with cancer last-chance experimental treatment. Obama has threatened to veto this funding.

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2. The World War II Memorial – The WWII memorial on the DC Mall is a 24/7 open-air memorial that is not regularly staffed. Although the White House must have known that WWII veterans in their eighties and nineties had already booked flights to visit this memorial, the White House still found the resources to spitefully barricade the attraction.

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The Republican National Committee has offered to cover any costs required to keep the memorial open. The White House refused. Moreover, like the NIH, the GOP will pass a compromise bill that would fund America’s national parks. Obama has threatened to veto that bill.

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3. Furloughed Military Chaplains Not Allowed to Work for Free Furloughed military chaplains willing to celebrate Mass and baptisms for free have been told they will be punished for doing so.

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4. Business Stops In Florida KeysAlthough the GOP have agreed to compromise in the ongoing budget stalemate and fund the parks, Obama has threatened to veto that funding. As a result, small businesses, hunters, and commercial fisherman can’t practice their trade. While the feds have deemed the personnel necessary to keep this area open “non-essential,” the “enforcement officers” to ensure no business is done are “essential.”

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5. Obama Blacks Out Sports, Entertainment Programming to Overseas Troops – The American Forces Network (AFN) that provides American sports and entertainment programming to our troops stationed abroad, has been shut down. For some reason, though, AFN News will still broadcast news, just not any of the popular and fun stuff.

Camp David is essential, but popular programming for heroes overseas is non-essential.

6. Obama Closes D-Day MemorialThe GOP have offered to compromise and fund the National Parks. Obama has said he will veto this compromise legislation. As a result, along with 24 other military cemeteries, the D-Day memorial in Normandy has been barricaded.

7. Obama Tries to Close Privately-Funded Mt. Vernon – Although George Washington’s Mt. Vernon estate is privately funded, the feds blocked visitors from entering the parking area because the Park Service maintains the lot. Apparently, the New Media publicity resulted in the feds backing down.

8. Obama Closes Over 100 Privately-Managed Parks That Cost No Money to Run –  The U.S. Treasury actually makes money from the rent paid by a private company that “employs about 400-500 camp workers and managers across about a dozen states.” No federal money is used to operate these parks. No federal employees are used to staff these parks. Taxpayers make a profit from these parks. Still, Obama had them closed and as a result 400-500 employees and a private business are taking it in the neck.

9. Obama Closes Self-Sustaining Colonial Farm It Hasn’t Supported Since 1980“For the first time in 40 years, the National Park Service (NPS) has finally succeeded in closing the Farm down to the public. In previous budget dramas, the Farm has always been exempted since the NPS provides no staff or resources to operate the Farm.”

10. Obama Tries to Close State-Run Parks in Wisconsin – “The park service ordered state officials to close the northern unit of the Kettle Moraine, Devil’s Lake, and Interstate state parks and the state-owned portion of the Horicon Marsh, but state authorities rebuffed the request because the lion’s share of the funding came from state, not federal coffers.”

11. Obama Closes Vietnam MemorialThe GOP have passed compromise legislation that would fund national memorials and parks, and open them to the public. Obama threatened a veto. Apparently, the “essential” government employees are those erecting barricades, not those who could keep the memorial open.

12. Obama Closes Privately-Owned Hotel, Police Block Parking Lot – “The operator of a 51-room inn located on U.S. government-owned land in North Carolina abandoned his defiant stance on Thursday to keep the property open despite being ordered to close as part of the federal government shutdown.”

October is this inn’s prime season. The GOP have offered compromise funding opening the parks. Obama said he will veto that compromise.

State troopers blocked customers from entering the inn’s parking lot.

13. Park Service Ranger: ‘We’ve Been Told to Make Life As Difficult For People As We Can’“It’s a cheap way to deal with the situation,” an angry Park Service ranger in Washington says of the harassment. “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

If this isn’t petty enough for you, consider this. Florida Bay is 1,100 miles of open ocean. Many people go there to fish and supply the captains of the fishing boats with their livelihood. According to the National Park Service, it is now closed, due to Obama’s version of a government shutdown. This closure also includes Biscayne National Park.

One last thing. South Dakota is home to Mt. Rushmore. Since it is operated by the National Park, it’s closure during the government shutdown is no surprise, but the Obama administration didn’t stop there. They ordered traffic cones to be placed on the highway to prevent driver’s from pulling into scenic overlooks and taking pictures of the monument. The pettiness of this action astounds even me.

mt-rushmoreWhat is our country coming to, when our President is so willing to make his point, that he engages in such petty behavior. Did Obama give the order to close the scenic overlooks at Mt. Rushmore? Did he order Florida Bay and Biscayne National Park closed? Did he specifically tell the National Park Service to close the memorials to our honored veterans, some of them in their last days? Probably not, but someone under his authority did. His attitude has ran downhill and permeated every level of his administration. The people working under Obama know how he feels and they are acting accordingly.

The disrespect shown by the Obama administration towards the American people infuriates me. I would say that we do not deserve such disrespect and pettiness, but I’m not sure that is a true statement. After all, we did manage to elect him to the White House. Not once, but twice. After a useless first term, we decided to give him another chance. I say “we”, but that’s not technically true. I didn’t vote for Obama and am glad to say I didn’t. If you read this and you did vote for Mr. Petty and Arrogant, then shame on you. The mess we are in is your fault, not mine.


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  • Obama is like a kid on the playground that doesn’t like how things are going. He tries to say, “It’s my ball and you can’t play with it”.

    • He’s a vindictive bully. Petty and mean-spirited.

  • I had mixed feelings as to how this was going to play out. Now I am convinced that it has been worth it. The regime has been shown for what it is.

    • I believe you are correct. I was worried myself, but the way the Obama administration is responding is putting their attitude towards the American people on display for all to see.

  • EstablishmentByProxy

    Yellow card for you!

    Admit it Larry, you know public land blockades are not about being petty. They’re about acting according to one’s steadfast faith in government. This benevolent authoritarianism is for our mutual good. You, being just one person, don’t have the genuine capacity to act responsibly. The truth could reveal itself if only you stopped trying to think independently or so needlessly apply logic and reason within fairly objective and historic contexts. Nasty habits those.

    Since you need one, here’s your newly authorized perspective: From government springs all good things and from the liberty of our people rises Bible clinging, gun loving, secretive terrorist wannabees. Without the kindly federal minders, the land and the water and the very air would have never been. Without them to guard zealously, not at all menacingly, our nation’s entire bounty would vanish into the ether.

    I expect your next article to be more acceptable to the duly appointed blogger media review board’s Czar.

    Have you thanked a politician today? If not, you may be in violation of code 34 CFR 4 section 1.2, paragraph C, sub-heading 5b.

    • How silly of me to think so much on my own. I’ll try to do better the next time.

  • acethepug

    Yes, Barack Obama is a small, petty, thin-skinned, venal man-child.

    The problem is, the Media is doing their best to shield him, by conveniently NOT mentioning how above-and-beyond this shutdown is compared to the earlier ones, how these outdoor national landmarks and parks were NOT shut down in said prior shutdowns, or how is it Barack Obama and Harry Reid who are refusing to negotiate.

    The mask has slipped, let us hope enough people have seen Obama for the liar and man-child he is.

    • That’s one reason I would like to see the Republicans announcing the truth more. They need to hold their own news conferences and make sure, as much as lies within them, that the American people know what President Obama, Harry Reid, and the rest of the liberal Democrats are doing in this shutdown.

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  • Remember this one line: Angry Park Ranger admits they were told to “Make Life as Difficult for People as we can”.

    Obama and the Dems want to HURT us, the American people.

    That is not the action you would expect from American leaders, that is what you would expect from tyrants and dictators.

    • Exactly! The Democrats like to tell us how wonderful they are and how they care for the people who are hurting, but the reality I see is much different.

  • Obamanation is an abomination! That man is unbelievable. I cannot comprehend anymore how any American with 2 cents of a brain would vote for this man a second term. It was the race card and he is a token black because he is not running anything – it is Pelosi and Reid and whoever or whatever cronies he can collect along the way.

    Obama is hurting Americans and he does not care. He has not empathy. Mark Levin said he believes that Obama has psychological issues…..UGH, duh…..dude is just figuring that out now and I like Mark Levin, but come on! Everyone knows that man has issues, that is if you have a 2 cent brain or more!


    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m not to the point where I believe Obama has psychological issues, but I do think he is petty and vindictive. He is also a bully and a liar. He has been proven to be so and how enough Americans fell for his lies to elect him to a second term is beyond me. There should have been no way he accomplished that, but he did. Maybe he wouldn’t have done so, had more conservatives came out and voted for Mitt Romney, in spite of their misgivings. I guess we’ll never know if that is true.

      • Don’t you remember how some conservatives wrote back in 2008 that they hope Obama wins to teach the Republicans a lesson? Well, it happened not only once, but twice.

        All I can say to those that wrote that rubbish is to be careful what you wish for you might get it and regret it, all the while the rest of us must suffer through this mess!

        • To any conservative who hoped Obama would teach us a lesson, I call that hogwash. We may never recover from the condition he has put our country in. That’s more like a disaster than a lesson.

  • Thanks for the link Larry and you are 100% right about the way Obama is acting. He is petty and belligerent and is acting like a spoiled child who isn’t getting his way. There is nothing he will not do to get his point across and that is what we are seeing here. While he speaks in front of hand-picked friendly audiences who support him without fault I believe that even many of his supporters are disgusted by his actions.

    • I don’t understand how anyone, Obama supporter or not, can watch his actions and his attitude, and still support the man. He clearly has an attitude towards his Republican opponents, almost a disdain for them, both personally and politically.

  • bill gullen

    I wonder if any in the irs have been furloughed? probably not ’cause taking our money 24’7’365 is ‘essential’.

    no worries mr. jackson; my dear bride and i are sending memos…b

    • I suspect you are right. The employees of the IRS have been declared essential, no doubt.

  • Billiam

    Well said, Larry. I have despised the narcissistic little poof since I looked at his record in Illinois. The man has to be the equivalent of a Sith Lord to have fooled so many. Either that, or the greater portion of the Democrat party is just a nasty, petty and low, just like the ‘man’ they continue to support.

    • Ha, maybe the “Force” is with him.

      Seriously, you are right. How he has came from nowhere and fooled so many is beyond my comprehension. Many of us tried to tell the country he would not be good for America. We were laughed to scorn in 2008. Unfortunately, our fears are turning out to be grounded in the truth.

  • The goal here is political and Liberals are adept at pulling all the moves to try and appear that their backing is stronger than it is. This type of stuff goes way beyond just closing the Washington Monument. There are many examples as to how it takes more people to keep something closed than to keep it open.

    It shows the disgusting lengths to which the Democrats will go to “win.”