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Paul Ryan vs. Joe Biden – A Debate With The Joker

Paul Ryan-Joe BidenThe title of this post does not fully express the disgust with which I watched the Vice-Presidential debate last night. Paul Ryan and Joe Biden sat down at a table in the first face to face meeting of the two tickets vying for the Presidency since Mitt Romney wiped the floor with Barack Obama. There was never a doubt that Paul Ryan would be in command of the issues. He always is and is more than capable of articulating them with precision and accuracy. There was also no doubt that Joe Biden would be on the attack and that is exactly what happened. Given his bosses performance in Denver, he had no choice. In that regard, he did not disappoint his supporters. From the beginning of the debate, he went after Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan with everything he could muster.

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Why did I feel disgust while watching the debate? The first thing that comes to mind is the moderator. Martha Raddatz was completely horrible. The questions she asked were pertinent enough, but she consistently allowed Joe Biden to interrupt Paul Ryan, with almost no rebuke. By some counts, Biden interrupted Ryan 82 different times. There were several times during the debate when Paul Ryan was not allowed to even finish his answer. Most notably was during the exchange on Libya. I realize the debate had to move on at some point, but time after time, Ryan was interrupted by Biden, and then was not allowed to come back and finish answering the question. I have already read several articles that say Marth Raddatz did a fairly good job as moderator, but I disagree. She was an epic failure.

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Going to the reason I titled this post as I did, Joe Biden reminded me of the famous character from the Batman comic series. The Joker always had a smile on his face and he was always laughing, but his humor would kill you. He and Batman were always talking to each other during their fights and no matter what happened, the Joker kept right on smiling. Every time Paul Ryan tried to answer a question in his serious and studied manner, Biden started laughing. That laughter almost always led into him interrupting Ryan while he was trying to get his point across. In that regard, Joe Biden won this debate, hands down. Paul Ryan was too polite to assert himself, even though he had every right to do so. He tried to answer the questions and the Joker kept right on laughing and interrupting.

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On the issue of the answers each candidate gave, I didn’t keep notes and failed to watch the last 15 minutes of the debate, but I believe Paul Ryan did okay on that. Of course, Joe Biden consistently and constantly called him a liar and misrepresented what Ryan was saying, but that was to be expected. There were several glaring examples of this tactic. It first cropped up when the two candidates were talking about Libya. With the facts that we now have available, I am surprised Biden stayed with his story, but that didn’t seem to bother him. Even though we all know the Obama administration knew within a day that the attacks in Libya were coordinated terrorist attacks, Biden had no trouble throwing everyone under the bus, except the administration he works for.

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Another example of this came during the exchange on Medicare and Social Security. Joe Biden continually accused Paul Ryan of lying about his plan, and that of Mitt Romney, to reform the two programs. He accused them of trying to lower Medicare benefits by turning it into a voucher program. Even though the voucher part is true, they are not trying to lower benefits. No current recipients of Medicare would be affected. Only future generations would see changes. Joe Biden completely fails to mention the pilot programs the Obama administration is allowing to be put into place that does exactly that. Current Medicare recipients are being forced into these programs, with no warning. They can then choose to opt out, but are not specifically given that information. This is a favorite tactic of liberals. They are accusing their opponents of being guilty of the very things they are in the process of implementing. Joe Biden is a master at it, as we saw last night.

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One last about last night’s debate. I am sick of hearing these calls for specifics from Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. As Ryan tried to point out last night, when asked for the specifics of their tax reform plan, Romney plans to sit down with Congress and work out the details of which loopholes will be closed. A note to the Obama administration, that’s called bipartisanship. They should try it sometime and see how well it works. But again, Paul Ryan was not allowed to finish his answer, as the Joker started laughing and interrupted him, thus ending his chance of explaining the truth to the American people.

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I would like to say Paul Ryan won this debate. I do believe he did no harm to the Romney campaign, but I’m not sure he helped it much. He had the right answers and he did a good job at trying to articulate what he knows, but he wasn’t allowed to give those answers. In that regard, Joe Biden did a masterful job of controlling the debate. He was lying the entire time, but he played his role of the Joker very well.

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  • Biden came off like a smirking monkey who was ready to bite your face off. It only played well with the hooting loonies on the leftwing fringes.

    Ryan did a great job.

    Good analysis!

    • Trying to look at it objectively, I wish Ryan had asserted himself more. The prime time for him to do that was at the beginning of the debate, when Biden threw the intelligence community under the bus. That was a bald-faced lie and everyone knows it was a lie, but Ryan didn’t have a chance. He was cut off, both by Biden and Raddatz.

  • The moderator and Biden did what the Demcrats needed them to do. Ryan did as well as he could under the circumstamces. I do wish Ryan had asserted himself with the moderator and take the time to finish his answers.

    • Exactly, Jim. Ryan should have made them give him time to finish his answers.

  • Good synopsis. I think Biden did control the debate with his antics. While he was busy mugging for the camera, who could pay close attention to what Ryan was saying. It is unfortunate that Biden resorted to such tactics.

    • It was very unfortunate, Martin. Biden was so busy with his laughing and expressions, it turned the debate into a joke.

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  • But for the looks, sighs, laughter and condescension, Biden won the debate. I thought Ryan was absolutely dreadful last night. He let Biden and Radditz walk all over him. He didn’t look like was ready for the big stage. In fact, he looked less prepared than Sarah Palin. He’s lucky he got to debate such a clown.

    • Ryan did let himself get walked on and in that regard, he failed. His answers were okay, when he was allowed to finish them. He was clearly in command of his facts, but he was fighting a losing battle.

  • A few things.

    1. If you listened on the radio you would have had a different impression.
    2. If you watched on CNN/FOX/ETC you wouldn’t have seen Joe throwing up his arms as if you were watching CSPAN
    3. If you knew about Martha Raddatz and the Obama wedding invitation you might have thought she was “unfair” to Ryan.

    Biden just doesn’t play well with others.

    • Actually, I did watch the debate on the Fox News website and I had the pleasure of seeing Biden’s armpits several times. You are right, he just doesn’t play well with others.

      • I only had the “pleasure” of Biden’s grin.

  • Even liberal polls (like CNN) show Ryan winning the debate: he was more likable, more respectful, and did a better job of defending his running mate. I saw Biden’s interruptions as not only rude, but desperate. He made an ass of himself, even more so than usual.

    • Biden was in find “Biden” form, to be sure. Just watching, I wanted to slap him silly and tell him to shut up. Can you imagine him as President?

  • Bryan Dover

    I couldn’t believe how Biden kept interrupting, smirking, huffing, to a guy who was just trying to be polite and get his point across. And the moderator didn’t help, she seemed to cut him off several times allowing Biden to chime in and hijack the entire question. So who do you blame? I blame Ryan. Liberals will do ANYTHING to push their position. Anything. And Biden proved that. Ryan, on the other hand played the polite schoolboy who allowed himself to be walked on (minus his initial attempt at shutting Joe down). He should have jumped in and said in a stern voice “Am I going to be allowed to even ANSWER the question?! Will you stop allowing him to run me over?! I thought you were supposed to moderate this?!”. Joe did what Joe does best; bully people. He’s an arrogant prick, in my opinion; one, who like most liberals, believe that their opinion is the only one anyone should value.

    • Thanks for commenting on Political Realities, Bryan. I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

      You are right about Paul Ryan. I like him and believe he would make a great President, but he should have asserted himself more during the debate. That was his own fault, in part. However, the bulk of the problem lies with Joe Biden and the moderator. They ganged up on Ryan and he was too polite to call them out on it.

  • Steve Dennis

    I agree with your assessment 100%. I would call this a draw if it weren’t for Joe Biden’s laughing, because of that I give the edge to Ryan. And it wasn’t easy for him with it being two on one many times, I think he did a fine job under the circumstances and I don’t think either one did anything to swing any votes. This is good for Romney because he seems to have all the momentum right now.

    • It seems most of the polls tend to say Paul Ryan won the debate. That may be a direct result of Biden’s antics. At any rate, I doubt the debate changed many people’s minds, unless they stop to think of Biden as President. That thought alone should be enough to convince the undecided voters to vote for Romney.

  • Me? I thought Ryan clearly “won”, in terms of command of the issues, style, drilling home key points. I was stunned at the media response high-fiving Biden’s “victory”. Apparently they thought they were watching a professional wrestling match, where the most outrageous character “wins”. I think I’m as astute about politics as the average man on the street: the only thing I remember about Biden is his rants, guffaws and sneers–oh, did I forget the rude interruptions–not any genuine content that he should have been providing. But, hey, that’s just me.

    • Of course Paul Ryan won the debate, when it comes to knowing what he was talking about. Biden came across as a rude old man who knew the only way he could “win” the debate was to drown out his opponent.

  • with all the smiles, the wisecracks and interruptions aside, I didn’t hear anyone talk about the fact that this guy could be president. Even the Dem pundits avoided this. People should think about that and then decide who won the debate.

    • The idea of Joe Biden becoming President makes me pray long and hard for the continued good health of Barack Obama. Indeed, that is a scary thought.

  • This wasn’t “Joe being Joe” in my opinion. It was a very developed, thought out plan of attack by the Democras. The way I look at it, it was the lesser the two evils as far as they were concerned. The greater evil would have been Ryan, who is one of the clearest communicator’s conservatives have, making a well thought out, intelligible, reasonable argument. Biden didn’t want Ryan’s message to get out, hence the filibuster. Even the way Biden was acting was a way, with the split-screen, to distract from any message Ryan was delivering. They were also trying to entice Ryan to fight back and look bad, but he kept his cool. Biden looked like an ass, but it was good red meat for the base. It’s the best they could have done, considering, and even with that it was basically a tie. Visit my blog!

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  • LD, this is a bit off topic, but in light of the importance of winning Ohio, coupled with Obama’s attempted wooing of Ohio voters due to the auto-bailout, we need to remind voters everywhere of Obama’s attempt to BANKRUPT the coal industry: We need to advertise this video any and every way we can. Coal is of vital importance to Ohioans, as it is to all of us. We’ve probably seen this before…but have others? Obama states his true intentions starting at about 2:15. Spread it around!

  • Dragonconservative

    As Clint Eastwood said, Biden is the intellect of the Democratic Party