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Here We Go Again: Russian “Protesters” Storm Government Buildings in Eastern Ukraine


Following the model of Crimea’s seizure as Obama does nothing!

Removing Ukraine’s name from government buildings seized on Sunday. Raising the Russian flag and nationalist banners defying the police to dislodge them.

BBC Report:Ukraine: Pro-Russians storm offices in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv

Good News? Obama’s Order of Meals Ready to Eat Arrives!

Perhaps we shouldn’t say Obama did nothing. After all, the military rations he promised in lieu of the defensive weapons the Ukrainian Prime → Read More

Congressional Hearing Exposes Benghazi Coverup

Benghazi Liars

Former CIA #2, top Clinton friend, has fingerprints all over it!

You can’t be blamed if you didn’t learn about the Benghazi hearing in the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday. The Obama media has done their best to ignore the story in the same way they downplay or ignore the IRS and other Obama scandals. And on Wednesday, they had a good excuse with the Fort Hood shooting. But Wednesday’s hearing was pivotal for → Read More

Obama’s April Fool’s Prank: Claims 7.1 Million ObamaCare Signups

ObamaCare Phony Numbers

Can we trust a man who has lied so often about ObamaCare to tell the truth this time?

In a word, NO!

In the shaky months of the ObamaCare rollout we were repeatedly told that we’d have to wait weeks for reports on the number of signups. That was when there was no good news to report. Now, surprise, surprise, less than 24 hours after the March 31 deadline for enrolling in ObamaCare → Read More

This Is Not Allstate And America Is Not In Good Hands

Not in good hands

There is much to write about this morning. So many things going on and so little time to discuss them before work. We have another shooting at Fort Hood. Mozilla’s CEO was forced to step down because he donated to the campaign against homosexual marriage in California. The former deputy director of the CIA has basically admitted to Congress that he toned down, tampered with, and otherwise withheld pertinent information about the attack in → Read More

President Obama – ObamaCare Is Working

Obamacare Reality Check

There are some people who have told a particular lie so often, they must really believe it to be true. After hearing President Obama proclaiming the successes of ObamaCare, I wonder if that isn’t the case with him and his signature train wreck, er. health care plan. You did hear his remarks that ObamaCare was working, didn’t you? Yes, you read that right. President Obama is making the claim that ObamaCare is working. Imagine → Read More

Note To Whites – We Are All Racists

White Privilege

Are you a white person? If so, do you feel privileged? Do you harbor racist thoughts towards blacks, or other people of color? Before you arbitrarily answer no to these questions, if you are a white person, consider this. Deep down in your heart, you are racist and no matter how much you try to fight those feelings, they are always there. If you don’t believe that, well then you are in the → Read More

ObamaCare – Costing Billions And Stuck In First Gear

ObamaCare Cost

It may sound like I am beating a dead horse, but some issues deserve to be beat. ObamaCare is one of those issues. Anyone who has more of a brain than Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi knows ObamaCare is an ongoing train wreck. We don’t blame it on people not understanding how to navigate a website. Instead, we look at the facts of what is happening with the program. Americans are losing the → Read More

68,000 Illegal Immigrants With Criminal Records Released

Stop Illegal Immigration

This post will mark the third time in recent weeks that I have covered the math the Obama administration uses to back up its claim that it has strictly enforced the immigration laws of these United States. The previous attempts are here and here. We now know that the Department of Homeland Security’s own documents prove that the claims of strict immigration enforcement are a pack of lies. They simply are not true.

Read More

GOP Donors Want Jeb Bush To Run For President In 2016

Jeb Bush 2016

There is already an abundance of speculation over who will be the Republican nominee for President in 2016. Many of us would like to see Senators Rand Paul or Ted Cruz in our corner, simply because they are already in our corner. They have stood up for us in Congress, not only to the liberal Democrats, but also to the Republican establishment. In my opinion, that’s a strong vote in their favor, before → Read More

Is This the Best Obama Can Do For Ukraine? State Dept. Spox Posts Self Pic #UnitedforUkraine


If this is what passes for concrete action and leadership then Ukraine, ALL OF IT, is screwed!

It’s now been more than a month since Russia seized Crimea in Ukraine. The Russians continue to mass troops on the border of eastern Ukraine with the threat of invasion (1,2). The Ukrainians requested defensive weapons to help defend themselves against invasion. Obama promised only Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), military rations. At last report even these → Read More

Polls Show No Confidence in Obama’s Foreign Policy. Plus, the latest on Ukraine, North Korea, Etc.


To paraphrase Obama’s mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Obama’s chickens are coming home to roost!

So, I’m guessing that most readers didn’t hear about North Korea’s latest offensive missile launch on Wednesday. There are just SO MANY bad things going on that it’s hard to keep up. What with Russia poised to slice off another part of Ukraine, Iran getting the bomb, Syria failing to destroy it’s chemical weapons, Al Queda on a rampage in → Read More

Rush Limbaugh Highlights The Expenses Of ObamaCare

ObamaCare Thrill

Let us look today at a flashback in history. Normally, a flashback means looking at something in the distant past, but we have only to go back to 2009 to get the picture we need to see. You see, that was when ObamaCare was finally rammed through Congress and sent to President Obama for his inevitable signature. What I want to look at is the claims that were made about the legislation that has → Read More

Obama Administration To Review Immigration Enforcement Policies

Stop Illegal Immigration

I have previously written about the math used by the Obama administration to depict the lie that they have deported more illegal immigrants than ever before in history. In a nutshell, they are counting illegal immigrants who were caught as at the border and sent home as deportations. That policy has not been used before, as previous administrations counted as deportations those illegal immigrants who were actually caught living in America. Given that → Read More