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Government Gone Bad

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It’s a big problem when the citizens of the United States have lost their trust in their Government and their elected officials. Both parties are guilty of treason against the citizens of the United States. There is no wiggle room for either the Republican or Democrat Parties – they have betrayed the people.

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The Democrats have been complicit with Barack Obama’s illegal maneuvers, scams and schemes for the past 7 ½ years. There is no longer a Democrat Party – it’s now a group of idealistic parasites who want to take total control of our Government and American citizens.

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An example showing beyond a → Read More

Benghazi – Murders – Guns Walking – Presidential Election


The Democrats would like us to believe that Trey Gowdy’s committee on Benghazi is nothing but a “witch hunt,” Logic tells us the Benghazi investigation is about 4 brave Americans being assassinated, a fake video and a Commander in Chief and Sec. of State that conspired to hide the truth.

Obama & Clinton held the two of the most powerful positions in our Country during the time that Christopher Stevens (Ambassador), Sean Smith (Information Officer,) Glen Doherty (Navy Seal) and Tyron Woods (Navy Seal) our 4 brave American heroes were massacred.

Now here’s where the information get dicey and is cause to ponder on who is running our Government and why Obama & Hillary Clinton weren’t prosecuted because they were accomplices to the murders → Read More

Megyn Kelly Exposes Her True DNA


Anchors come and go – Megyn Kelly’s ratings are at the top of the totem pole and yet it is difficult to understand why she appeals to many Americans. Is it her looks, her intelligence, her expertise as a journalist or is it merely the content on her show nightly that intrigues viewers.

Many American viewers seem to look for dirt, immorality and gossip and Kelly knows exactly what type of information intrigues her viewers. Kelly will do whatever it takes to increase her ratings – she’s honed the art of phony journalism and unabashedly will use her guests as guinea pigs.

Megyn Kelly is still trying to explain away her obnoxious attempt to do a character assassination on Donald Trump. This lady anchor → Read More

Today’s News – Your Way

The Good – The Bad – The Ugly October 14, 2015 GOOD NEWS

Putin expresses honest opinion about Obama’s wishy washy foreign policy strategy – did he just accuse the Washington Cartel of having “mush for brains?”

Putin Slams Obama on Syria: US Has ‘Mush for Brains’

Morning Consult’s poll shows Donald Trump rapidly climbing in the Presidential race – guess Americans favor a man who says it the way it is… 48% is almost majority just needs 3 more points!

Poll: Donald Trump at 48 Percent Support – Breitbart

Florida’s Latina crowd gives Donald Trump a big “thumbs up. The city slickers “Bush & Rubio” are trailing Mr. Trump

Donald Trump ‘Trounces’ Jeb Bush → Read More

News Today - Your Way

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News Today – Your Way The GOOD – Bad & Ugly The Good News



Obama’s free stuff for “illegal aliens” got Ray Stevens attention. Ray pretty much says it the way it is…


Keith Nunley would definitely be in the “top pay it forward” category. Keith’s son was born with Cerebral Palsy and his wife is battling cancer, but didn’t stop Keith from taking a small dream and turning it into an all-inclusive playground for children.

Pay it Forward: Keith Nunley – News Channel 9

This will bring a smile along with tears to your face – the World is full of “beautiful” little people.

If you’re a football fan you might consider getting → Read More

Obama - Questions Asked & Questions Unanswered




It is always difficult to sift thru the information from the Liberal news media when searching for the truth. They have a knack for hiding “the real news,” because it is their job to protect the President and his false ideology.

Americans want to know why these dangerous havens (sanctuary cities) were implemented to protect those who commit heinous crimes, rape, and pillage and peddle drugs. Notice that is one question Obama, the Liberal News and Democrats refuse to discuss.

Other questions from Americans are why is Obama encouraging the influx of millions of illegal aliens? Why is he giving them safe havens, healthcare, schooling, food stamps and other assistance?

Obama’s political ideology or DNA is unlike any other Commander → Read More

Time to Vet Carly Fiorina


2015 is merely a re-run of the 2008 Presidential race names have been changed to fool the innocent. Obama, came dashing onto the scene; a mediocre politician whose only claim to fame was that of a “community organizer” (whatever that means.)

Obama wined and dined the American public; the youth swooned over this personable polished orator. The African Americans thought he was the best thing since the Emancipation Proclamation and they drained their bank accounts, savings and piggy banks to place their bet on this stranger.

Many Republicans called Obama a common sense centralist and eagerly joined his Presidential campaign. Even young Libertarians were intrigued with this stranger.

Globalist with a big “G”


Now we have a repeat of 2008 in → Read More