Father Banned From School After Dispute Over Islam

La Plata Islam Homework

It was in May 2013 that Muldrow, Oklahoma came under national scrutiny because the school was allowing plaques of the Ten Commandments to hang on its walls. Outrage ensued, even though the plaques were donated, free of charge, and no lessons were being taught about the subject. The plaques were just hanging on the wall. Needless to say, because of threatened lawsuits, and in spite of public support for the plaques, they have been removed. Who would have thought that could happen in America? If you didn’t, think again. And now, let us fast forward to 2014 and La Plata, Maryland, a town 30 miles southeast of Washington, D.C.

You see, they have a new kind of history lesson in the La Plata High → Read More

It’s The Economy, Stupid

It's The Economy, Stupid

There are a lot of issues Americans are concerned about. Islamic terrorism and Ebola rank at the top of the spectrum of things we worry about. Or do they? According to a new poll from Fox News, that may not be so much the case. No doubt, we are concerned about the rise of Islamic terrorism and Ebola. We want neither of them on our shores, yet here they are. Most Americans despise ObamaCare, even though it was rammed down our throats and into our pocketbooks. But among all the issues we look at, it seems the one that is first and foremost, the one issue that may very well define the election results on November 4, is the economy.

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Obama's Dream (New World Order)

images (3)

Over a period of many, many years the “Progressives” have invaded our Government, our civil organizations, our schools, newspapers and news media including the arts. Government programs had been implemented to keep the poor oppressed and controlled – generations of dependents have been spawned under these hideous programs.

The stage had been set for a “dark horse” to come from behind and take over the most prestigious position in our Country (President of the USA.) For years this person had been groomed and prepped for this position – he was charismatic and a great orator and the color of his skin was of utmost importance in order to secure votes and support from African Americans and Latinos.

Following the guidelines of the Chicago Political → Read More

Common Core Wears Many Hats

Common Core

Once upon a time a group of millionaires, billionaires were joined by a rather motley crew of people who decided to, (1) snatch our kids from us, (2) Constrain parents and teachers, (3) Take over our educational system in the USA and (4) Go global with their devious scheme. In other words they would have sole control our children’s education throughout the World.

Obama – Duncan – Muslim Brotherhood

These leeches have spent years organizing and planning the takeover of our children – Obama’s job in this plan was to use Arne Duncan (sec of education) and several of his Muslim brotherhood buddies to establish the “mother of all data bases” in the takeover of our children. Obama, as usual is → Read More

Safe And Secure Border Causes More Deaths

Safe and Secure Border

Does anyone really believe the border between America and Mexico is safe and secure? Maybe so, because that’s what we are being told. How many times have we heard a Washington politician make the declaration that the border is more secure than it has ever been? Too many times to count. By my estimation, that is a complete lie, no matter if the politician in question is a Democrat or Republican. It’s not hard to make that determination; all one has to do is look at the results of decades of lax enforcement. The leaders of both political parties have failed this country by not making it a priority to secure the border. It really is that simple.

There are now two more deaths → Read More

Obama's Gravestone Inscription

The Blank Tombstone


With barely two years left in his presidency, Barack Obama is reportedly turning his attention to his legacy. In addition to creating a presidential library and publishing his papers, he’s thinking about a final resting place when his time, like every human’s, finally comes. Now, I hope this president lives long and strong for countless decades after his term ends. But rumor has it he is already considering an inscription for his tombstone when, far into the future, he is ready to meet his Maker. Here is an exclusive scoop on the engravings most under consideration:




Top ten choices of inscriptions on President Obama’s tombstone:

#10 Saved Jimmy Carter from being known as “the worst president ever”

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Common Core

Common Core

There are predators in our midst and they’re stalking parents, children and our State’s Government. The goal is to take control of our schools systems, our Governors, our children and parental supervision. It’s a deadly game that must be stopped immediately.

Way back in 1996 Achieve, Inc. started accessing our educational system and started developing what they called national standards. The national standards eventually mutated into what we know today as “Common Core.” Bill & Melinda Gates came on the scene around early 2007 pledging around 60ml. dollars along with the Eli Broad Foundation in an effort to create uniform standards for every school.

To give parents and grandparents a jump start in understanding what is happening to our children → Read More

Common Core not State Led - Here's Proof

Common Core

What About Our Children?

While parents and children sleep, there are those behind closed doors preparing a scheme (money laden) that will harm all children.

Supporters of Common Core love claiming Common Core is a state led initiative. Proponents of the scheme will instantly label anyone who says otherwise a conspiracy nut and fit them for a tin foil hat. Jeb Bush recently called opponents of Common Core the Black Helicopter bunch. Obama’s Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan took a different tack, calling opponents of the plan White Suburban Soccer Moms upset because their kid wasn’t as smart as they thought.

Regardless of how they try phrase the answers.. one thing is now certain. Bush, Duncan and the rest → Read More

Liberals Lie About CDC And Ebola Vaccine

CDC Funding

Well, I guess there is one thing you can say about liberals. They are consistent in their agenda, working at every turn to achieve what they want. That consistency also requires them to lie to the American people, which they are more than a little adept at. The latest of these lies has to do with the reason an Ebola vaccine is not available. The fact that I am not surprised that they are blaming it on the Republican Party and their efforts to cut spending speaks volumes. The only thing that does surprise me is that they haven’t tried to blame it on George W. bush. But, I suspect that is coming in a few days.

To what am I referring, you → Read More

Judicial Supremacy - Should We Stand Down And Let It Rule The Land?

Judicial Supremacy

There seems to be more than a little confusion about a trend we see developing across America. That trend is the false theory that the Judicial Branch is superior to the other two branches that make up the government of the United States. This trend is not one that has just cropped up out of nowhere. Instead, it has been in the works for decades. Once the Supreme Court rules, everyone just bows down and accepts what they have ruled as gospel. Never mind how nonsensical the ruling may be. We need to keep something in mind. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the Judicial Branch, but that does not mean they are the last word on any given issue. Here is → Read More

Same-Sex Marriage Approved By The Courts - What Is Next?

Supreme Court Marriage Test

By now, most of us know the United States Supreme Court has declined to hear the appeal of states like Oklahoma, who have legally banned same-sex marriage by a vote of the people. It seems to matter little what the people of our individual states want, the courts seem to determined to push this perversion upon us all. The agenda of the militant homosexuals is marching ahead nicely, at least for them. The rest of us may be destined to stare their perverted choice of sexual lifestyle in the face for the rest of our days.

Looking back in time, it was not so long ago that the homosexual lifestyle was looked upon as perverted. None of the glamor that we see associated with → Read More

Here's All You Need to Know About Senate Dems Up for Re-Election: They ALL Support Obama!

Murdock, 2014-10-10, graph

Despite the fact they are all trying to tell you something different, their records speak for themselves!

Deroy Murdock at National Review Online has quotes from vulnerable Senate Democrats up for re-election. To a man, or woman, they all make a similar weasley claim to be independent, even critical of Obama. Yet when it comes time to cast their vote in the U.S. Senate they march in lockstep with Obama and Harry Reid.

This chart says it all:

And while these Dems try and claim this election isn’t about Obama, Obama said it was:

“I am not on the ballot this fall. Michelle’s pretty happy about that. But make no mistake: These policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them,” Obama → Read More

With Friends Like These.... Michelle Obama Repeatedly Screws Up Name of Iowa Senate Candidate


And they called George W. Bush a dunce?

Barack Obama’s not welcome in Iowa where the Democrat, a Congressman, pretends he’s got nothing to do with the current mess in Washington. But he’s in a close race, with a Republican challenger who happens to be a woman (imagine that!) so he calls in Michelle Obama for help. Michelle arrives, stands in front of a HUGE sign bearing the candidates name and repeatedly (not once, not twice, not three, not four… I lost count) mispronounces the candidates name. Watch:

Joni Ernst, the Republican challenger, a woman, grandmother, Iraq War veteran and hog farmer has a slight lead in the polls. Michelle’s performance might just put her over the top!

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