Too Little? Too Late? Obama Counteracts Unimaginable Evil of ISIS w/


He made this mess by pulling all U.S. troops out. He needs to clean it up! Dismissing seriousness of the ISIS threat Obama in January said: “If a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant.” Some jayvee team hunh?

In his Nobel Prize winning six volume memoir of the Second World War, Winston Churchill described the advantages and strengths that were tossed away by the West in a vain hope to preserve peace. Instead they got a war that was beyond any horror they might have imagined:

Here is a line of milestones to disaster. Here is a catalogue of surrenders, at first when all was easy and later when things were harder, to the ever-growing German power. But now → Read More

What Does Hamas Want?

Hamas Demands

Egyptian officials are struggling to broker a 72 hour extension to the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. At the same time, Hamas spokesperson Mushir al-Masri had made clear that war may only be beginning.

“The war is not over yet. Our men are still in the field, manning forward positions, our fingers are on the trigger, and our rockets are trained on Tel Aviv, and Lod and beyond,” al-Masri said at a mass rally today.

Looking at media coverage of the re-ignited conflict in Gaza shows what many agree is a terrible ignorance of the causes of the war. The majority of media outlets seem to either blame Israel or hold Israel and Hamas in equal moral equivalence.

Many journalists and television news personalities do → Read More

Trey Gowdy For Speaker Of The House

Trey Gowdy

I know many of the people who may read this post are already fans of Trey Gowdy. He a Republican member of the House of Representatives and he has been charged with leading the investigation into what really happened in Benghazi. To put him in a nutshell, he is a former prosecutor and it shows when he sets his sights on a witness during questioning. He’s like a pit bull, with no give in him until he gets the truth from the poor soul who happens to be under his gun. No quibbling or waffling, just a single-minded purpose to get to the truth.

I came across this at Angry White Dude, who is fond of asking his readers to “fire away, inquiring minds want → Read More

Hamas Choose Rockets and Death Over Peace in Gaza

images (1)

Until that changes there will be no peace in Palestine!

So far, the 72 hour cease fire between the Israelis and Hamas seems to beholding. Unlike prior cease fires that Hamas violated almost immediately. Perhaps Hamas has finally had enough, though I doubt it. Israel traded land for peace and ended it’s occupation of Gaza years ago (yet you won’t hear the handwringers on the left acknowledge that fact). Instead of peace, they got a never ending rain of rockets.

Hours before the ceasefire took effect Hamas soldiers were still at it. Here, a rare video from Indian television shows a Hamas fighter setting up and firing a rocket from a residential and hotel district in Gaza putting civilians at risk:

I hope the reporter → Read More

Jimmy Carter Pushes US Government To Recognize Hamas

Jimmy Carter-Hamas

This shouldn’t come as any kind of major surprise to anyone who has paid attention, but former President Jimmy Carter is back in the news. He is really making a splash with an op-ed he coauthored, in which he pushes for our government to formally recognize the terrorist organization, Hamas, as a legitimate political actor. Aren’t you glad this man isn’t in charge of our foreign policy right now? Although, what our current leadership is sadly lacking.

Does anyone really take Jimmy Carter seriously anymore? The idea that he can be so obscenely incorrect in his assessment of the situation in the Middle East gives us a major clue as to why his presidency was such a colossal failure.

Fox News – Former President Jimmy → Read More

How To Fight The Democrat Rhetoric On Illegal Immigration By Using The Truth

Immigration Policy

Would you care to venture a guess about what I find so interesting, possibly even humorous, about the conversation that is constantly going on between liberals and conservatives? While you are pondering that question, I’ll give you a hint. Facts are strange things. They usually pop up on the radar when you least expect them and sometimes, when you least need them to appear. Especially if your side of the conversation is used to playing fast and loose with the facts that supposedly support your argument. Facts are apt to rise up and slap you down, making you and your argument look foolish and inept. If we could only get some of these facts into the light of day, it is entirely possible the American → Read More

Bill Whittle – A Brief History Of Mental Illness

Bill Whittle - Firewall

It has long been said that liberalism is a form of mental illness. I would tend to agree. How else can you explain the willful abandonment of logic that seems to inflict most liberals? Everywhere you look, it almost always goes hand in hand with liberals and their twisted way of thinking. It is even attached to people you may not realize. In his latest installment of Firewall, Bill Whittle gives a great example of how he used to be inflicted with mental illness. He explains that period of his life and how he too suffered from the willful abandonment of logical thinking. I think you’ll enjoy what he has to say.

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America Is No Longer Feared Or Respected

American Exceptionalism

Make no mistake, I am proud to be an American. I will apologize for that to no one. I am glad I was born here, in the best, the freest, the safest country in the world. We have been involved in conflicts throughout our history, but there has always been one overriding factor that has always kept us safe. Looking back on our history, I am certain mistakes were made. There were probably conflicts in which we were involved that we should have stayed out of. But no one dared strike us on our homeland, for fear of the terrible reprisal that would surely follow. I call it the big stick philosophy of fear and respect. We have had the strongest and most far-reaching military → Read More

National Guard Banned From Vacation Bible School, Gay Pride Is Allowed

Vacation Bible School

Have you ever attended Vacation Bible School? Around here, we call it VBS and it is the time of the year, usually during summer vacation from school, that children gather at a local, or not so much, school to learn about the Bible and the principles it teaches. In the case of the VBS put on by our church, it is some children’s only opportunity to attend an event that is both educational and uplifting. Not to mention, a lot of fun.

During the week, representatives of the local police and fire departments, as well as the local paramedics. It depends on the theme of the VBS. For instance, the theme at our local VBS this year was God’s Garage. The children have a lot → Read More

Bill Whittle – The Case For Israel

Israeli Flag

One of the biggest stories in the news now is the violence that is taking place in the Middle East. Israel is defending its borders and its citizens, both Jew and Arab alike, with its usual vigor and diligence. As a result, the “world” is on their case, calling them occupiers and even equating them with the Nazis that tried their best to exterminate them from the face of the Earth. No one seems to care about the truth behind the rhetoric. All they can see is the poor, poor Palestinians and their plight in Gaza.The news headlines all seem to focus on a Gaza school that was hit by Israeli fire, or the number of Palestinians who have been killed (somehow all of these → Read More

U.S. Government Considering Plan To Fly Honduran “Refugees” Straight To America

Honduras Refugees

Just when I think I have heard it all, our government comes along and considers something so foolish that I have to stand corrected. It’s not breaking news that our Southern border has been overran with illegal immigrants, from Mexico and all points South. Many of these illegal immigrants are children and they all make the claim they are fleeing violence and therefore, should be considered to be refugees. The Obama administration is likely to give most of them asylum, in spite of his claims to the contrary. That’s bad enough, but a report I read this morning from Red Flag is even more disturbing.

You see, the children and other assorted illegal immigrants are having to make a dangerous trek North, through Mexico and → Read More

ObamaCare – Fake Applicants Approved For Health Care Subsidies

ObamaCare Marketplace

It’s been a while since I wrote about ObamaCare, but this is worthy of a post. We all know, if we will admit to the knowledge, that ObamaCare is a boondoggle. It is a massive federal program that is poorly designed and even more poorly conceived. It is an attempt to take over the health care system in America, out of the control of the patients and doctors and placing it in the control of the federal bureaucracy. If for no other reason than that, it is a bad law and even worse program. When you consider the ineptitude and fraud that almost always comes with any big government program, it gets even worse.

Ever since ObamaCare was rammed down our throats, we have been → Read More

Don't Tell Me America Isn't Exceptional: 45 Years Ago Americans First Walked on the Moon!


No other country can match America’s achievement!

U.S. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin salutes the flag, July 20, 1969

More photos here.

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