Department of Health and Human Services Flies First Class

Health and Human Services

If you have read Political Realities for any length of time, you will know how much I despise the way the federal government spends our money. A more apt description would be how they waste our money, but who am I to quibble? I suppose that’s why I was always a fan of Dr. Tom Coburn. He held nothing back in showing just how good the federal government was at spending money on things unnecessary, or even remotely so. To list even a handful of the available examples would require much more time and space than any of us have, but there is one example that deserves to be highlighted.

You remember the Department of Health and Human Services? That’s the agency that is tasked → Read More

Bill Whittle - Terrorist Nation

Terrorist Nation

It has been almost a month since I last wrote on Political Realities. This hiatus has not been because I haven’t been paying attention to what has been happening in the world. It is also not indicative of a lack of concern I feel for what I see going on. I simply have been busy taking care of other priorities, some of which have been neglected during the five plus years I have written this blog. That being said, some things can not be ignored. It is fitting that this next post is about the terror that seems to be inherent in all things Islam. That terror can not be ignored.

As I was browsing through some of the blogs I still read almost → Read More

Defense Authorization Bill - A Lesson In What Is Wrong With Congress

Defense Authorization Bill

The Defense Authorization Bill is a well known piece of legislation. It is classified as a must-pass bill mainly because it is reputed that our national defense will go south in a hand basket, were it not to pass. I’ll leave that particular debate for another day, but there are a handful of reasons why this year’s bill should not have passed as it stood. Simply put, amendments dealing with issues that have nothing to do with our national defense were added by legislators who were supposed to be doing what is best for their country. After reading the list of those amendments, I suspect they were doing anything but that.

First of all, the Defense Authorization Bill has already passed. It did so with → Read More

CAIR Deserves Terrorist Designation


If you have followed my posting about Oklahoma State Representative John Bennett, you will know he minces no words when it comes to radical Islam and its friends in America. He has been called many names, Islamaphobe among them, for his unrelenting pursuit of exposing the truth about Islam. One of the organizations that has tried to prove Bennett’s allegations false, to make him out a liar and a bigot, is the Council on American-Islamic Relations, otherwise known as CAIR. They have a lively chapter in Oklahoma and they have done their best to discredit their number one nemesis in Oklahoma, namely John Bennett. To his credit, Bennett has the facts on his side, and he has used those facts in his latest post on → Read More

“We Are All Republicans, We Are All Federalists”

we are all republicans

If anyone is interested in reading the words of a real statesman, some encouraging words, words filled with wisdom and humility, I highly recommend you read Thomas Jefferson’s first inaugural address. It’s probably only a few pages long. You won’t be sorry for having done so. That’s from whence the famous phrase “We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists” comes. Sorry, sometimes I don’t like ending my sentences with a preposition…sometimes. In this address, Jefferson called for unified country, a republican country (lower-case “r”), and a moral country. Do we possess those three attributes today? I’m not sure our country currently collectively possesses a single one of those attributes. Perhaps we are not so far gone however that our country can in fact undergo → Read More

Aaaaaand The Media Doubles Down

ferguson media

As of 10:45am this morning, less than one day after Officer Darren Wilson was exonerated from any charges involved with the death of Michael Brown, the following headlines could be found on The Huffington Post: “Ferguson Prosecutor Gives Bizarre Press Conference”, “Michael Brown Shooting Witness Admitted Racism In Journal Entry”, “Darren Wilson Could Still Face Consequences”, “How The St. Louis County Courts Screw Over Minorities”, and “Rage After Wilson Walks”.

The buzz from the left is also, not surprisingly, about how the system was rigged and the Grand Jury was not properly instructed. Hmm, seems to me they said that about the Trayvon Martin case as well, though of course not with a Grand Jury, but rather a jury trial. Same playbook, different case. And → Read More

Obama, Democrats Take Hard Left Turn, Ignore The Will Of The American People

President Obama

I have long since lost count of the times conservatives have been described as hard, right-wing idealogues that care only for our conservative ideology. The issue doesn’t really matter. The left always accuses us of being unwilling to bend our conservative principles. President Obama has been especially adept at this, along with outgoing Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. They are fond of describing to the world how Republicans are just the party of NO. Incidentally, they want the rest of us to forget that it was President Obama who refused to negotiate with the Republicans during last year’s government shutdown. And Harry Reid has killed how many bipartisan bills? That’s something else I’ve lost count of.

It can not be denied that the Democrats took → Read More

What Does Keystone Tell Us About Democrats?

Harry Reid, Jeanne Shaheen, Jeff Merkley, Tom Udall, Mark Warner, Kay Hagen, Mark Udall

A wise man once said “If you ever injected truth into politics, you have no politics”. Ok, it wasn’t a wise man. It was just Will Rogers. But its still true. Have the Democrats been telling the American people the truth about the Keystone Pipeline over the last six or so years, while blocking all attempts at its passage? Course they haven’t. And their upcoming vote in the Senate proves that.

While Democrats may not have been so bold as to try and convince everyone that the Keystone Pipeline is unpopular, they, and the media, have certainly done everything they can in recent years to suppress all knowledge of its popularity and argue that its just not right for America. They’ve also done just about → Read More

Where Was The Media When Jonathan Gruber Was Bragging About ObamaCare?

Liberal Media

I have watched the ongoing revelations about Jonathan Gruber and his role in lying to the American people about ObamaCare with no small amount of interest. The reality of the situation is simple for me. We have known all along the liberals who shoved that monstrous piece of legislation down our throats were lying. Many of us tried to warn the country what was going down, what the legislation was intended to do, but we were shouted down. It wasn’t just the liberal politicians and policy wonks who raised their voices against our protests. The media establishment has done everything they could to make sure ObamaCare was passed and its failures hidden from sight.

In the interview Jonathan Gruber granted to PBS’ Frontline, he continually → Read More

Obama The Dictator? VIDEO Shows Us That We Should Have Seen It Coming

obama dictator

I found an interesting video online today where Obama, on a number of different occasions, referenced the possibility of bypassing congress. I didn’t think the substance of what Obama was saying was all that interesting, new, or novel. Not at all. Not for Obama anyway. We’ve all seen the videos by now of Obama saying he can’t bypass congress after all. What I did find interesting howerver was not only the constant applause Obama got when talking about bypassing congress, but more specifically, Obama’s body language when he referenced the possibility. I thought it was very very telling, particularly at the end of the video.

Most of us know that we have a constitutional republic that is based on the rule of law, namely → Read More

“A Republic, If You Can Keep It”

ben franklin

I’ll admit it. I’m sort of obsessed with the Constitution. Perhaps it’s because I have a Type A personality and I like the idea of the sort of structure, order, and predictability that any Constitution should…should in theory create, if actually adhered to. Perhaps it’s because I consider myself a conservative, and know from studying American history that while the Constitution created a more centralized form of government than the States had at the time of its creation, it at the very same time actively works to diffuse government power and guarantee liberty to the individual. I think the latter is more so that which has caused me to revere the Constitution, learn more about its formation, and has made me want to know → Read More



Bookmark these videos and pass them around. People need to SEE what a lawless hypocrite our current President is regarding executive action, the Constitution, and how he’s knowingly violating his oath of office.

Obama is truly breaking new ground here. This isn’t Obamacare, where conservatives say it’s unconstitutional and liberals say it is constitutional, and the two sides disagree.

OBAMA said the executive action he is about to take is unconstitutional just a few years ago. He didn’t say this TYPE of thing was unconstitutional….he said THIS was unconstitutional…and he’s about to do it anyway.

Also included for your pleasure, a video of Obama during his 2008 campaign explaining how what this country needs is less executive actions, and more laws → Read More

So The Republicans Won The Election. What Now?

Election Results

A very smart person once told me, when faced with a set of complex decisions, don’t focus on the alternatives. That is too limiting. Envision instead the desired outcome, and the correct course of action for achieving it will present itself.

So we are confronted with the results of the sweeping Republican victory in the recent midterm. It presents fresh opportunities to influence presidential appointments, chair key committees, and control the legislative agenda in congress. Yet still neither party has the Senate majority necessary to pass bills without the support of the other, nor to override a presidential veto. Republicans run the risk of being branded “do-nothing”, and the party of “no” if they cannot pass meaningful changes into law. With twenty-two Republican Senate seats → Read More