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Oklahoma Homosexual Marriage Ban Overturned – States’ Rights In Jeopardy

Gay MarriageI was under the impression that last year’s ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act did not federalize the issue of marriage. Rather, I thought it paved the way for states to decide the issue on their own. In my opinion, that’s where the issue of marriage should be and should stay, a state issue. If this is the case, then someone forgot to tell U.S. District Judge Terrence Kern. He issued a ruling yesterday that effectively struck down the ban on homosexual marriage put into place by Oklahoma voters in 2004. This amendment to our state’s Constitution was approved by 76% of the voters, but it was ruled unconstitutional by one man in a black robe.

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You can agree or disagree with homosexuality all you want, but this has even more implications than federalizing the immorality that is inherent in homosexual marriage. The rights of the states to determine such issues is slowly being removed by a cadre of federal judges who seem to believe that every case is a federal case. I am afraid Charles Phipps is correct in his assessment.

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OK Politechs – Readers of my blog know that I have previously predicted that homosexual marriage will one day be legal in all fifty states.  Our country certainly seems to be headed in that direction.  This case will most definitely make its way to the Supreme Court, but how they might rule is anyone’s guess.  With the continued attack by the liberals and the federal government on states rights it would not surprise me in the least if the majority of the Justices rule that the ban is indeed unconstitutional.  Once that happens I predict lawsuits will begin to be filed against churches and ministers who refuse to perform homosexual weddings.  Step by step, destroying morality and any semblance of religious freedom is the left’s agenda.

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Lawsuits like this one are classic examples of the importance of the presidency.  Presidents appoint judges and one man in a robe can change society.  But, while one man in a black robe may have the power to declare something legal, he will never have the authority to make it moral.  Immorality and licentiousness have permeated our society, being highly promoted by those on the left and even many on the right.  People do not want to be told their choices or their lifestyles are immoral and the best way for them to combat that is to legalize it, force society to accept it and silence those who dissent.  That is precisely what the battle over homosexual marriage is about.  With every state that declares homosexual marriage legal and with every judge who declares bans unconstitutional, the left achieves a victory that cannot be undone.  There is no going back toward the right; only more left.

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Oklahoma is considered by many Americans to be the reddest of red states. I am proud of that distinction, but that does not mean we are exempt from the continual onslaught and advancement of the liberal agenda. Even though well over one million Oklahoma voters approved the amendment that banned homosexual marriage in our state, our wishes have been turned away because of the far-reaching tentacles of a federal government that seems to know no boundaries.

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The liberal agenda has been firmly established in Washington, D.C. It is also deeply entrenched in the liberal strongholds that are the blue states. States such as Oklahoma and Texas have been long considered to be conservative strongholds, but the liberals want to change that. I have heard it said that the Democrats intend to turn Texas blue in a few years and I would not doubt they have the same designs on Oklahoma.

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You may ask, why did I pivot from the issue of homosexual marriage to the liberal agenda? It’s simple. You only have to look a little to see how this works. Little by little, states’ rights are being removed. The issue of homosexual marriage is just one issue the liberals are working on. Gun control and abortion are two others. The United States Constitution specifically leaves most of the power in our government to the states. The liberal agenda is designed, no it requires, for that power to be removed from the states and given to the federal government. That’s the only way the liberals can achieve their goals. I believe the issue of homosexual marriage is the backbone of a push that will lay the foundation for advancing every part of the liberal agenda.

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In and of itself, homosexual marriage is a issue that will not go away. It is a battle we have to keep fighting, but the ramifications that are inherently carried within this issue will have far-reaching consequences for our country. It will help destroy the moral fabric that helps hold us together, but it will also help destroy the Republic that we are supposed to be. God help us all if it does.

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Founder and author of the political and news commentary blog Political Realities. I have always loved to write, but never have I felt my writing was more important than in this present day. If I have changed one mind or impressed one American about the direction our country is headed, then I will consider my endeavors a success. I take the tag line on this blog very seriously. Above all else, in search of the truth.

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  • It’s been no secret for years that the liberals use the judiciary to get their agenda enacted because they can’t get it through the legislature. With the tight grip that liberals have on most aspects of the federal government it’s no surprise that they’re now trying to use it to destroy states rights. State governments, I believe, more closely represent the will of the people than the federal government ever will. Destroying the rights of those state governments is just another way for the liberals, and the homosexuals, to get what they want, in spite of the will of the majority of the people.

    • I believe you are right. State governments are much more in tune with the will of the people than is the government in Washington. That’s one reason why the liberals are so in favor of a large and powerful federal government. The rights of the states are only important to them if those rights align with their own.

  • Well said Larry. Linked in my right-sidebar.

  • Ann Flaw

    You say “liberal agenda” and I say don’t shove your beliefs down my throat or down the throats of the 34% of Oklahomans who voted no. You say individual rights are a liberal agenda and I say most Americans respect freedom for all. My rights as an American are not defined by your narrow view of what is right or wrong.

    • Shoving my beliefs down anyone’s throat is not something I am interested in doing. That does not discount the fact that the majority of Oklahomans do not agree with homosexual marriage. I am not against providing for civil unions that give homosexual couples the same legal benefits as marriage, but marriage should be reserved for one man and one woman. Anything else goes against God’s plan and it will lead to further moral decline in our country.

  • S Fuller

    There was another time in American history when a large population of Americans believed that they had the right to determine how another segment of people lived. Indeed they believe that “God” deemed these others lesser and that justified their actions. They spoke of succession, revolution, and those things came to pass. All in the name of the God they worshiped, and the morality they chose to enforce on other human lives.
    Our Constitution protected our country from their bigotry then, and it will protect us from that bigotry now. You seem to forget these two large issues trump all else here. The Constitution overrules all, and the First Amendment take your “God” and your “morality” out of this discussion.

    • Oh no you don’t. I refuse to accept your characterization of my belief that homosexuality and homosexual marriage is immoral as equal to slavery. I absolutely reject the idea of equating the “plight” of homosexuals to the real and livid plight the slaves went through. There is no real comparison between the two.

      The First Amendment does no such thing. It only requires that the government does not establish a religion. It does not require God and morality to be taken out of any equation. Any assertion otherwise, by you, or anyone else, is simply not true.

      And for your information, God had nothing to do with the Civil War. I’ve never heard His name invoked as the reason behind the South seceding from the Union.

      • I do recall God being invoked in the Battle Hymn of the Republic.. something I believe S Fuller may have overlooked..

        The 1st Amendment actually does one other thing, it establishes your right to freely exercise your religion, regardless of what it might be. (the assumption at the time was that it would an recognized religion)

        Wonder if S Fuller realizes that from the time Jefferson was president until long after the Civil War, the US Capitol Building was the largest church in Washington DC.. at on point over 70 congregations held Sunday Services in the building..

      • Michael

        “And for your information, God had nothing to do with the Civil War. I’ve never heard His name invoked as the reason behind the South seceding from the Union.”

        The Bible was certainly invoked as a reason for the acceptability of slavery, and it was also used to talk slaves into meekness and submission to their masters.

  • Wow, you sure stirred up the Libs with this one Larry…

    Indeed, the issue is STATES RIGHTS, not political correctness.. If the majority of Oklahomans voted against Homo marriage then by God that should be the law in Oklahoma and it’s not the job of some Libtard federal judge to legislate what’s RIGHT for Oklahoma from the bench..

    • Well, my intention wasn’t really to stir up the liberals, but if that’s a side effect of what I wrote, then so be it. They’ll just have to deal with it the best way they can.

      For what it’s worth, I have no intention of allowing them to continue their assault on our laws and morality, unabated and unchecked. Their nonsense has gone on long enough.

      • And you see, all this time I thought you were a gentleman, but maybe not… So far you haven’t even offered them a *crying towel*.. 🙂

  • It is becoming more and more clear that there is no such thing as states rights anymore because the courts are going to overturn any state law which does not fit in with the Federal agenda.

    • You are absolutely correct. The liberals want an all-powerful federal government that will “out rank” anything the states want to do.

  • Michael

    “It is a battle we have to keep fighting”

    Why? You refuse to explain how you are injured by this.

    • I am not personally injured by homosexual marriage. The moral fabric of America is. This is just one more step on the path to dissolving it completely and I refuse to let it take place unchallenged.

      • Michael

        I don’t understand why you feel that you get to impose your vision of morality on anyone at all. The fact that gay couples can marry does, by your own admission, nothing to you. Your marriage is not invalidated, and nobody is forcing you to marry a homosexual. Gays are not imposing their morality on you, any more than someone who wears clothing you wouldn’t wear is imposing his fashion sense on you. Yet you believe that you should get to make life decisions for people you don’t know, forcing them to live by a set of precepts that they don’t believe in. What the heck, man?! You can’t even really point to any kind of societal benefit from your position; it’s just childishness on your part.

  • I got one question for all the liberals that have their britches in a wad about this post and the fact that homosexuals can’t just get married when and where they want. Do you read the Bible? Do you believe the Bible? If so, how do you explain away what the Bible says about homosexuality? I await your answer.

    • Michael

      “Do you read the Bible?”

      I have read bits and pieces.

      “Do you believe the Bible?”

      No, and I find it befuddling that anybody does.

      “If so, how do you explain away what the Bible says about homosexuality? I await your answer.”

      See above. Asked and answered. Next.

      • If you don’t believe the Bible then there is nothing else left to be said.

        • Michael

          “If you don’t believe the Bible then there is nothing else left to be said.”

          Do you see that you painted yourself into a corner there?

  • Gary Jackson

    No I didn’t paint myself into a corner. You don’t believe the Bible. I do. You aren’t going to change my mind nor I yours.