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Obama’s Priorities Are Not Fiscal

Here is a secret that isn’t much of a secret. I have made it clear, both in my posts and in comments at other blogs, that I did not watch President Obama’s second inaugural address. My reason is simple. I can not stand listening to someone whom I know is lying to me and the rest of America. I can easily glean what I need to know from reading the text of the speech and no, I haven’t even been tempted to watch short clips of the speech on YouTube.

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From reading the speech and other commentaries, one thing is abundantly clear. President Obama does have an agenda for his second term and he highlighted it perfectly in his speech. We already know he believes he shouldn’t have to compromise with Republicans. After all, he has won two – count them, one, two – elections. He has his own set of priorities and he laid them out in his speech last Monday. He wants to fight climate change. He wants stricter gun control. Oh, and he wants to prevent Republicans from making changes to entitlement programs. One thing was sadly lacking in the list of priorities, namely fiscal reforms.

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(The Weekly Standard) President Barack Obama used his second inaugural address Monday to offer an aggressive, unapologetic defense of activist government and to call for a new spirit of unity even as he seeks to move the country even further left.

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But in celebrating the power of the government to lead the nation forward, ObamaObama breezed past the costs of an ever-growing public sector and made only passing mention of the country’s most urgent problem as he took the oath to lead it: debt.

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The United States is now $16.4 trillion in debt. We’ve accumulated more than a third of that total since Obama’s first inaugural four years ago, an additional $20,000-plus per citizen during the Obama presidency. Even using White House projections, we’ll have more than $21 trillion by the time his second term ends.

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Obama doesn’t care.

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“Progress does not compel us to settle centuries-long debates about the role of government for all time,” he said, “but it does require us to act in our time.” And yet the president spoke as if those debates had been settled – and settled in favor of those who believe that progress requires “collective action” over individual initiative and those who believe in a substantially greater role for the state over those who believe in limited government.

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Our debt is not such an abstraction. And “progress,” particularly the way this president defines it, is costly.

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The last sentence in the quote may be the understatement of the year. We have serious fiscal problems in America, but President Obama has other priorities. He made it plain to John Boehner that he did not believe we have a spending problem in America. If there is one thing I know, it is this simple truth. One can not fix a problem unless one acknowledges the problem exists. Clearly, Obama does not acknowledge that out-of-control government spending is the cause of our fiscal problems. He also refuses to acknowledge that those fiscal problems should be at the top of the list of anyone’s priorities. The Weekly Standard continues.

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The lack of attention to the debt from Obama was not an oversight. It’s simply not a priority. Obama promised to cut the deficit in half during his first term. He hasn’t even pretended to do so. When the commission he appointed to look at debt and deficits reported its findings, he ignored them. And when the president’s top adviser, David Axelrod, was asked last summer about Obama’s second term priorities, he listed six separate issues – the economy, education, investment in research/manufacturing, trade, energy, and immigration. He did not mention debt or deficits.

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For Obama, five of those six priorities will mean more spending, bigger government. How will we pay for them? We’re left to wonder.

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Many of Obama’s supporters say he will lay out more specific policy proposals in the State of the Union address on February 12. Count me in the number of people who are wondering with great anticipation. I will probably watch the speech to see what he has to say, but I would wager this one thing. If he outlines policy proposals to address the costs our country is facing, it will probably be heavily biased in favor of finding ways to tax the rich even more than they already are, with scant attention given to the real cause of our fiscal problems. Spending is the issue, but President Obama is either unwilling or unable to reach that conclusion. His priorities are not fiscal and his first four years has shown no promise of that changing. I see no reason to believe his second four years will be anything but worse than the first.

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  • Obama’s priorities are to remake the United States according to his own sensibilities and for self-aggrandizement. Everything else is just theatre to him.

    • He does seem to have a one track mind about our country. And that track is not the right one.

    • I agree with you and was going to say the same thing. Also, I think on economic matters Obama honestly is ignorant and blinds himself to reality with his politics.

      It is just a naked power grab is how I feel.

  • IAfter watching The Pretender Obama since 2007, though neither of his inaugeral addresses, I fully expect that in his 2013 State of the Union address, he will, as on at least one occasion Saddam Husein did, point out his enemies to his thugs and have them dragged from the house floor to be executed. Some have compared Obama to Hitler. Others, Stalin. Some have referred to him as Anti-Christ. I view him as all of the above. If ever there was a time for History to be repeated, that time is now. 1776 is that History. If America is to continue as a free nation, populated by a free people, the tyrant who would enslave us to fulfill his dream of plunging America into abject poverty must be removed from office. Thus far, he has committed sundry abuses of power and acute violations of the US Constitution. His “redistribution of wealth” efforts have enrichedned his already wealthy cronies and the very targets of his lambastes. He also has grown more monetary wealth for himself than one would expect for someone whose investments are wrapped in Blind Trusts. As energy and other costs climb ever higher because of Obama Administration policies, many workers of America have become jobless , even as the Government grows bigger and exercises more power than the Constitution allows. And those with incomes are to be heavily taxed to pay for an un-constitutional law which Congress passed without even reading. The failure of Congress to perform it’s duty begs the question,” What Damoclean Sword dangles above the heads of those we have entrusted to protect our rights from those who would deny or denigrate them?” All I can add at this critical time for America and freedom is, to arms, to arms, the selfish are not coming, for they are here. And they pretend to be us. Semper Fidelis!

  • Barack Obama is going to use his second term to push through as much of his far left agenda as he can because he doesn’t have to worry about reelection. This is the flexibility he talked about and this is what many of us were afraid would happen. While he pushes this agenda he will hope that the economy improves, but actually doing something about the economy doesn’t help his leftist agenda so he is going to ignore it.

    • He knows he only has four more years in which to do exactly that. He cares nothing about the fiscal condition of America, unless it helps him further his agenda.

  • Jim at Asylum Watch

    Although Barack Obama is a pathologic liar, he does intentionally tell the truth on occaisions. On his first inaugaration he said the fundamental transformation would begin. That was the truth and his agenda has not changed. He is both a Marxist and a racists and all of his actions reflect those traits. He is not interested in fixing the economy. He is interested in distributing wealth and dividing America into protected classes and pitting them against the rich, the oiligarchy. Anything he might do to help the economy is only to serve his real goal of transforming America.

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  • lou222

    I am not too sure he is even thinking about how long he has to put his plans in place. I really believe that he is not worried about it now, things will fall into place as long as his backers continue “backing” him up. Couple that with Republicans that seem to let him get away with most or all of it and why would he be worried??!! No, he is not worried about us “little people”, he has bigger things to worry about, like his golf games, or going campaigning or his next trip “wherever”. That there are still those out there that believe what is coming out of his mouth is amazing in and of itself. I will watch the State of the Union address only because I want to see the reaction of the ones in the audience and the Supremes. What this man (term used lightly) has to say will be just more bullshit out of his already full of lies mouth. To think that it is anything BUT that is to be oblivious to what is going on.