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Obama’s Failures – Back To His Record

How long has it been since Barack Obama ran his first campaign ad, attacking Mitt Romney and basically trying to convince Americans the former Governor of Massachusetts was an evil man? It seems like it has gone on for a very long time, at least a year. The Obama campaign knew Mitt Romney was the candidate they would likely face in 2012 and they have been working against him all along. In so doing, they have attempted to distract voters from looking closely at the record President Obama has amassed in his first four years. Let’s look at the record, shall we?

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Obama's FailuresBarack Obama promised we would see unemployment at 5.6%, if only we would apply his stimulus plan and spend billions of dollars we were borrowing from the Chinese. As you can see from the unemployment numbers, the official unemployment is hovering around 8%, and that’s with what many of us believe are cooked books. Failure or success? You be the judge.

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Did not Barack Obama promise to cut the national debt and the deficit when he came into office? If I recall correctly, he said it was unpatriotic for President George W. Bush to rack up so much spending in eight years of living in the White House. When we look at the facts, we find Barack Obama has increased both the debt and the deficit exponentially, in only four years. Failure or success? Patriotic or not? You be the judge.

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Barack Obama promised to bring Americans together, in search of the common good of the country. He promised he would end the divisions that were so prominent in our government. How has he done so far? The divisions have not changed for the better. America is more divided than it has ever been and our government is at a virtual standstill. Congress has not passed a budget in how many years? Failure or success? You be the judge.

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Barack Obama promised to repair our image and status in the world. What he has done is to give our enemies assurance that we will not be tough on the issues that concern us. Yes, Osama bin Laden is dead, but Al Qaeda is not on the run, not even close. The President has shown himself to have little concern for the safety of the men and women who are serving our country around the world. As a result, our Ambassador to Libya is dead, along with three brave souls who disobeyed their orders to “stand down”, all because it was the right thing to do. All the while, the President and his team have blamed a YouTube video for causing a protest that didn’t exist, and for the deaths of our people. They are more interested in covering their own tracks, than they are in protecting our people, or allowing the truth to come out. Failure or success? You be the judge.

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For the past four years we have watched as Barack Obama performed what he considered his “duties” as President of our country. He has bypassed Congress at every opportunity, saying it was easier to work around them, than with them. He has openly villanized the Supreme Court for their decisions, unless it was when he was praising them for their failed ruling on Obamacare. He has openly portrayed his disdain for our system of government and seems to think he could do much better, if only he could make all the decisions.

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Failure or success? You be the judge

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  • Don’t you know Romney is an evil plutocrat? He’s Scrooge McDuck meets Thurston Howell III. He hates women with cancer and dogs. His wife wears a $1,000 shirt and he has an elevator for cars at his house. Clearly a second Obama term is the only choice we have!

  • Mitt Romney has said to Obama, “Attacking me is not an agenda.” Well, that’s all Obama has to run on because you are right, he does not want anyone looking at his record. And the press is an accomplice here because they also are ignoring his record. If he had an R after his name his record would be the lead story every day.

  • Huge failure. You’ve boiled it down to the essence of the disaster that is President Obama.

    Will enough people take this unvarnished, eyes-wide-open view?

    I pray they will.

  • Team Obama don’t want people thinking about Obama’s old promises. They want people thinking about his new promises. At least 47% of Americans are doing just that. Scary!

  • I honestly don’t know how anyone can look at Obama’s record and say “yeah, we need four more years of that.” He has a failed record and that is why he has focused on dragging Mitt Romney through the mud, it is a distraction from his record because if people were focused on his record this race wouldn’t even be close.

  • Just an aside: Obama blames much of his administration’s problems on Republican-caused gridlock. But the plain truth is HE initiated the gridlock by ramming healthcare down Republicans throats, belittling and humiliating them (“Elections DO have consequences”); this when he controlled both chambers of the legislature. His unpopular “Stimulus” and “ObamaCare” CAUSED the November 2010 voter-backlash Republican landslide with a voter mandate to stop him. He is no victim.

    Remember his promises during the first campaign of civility and working across the aisle? What a disingenuous joke he made of all that!! What a small-minded hypocrite he is. I agree with Steve, I simply can’t believe when voters want to sign-on for four more years of that.

  • —And so we must now ask ourselves, “How is it possible that half of our country’s likely voters think that Obama is worthy of a second term?” I am seriously befuddled.

  • LD, his time in office has been a failure. Obamacare, what he did get done, is opposed by a majority of Americans and will NOT lower costs.

    By every metric available, Obama has been a failure. If the GOP cannot unseat him next week, THEY will be a failure.