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Obama's Economy - Not So Much Of A Recovery

Obama's EconomyThis is somewhat off the beaten path of the news that is garnering more attention, but it is more than newsworthy. Every once in a while, it helps to insert a dose of reality into the rhetoric that we hear every day. Such is the case with what some people call the Obama economy. Mr. “I won the election” President likes to tout his economic achievements, telling us constantly how the economy has recovered. Of course, that only started taking place after he finally ran out of excuses to blame President Bush. At any rate, he has no problems reminding us of the recovery we are in. Trouble is, the reality tells us Obama’s economic recovery isn’t so much of a recovery. Even President Obama’s friends in liberal circles realize just how false that claim really is.

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Fox News – Wages in a wide swath of new U.S. city jobs are down 23 percent from the jobs that were lost when the housing bubble burst in 2008, according to a report by President Barack Obama’s political allies.

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That’s a damaging claim by Obama’s friends, as he claims on the 2014 campaign trail that he has led the economy to recovery.

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The report was produced for the U.S. Conference of Mayors, which largely echoes the priorities of Democratic urban mayors, and is led by an Obama ally, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson. It was unveiled at a New York event hosted by the city’s far-left mayor, Bill DeBlasio.

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The lost manufacturing and construction jobs in metropolitan areas paid almost $62,000 per year, while the new hospitality, health-care and administrative jobs pay only $47,000 a year, said the Aug. 11 report, titled “U.S. Metro Economies.”

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“This wage gap of 23% is significantly larger than that of the earlier recession and recovery (2000-2006), and implies $93 billion in lower wage income,” said a summary of the report. The wage-drop after the 2000-2006 recession was 12 percent, the report said.

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The lower-wage drops dragged average household income down to $51,000, the lowest since 1995, or down 3 percent from income in 2005, the report said.

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You would think President Obama would be feeling the ouch on this one. But, as is usually the case with him, he refuses to accept anything resembling blame or responsibility. Here you can read where he complains that the news doesn’t tell the true optimism that exists in America.

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But Obama is telling his supporters that the economy has almost recovered, after six years of his tenure.

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“America has recovered faster and come farther than just about any other advanced country on Earth,” Obama told supporters at a July 30 rally in Kansas City, Mo. “For the first time in more than a decade, if you ask business leaders around the world what’s the number-one place to invest, they don’t say China anymore. They say the United States of America. And our lead is growing,” he declared.

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“So sometimes you wouldn’t know it if you were watching the news, but there are a lot of good reasons to be optimistic about America,” he complained.

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“Things are getting better [and] the decisions we make now can make things even better,” he insisted.

The man must be smoking some serious crack if he really believes the rhetorical nonsense he is spouting. The American economy is nowhere near recovered. Wages are down, but the cost of everything else is up. It doesn’t matter if it is health or auto insurance or groceries, clothing or other necessities of life, prices have gone up and the wages we receive for our work do not go nearly as far as they used to go. Part of that is the result of everything costing more because of the insane price of energy. Some of that is Obama’s fault. His energy policies for America stink to high heaven and have not helped the average American family in the least. Some of it is not his fault. Oil and gas are traded on a global market and the effects of said market are somewhat out of our control. Having said that, I believe there are steps Obama could take to mitigate said effects. He doesn’t act in a positive manner towards the energy industry because he is too concerned about the non-existent problem of global warming.

The reality of what we are seeing in America is harsh. Wages are down. Unemployment is up, regardless of what the official numbers say. The long-term unemployed Americans keep growing in number. So many of the jobs we see created are jobs that are not productive, ie. they produce nothing of value for the country or the world. And in spite of what President Obama would like us to believe, much of the fault for all of this lies directly on his shoulders. You can keep believing in the pie in the sky he promised us when he was first elected, but the reality is, that pie is spoiled rotten. Obama’s economy is starting to smell like a pig in a poke.

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  • As the saying goes, all politics is local and it doesn’t really surprise me that Democrats on the local level would be the first to start telling the truth about the economic situation. It certainly affects them and their municipal constituents far more than it does the elitist liberals on the golf course at Martha’s Vineyard.

    Obama will continue to lie about the economy and everything else long after he leaves office. If he wants any kind of positive legacy it will have to be based in fiction. Lying and playing golf seems to be all he is good at. And I’m not even sure about his golf game. He probably lies there too.

    • I can’t help but think some of these mayors may be having second thoughts about supporting Obama for President. Of course, they are liberals, so I’m not sure if they are capable of having voter remorse.

      As for the man himself, I suspect it will be a very long time before he fades from the public view. He will not be able to help himself.

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  • conservativesonfire

    According to Barry everything is just ducky. In his opinion, it’s a great time to welcome X million illegal immigrants to our country. The man really does hate America and Americans elected him twice.How sad is that?

    • I didn’t mention the millions of illegal immigrants coming into the system, but if those liberal mayors think things are bad now, just wait until that goes into full swing.

  • Add to the above assessment the number of full time jobs that have been replaced by part time jobs (with few to no benefits) and the picture looks even bleaker.

    • But, I thought we were supposed to ignore those little tidbits of information and fact?

      • Just remember that the next time some clueless liberal tells you that “facts have a liberal bias”.