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Obamacare Failure Highlights Tone Of Obama Administration

There is an ongoing theme in the Obama administration. When Barack Obama was campaigning for President, he promised he would have the Obamacare Failuremost honest and open administration in history. He reiterated that claim when he took office. It’s been downhill from there. The secrecy and dishonesty continue to abound, growing stronger by the day. The people in this administration, from President Obama, to his Cabinet and other officials, seem to think they are above the law. More specifically, they seem to think they are above the other branches of the federal government. The attitude that has prevailed throughout Obama’s presidency is again raising its ugly head during the disastrous roll out of Obamacare.

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Let me give you some examples of what I mean. The first that comes to mind is Fast and Furious. There is much evidence that the Obama administration deliberately covered up their role in the failed plan to run illegal guns into Mexico, tracking them for their own nefarious purposes. The debate remains on what those purposes were, but some speculate that it was to make it appear that illegal American guns were a problem in Mexico.

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The results of this plan were tragic. Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata, two of our own, were killed because of these weapons. We have no idea how many Mexicans have been killed as a result of Fast and Furious, but it’s more than a few. And all the while, the Obama administration refused to cooperate with Congress and their investigation. Eric Holder lied to Congress and then convinced Obama to claim Executive Privilege on the documents requested by Congress.

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We all know what happened in Benghazi just over a year ago. Actually, we know very little because the Obama administration has lied about the attack from the beginning. We know four brave Americans were killed, but beyond that, a great deal of silence or denial from President Obama and the people who work for him. Mostly, just a great deal of lying. J Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Ty Woods, and Glen Doherty are dead because the Obama administration failed to protect them and the most we hear is how a video started all this and besides, what difference does it make.

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Moving on to the IRS, we all know the story about how the most hated of all government agencies was targeting conservative groups for their political affiliation. Congress tried to investigate and Lois Lerner claimed she had done nothing wrong. That was right before she invoked her 5th Amendment right to not incriminate herself with her own testimony. She was not the last person from the IRS to do that, all the while claiming they did nothing wrong.

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Let’s talk now about the latest debacle coming from the Obama administration. The rollout of Obamacare has not been pretty. The website does not work properly, even after spending over $500 million to build it. It has been one story of failure after another. As I said, the website does not work. Some people who have tried to sign up have received incorrect information. Some of their personal information has been wrong, such as signing up a husband as a child, instead of a spouse. Mike’s America has a list of the incompetency and technical faults highlighted by the epic failure of the Obamacare rollout. It should serve as a warning to all of us about the results of having a federal government that is out of control.

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The woman who is supposed to be in charge of Obamacare is Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Her response to the questions that are being asked about the rollout of Obamacare is again indicative of the response of the Obama administration, when they are faced with questions that are not to their liking. She has received a letter from Congress, requesting her to appear before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. They are obviously wondering how we could spend so much money and get such a terrible result. Thus far, Secretary Sebelius has declined to answer. She says she is busy, working around the clock to make sure the problems with Obamacare are fixed. Oddly enough, she had time to appear on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Is it just me or does the entire Obama administration have a special affinity for comedy?

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Look back at the four plus years Obama has been in office. Look at the examples I have given, as well as others. A close examination is not required to see the underlying tone that radiates out of the Obama administration. The entire administration has the attitude that they have to answer to no one. The American people and the other branches of government, which are designed to be equal to the Executive Branch, are of no interest to them, unless they can use us to further their agenda. Thus, we watched as President Obama flatly refused to negotiate with Republicans and forced a government shutdown. The minute hard questions start to be asked is when the Obama administration starts showing itself for what it really is.

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One thing is clear. We have watched as the Obama administration has made itself known during the first term of a failed presidency. We are now watching as it moves into its second term. The results of the second are likely to mirror those of the first. Failure after failure, with little or no consequences for the perpetrators.

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  • Jim at Asylum Watch

    Obama and his sycophants se Republicans, in general, and conservatives, in particular, as their enemies; as the country’s enemies, They are not going to cooperate with their enemies. The MSM ses us the same way.

    • I can’t argue with that. The proof is clear in the way they treat their “enemies”.

  • Capitol Commentary

    The story is that Obamacare is SO popular the website crashed from over-use. Mind you, this website cost more to make than Apple spent on the iPhone.

    • Yeah, I figured that would be their excuse. The evidence doesn’t bear it out, but they aren’t too concerned about the truth anyway.

  • EstablishmentByProxy

    * Democratic Party Eyes Only *

    FROM: Dear Leader’s Right Hand
    TO: Party Faithful
    RE: ACA Website Opportunities

    It has been said that our most excellent and inspired enrollment website has thus far cost less than a billion promissory reserve notes, but that even this minor cost has some of our envious rivals questioning the expenditure. So what is there to quibble about? We’ve already had the Federal Reserve print, er, counterfeit, er, add a few insignificant digits to the 64 bit integer in their electronic balance sheet. That should more than cover the matter while leaving room for at least a couple more years of tweaking (128 bit integers are in the planning stages). Remember that our funds need not grow on trees when we have reliable patriots like ole Ben, and soon Janet, with their many helicopters.

    Neither should you worry, for I’ve been personally assured that reimbursement of this most inconsequential little detail, as with the rest of the program, is essentially free once the proletariat has been properly motivated by our friends at the IRS.

    Please coach and send forth our media troops with the previously provided narrative points to counter a few of the more unreasonable, dangerously ‘free thinker’ types that are in need of a justly dispensed public brow beating. I expect them to be well pacified with all manner of hollow promise and figurative pats on the head, or if push comes to shove, additional Kentucky kick backs.

    Remember that make work is good for our body politic. All of our best programs are pinned on the magnification and perpetuation of the underlying problems, even if they must first be created thereby. Bottom line: no ‘failure’ is anything but a clear boon for our collective agenda. We can only truly fail by not endeavoring to usurp an ever growing degree of responsibility from the most obviously irrational and incompetent private sector. Our ham stringing of their former efforts managed to get us here, didn’t it? So have steady faith in our inscrutable ways!

    Don’t forget either that this debacle of convenience helps to occupy our media confederates and perhaps even a few of the less agreeable congress critters, tiring them so they don’t pry too much into our other advantageous ventures like Benghazi, domestic spying and the Mexican gun running.

    Stay the course and sleep soundly my comrades, all is proceeding as designed.


  • So right, Larry, a close examination is not necessary. His bias against Constitutional liberty is clear. Alinsky’s Rule No. 1 “Power is not only what you have, but what an opponent thinks you have. If your organization is small, hide your numbers in the dark and raise a din that will make everyone think you have many more people than you do.” Keeping the pressure on is another and ridiculing the opponent mercilessly is another. He does all three. When he needs to hide F&F or Benghazi or the IRS, he ridicules those calling for transparency.

    • You are exactly right, Maggie. The louder Obama gets with his denials, the surer I become that he is hiding something. He absolutely does not like the fact that we enjoy and cherish our individual freedoms.

  • creeper

    Everything you wrote is true. It isn’t registering with John Q. If it were, we wouldn’t be nine months into a second term. Yes, he’s a failure. He may even know that but he doesn’t care. That failure will be covered up by our media forever.

    • I am realizing more every day just how right you are. The average American citizen hasn’t a clue about how bad Obama really is. And if you try to tell them, they defend him to no end. Unless we can convince them of his failures, which should be easily seen, we are fighting a losing battle.