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Obama The Chastiser

President ObamaI realize we are out of the election and there is no need to be in campaign mode. That is one of the reasons I have written very little since the election, and especially since the beginning of December. I saw no use to continue rehashing our loses and wondering what happened. Having said that, I never cease to be amazed at how inept our government is acting, in general, and how blameless President Barack Obama remains, specifically. He sheds blame for his faults and the scandals that should have arisen because of his actions like water off a duck.

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Case in point would be the way the negotiations over the fiscal cliff are progressing. Especially since the election, the President and John Boehner have been involved in a back and forth offering of proposals, Since the Speaker failed to bring up his own Plan B for a vote in the House, he promptly adjourned his body of esteemed lawmakers and said the ball was in Senate’s court. He has said it was up to them to come up with a compromise with Obama. I’m not convinced that is the correct course of action, since all legislation concerning fiscal matters are supposed to start in the House of Representatives, but this seems to be the legislative process we currently have.

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Shortly after Boehner pulled his stunt/negotiating tactic, President Obama called it quits for the holiday and made like a bandit towards his favorite vacation state, namely Hawaii. Much ado has been made about the cost of said vacation, but that isn’t the point of this post. Much ado has also been made about the President cutting his vacation short because of the fiscal cliff negotiations. He left the Hawaiian golf courses on Wednesday and on Friday, he was holding meetings with congressional leaders, trying to jump-start negotiations.

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I am not so naive that I believe our dear leader is totally to blame for the complete ineptness that radiates out of Washington. Both parties share blame for allowing our government’s fiscal condition to deteriorate to this point. However, President Obama would like us to believe he is an innocent bystander in this, as if the Executive Branch has had nothing to do with the out-of-control spending and desire to tax Americans even more.

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(The Hill) While Obama said Friday he was “modestly optimistic” that a deal could be worked out, he placed the blame for the delay on Congress.

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“America wonders why it is in this town why you can’t get stuff done in an organized timetable, why everything has to wait until the last minute.” Obama told reporters on Friday. “We’re now at the last minute.”

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Just as he has in recent days, Obama — who cut his Christmas vacation in Hawaii short to return to Washington earlier this week — urged lawmakers to “do their jobs” to help the economy to continue to grow.

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“The housing market is healing, but that could stall if folks are seeing smaller paychecks,” the president said. “The unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been since 2008, but already, families and businesses are starting to hold back because of the dysfunction they see in Washington.

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“You meet your deadlines and your responsibilities every day,” Obama added. “The folks you sent here to serve should do the same. We cannot let Washington politics get in the way of America’s progress. We’ve got to do what it takes to protect the middle class, grow this economy, and move our country forward.”

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I have a really simple question I would like to see someone ask Obama. Mr. President, if you are so concerned about middle-class Americans and the plight you, your administration, and the rest of our government has placed them in, why did you even bother to go to Hawaii for vacation? Why didn’t you stay in Washington and try to drive the conversation and the negotiations forward in a meaningful manner? Could it be the small fact that your priorities are creeping to the top?

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Instead, Obama chose to spend millions of taxpayer dollars for a vacation in a place that most of us only dream of going. Instead of taking any kind of responsibility for the fiscal crisis we find ourselves in, Obama places the blame on Congress and asks them to “do their jobs”. How much longer do we have to suffer through a presidency that refuses to take responsibility for their actions? How much longer before someone, the media, anyone holds President Obama responsible for his part in this fiscal calamity? Wait, I know. We still have four more years to watch him cast blame at everyone but himself. All because so many Americans were fooled by his lies and deceit. It’s going to be a long four years until January 20, 2017.

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Founder and author of the political and news commentary blog Political Realities. I have always loved to write, but never have I felt my writing was more important than in this present day. If I have changed one mind or impressed one American about the direction our country is headed, then I will consider my endeavors a success. I take the tag line on this blog very seriously. Above all else, in search of the truth.

  • lou222

    We all tried to do what we could, Larry. It just did not happen to be enough to make people believe that he was telling lies. The Democrats had more up their sleeves and were willing to pull out all the stops at all costs, that is what won the WhiteHouse for them. What more we could have done, I do not know. Now, I hope with 4 years, things do not happen fast, but I fear it will. There appears to be no one to hold Obama OR anyone in his administration responsible for anything that has happened up to now. So, yes, I guess we are in for a LONG 4 years.

    • I don’t know what more we could have done to prevent Obama from winning another term. A better field of candidates would have helped and a final nominee who really wanted to run for President wouldn’t have hurt either.

  • The secrete is controlling the media. As long as the media doesn’t chalenge the President, he can get away with anything. They will let him stay in campaign mode for the next four years.

    • Agreed! As long as the media covers his tracks, Obama can pretty much say or do anything he wants, with little or no repercussions.

  • You probably won’t be surprised to hear that I have a cynical reason as to why Obama went on vacation in the first place and it goes like this: Barack Obama went on vacation simply so he could pretend to cut his vacation short in order to come home and save the day on the fiscal cliff. He knew how the media would portray his decision to cut his vacation short all the while planning on coming back anyway.
    I don’t think he does anything by accident and everything is done for PR with a willing media and you are right; this is going to be a long four years.

    • Nope, no surprise on my end. I totally agree that Barack Obama does nothing by accident or chance. He has an agenda and everything he does is focused on achieving that agenda. He is at the root cause of our fiscal condition, but he will probably escape these negotiations and their outcome with none of negative press that should rightly belong to him. He will smell like a rose, but be as guilty as sin.

    • lou222

      Of course he did this for the photo ops. His family could have come back instead of costing us another flight back here, but we can not cut their vacation short, can we? When will people open their eyes and see we are being fleeced by this bunch in our house? The media is so sickening, I pretty much refuse to listen to any of them fawning over that bunch….I don’t care what Michelle wears, or what color she paints her nails…I am just SO glad they have the perfect life, aren’t you? I am done being cynical, I guess. I am just tired of it being shoved in our faces when we have real live issues WE have to deal with monetarily.

      • The media pays entirely too much attention to the things you have mentioned. That’s why they blasted Ann Romney and let Michelle Obama have a pass on what she wears. There are things far more important they should be focused on, but I am not expecting to see changes forthcoming.

  • Yes indeed, a long four years with Hillary in the wings.

    • Gee, thanks for reminding me about her. That really gives us something to look forward to. 😉

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  • Dragonconservative

    Well, Republicans need to get their party together, and look to their strengths and weaknesses. Republicans have huge advantages in the states. We have a lot of strong governors out there who could very well be contenders for president in 2016: Scott Walker (Wisconsin), Rick Scott (Florida), Bobby Jindal (Louisiana). The Republicans have to do undertake three major items of business

    1. Make sure that politics at the state level stay strong: If the Republicans keep their governors doing very well, particularly around the Great Lakes Area, they’ll have a great field of candidates to choose from in 2016.

    2. Strengthen the Republicans in the House: Boehner is not a strong negotiator, and the Republicans need someone who can really DO things in the House, and make it look like it’s the House Republicans who did it. So we really need to replace Boehner with someone stronger, like Paul Ryan. Someone like Ryan can get the kind of deals done that will benefit the country, and make sure that the people know that it’s Republicans doing it.

    3. Give the strongest senators as much publicity as possible:Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Tim Scott, John Thune, Rob Portman, and others like those. The Republicans have a disadvantage in the Senate, but they can downplay that with publicity for strong senators.

    • I wouldn’t argue your points at all. The Republicans remind me of someone flailing around in a snowstorm, with no clue which direction they should go. If they do not, they will continue on their downward slide and the Democrats will continue building their strength. With no strong and consistent conservative voice to stand in the way of their liberal agenda, that will not be good for our country.

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  • bill

    that along with an informed, educated and patriotic electorate; but those days seem to be gone…b

    • If they are not gone, they are at least missing in action. That is a big part of the problem.

  • In spite of it all, I hope the Jackson family has a great new year!

  • This is all part of being an Alinsky style community organizer. He is the know it all community organizer who knows what’s best for everyone. It’s his job, as a community organizer, to be as a father and chastise those who step out of line. For opponents, this includes mockery, ridicule and isolation.

  • I saw a graphic on Facebook that said “Impeach ALL of them”… Not an altogether bad idea actually..

    • I would have to agree. I am sick of what we are seeing coming out of Washington. It seems there is little difference between the Democrats and Republicans.

      • Dragonconservative

        Well, I wouldn’t be THAT hard on the Republican party. While its true that Boehner isn’t the strongest of leaders, and he should certainly be replaced, the Republicans have little to no bargaining power without the Senate firmly in their control. It’s as Obama said. He does have more flexibility after the election. And that’s what I’m scared of.

        • I’m sorry, but I do not share your optimism about the Republican Party. The deal that has been announced is all about taxes, with nothing in it to address spending. In fact, it will add to our deficit because it includes more spending.

          I realize Obama is a much stronger position to negotiate, but the Republicans have allowed this debate to be all about the taxes. They should have focused at least a small amount of attention on the spending, but that attention seems to be missing in action.

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